How We Became Certified OutSystems Developers in a Few Months And So Can You

April 4, 2023
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Our Web Application Developer Sergiy Yanushkevich has recently expanded the sphere of his expertise and successfully completed a course on OutSystems App Development.

In this post, he shares his own experience and what helped him start applying his knowledge in a new field as an Associate Web Developer.


We started investigating the OutSystems platform on a request from one of our long-term customers in August 2017.

They wanted to automate document management with one of their enterprise clients and get rid of multiple Excel sheets their team used all the time.

We took the challenge to learn Outsystems, and by the end of March of the next year, we have already had three specialists who successfully passed the exams and got their Associated Web Developer certificates.

Besides, we have successfully finished 2 Outsystems projects for this client. Now their team spends a few minutes instead of a few hours on each request.

What’s Outsystems

First of all, let’s make a brief overview of the OutSystems world. That’s how OutSystems describes itself:

“OutSystems is a low-code platform that lets you visually develop your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it.”

And this is completely true!

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Why Learning OutSystems?

From our own experience of working with the platform, we may highlight the key indicators to use OutSystems for web development:

  • OutSystems allows you to cut off up to 50% of the development time compared to other platforms.
  • Friendly to desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Just like Salesforce or MS Dynamics OutSystems Forge market includes already-existing connectors and components, templates and applications, and other extensions to Google Maps, Office 365, SSO Connectors, BOX, etc.
  • Code generator with integrated code validator and unit tests.

How Outsystems Works

3 Tips to Pass the OutSystems Certification Exam

OutSystems gives you the possibility to become a certified developer for Mobile and Web Applications.

The OutSystems team has developed a complete series of courses that will help you learn everything from scratch.

Starting from an Associate Mobile Developer you can boost your skills in Mobile and Web Application development and become an Expert Web Developer within a year already.


Outsystems Certification Programs for Developers

After successfully completing the OutSystems Associate Web Developer course, we have learned a lot of things that we would like to share with you.

We believe that these pieces of advice can help you optimize your learning process and become an OutSystems Developer.

Here are some tips for you:

Do Training Tasks

Here in the training guide, you can find training tasks after every course and lecture. Those tasks play a fundamental role in preparing for a certification exam.

We suggest starting with:

And of course:

By default, OutSystems use RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) so it would be also useful to learn table relations, SQL queries, normalization rules, delete rules. You can find the learning materials in W3Schools.

OutSystems has a toolbox and components that may be added to the web screen.

These are generated HTML pages, and if you know how it works behind the scene, it will help you a lot.

DOM tree and HTML knowledge can help you visualize how components are built and related to each other clearer.

Make sure you check out a Re-Introduction to JavaScript article if you want to work with the front-end.

Bonus Tip – Internal Exam

To make sure that we are ready for the real exam, our team decided to prepare an internal one.

The scope of questions that could cover the topics of all studied material + real conditions imitation helped us to make a great rehearsal and become more confident while passing the real test.

Book a room, don’t take a cell phone with you, record the desktop, put the clock in front of you, and start.

It modulates a real exam situation and puts you under pressure. An internal exam helps you sharpen up your coding skills, critical thinking, and time management.

Ask your team member or tech lead to check the results.

The feedback will help you review the topics you are not 100% sure about and devote more time to training and focusing on those specific details.

Hope this OutSystems training review was useful to you. Good luck with the exam!

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