Custom Salesforce Development for Source Energy Partners

Ascendix Technologies developed a custom Salesforce environment for Source Energy Partners. The platform allows the client to integrate their customer relationship and project management efforts.


Source Energy Partners is an oil and gas mineral and royalty acquisition company in Dallas, TX.

Source Minerals purchases oil and gas mineral rights and royalties, as well as providing exceptional investment opportunities for their clients.

They asked Ascendix to develop a custom CRM software that would utilize their needs in mineral buying and would include GIS (geographic information system).

Pretty soon, we understood, that we can use our AscendixRE product as a base and configure it instead of custom CRM development from scratch.

It meant a fast time to market and a significant reduction in the cost of this project.

Hunter Kennedy
Vice President, Source Energy Partners
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Dallas, Texas, United States
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Oil & Energy (Source minerals rights)

We were using disparate systems for our customer resource management and project management. Ascendix offered a real estate geared CRM that was attractive to us. After extensive conversations, Ascendix created a custom salesforce environment for us that integrated customer relationship and project management.

Hunter Kennedy, Vice President, Source Energy Partners

Scope of Work

Ascendix took all of the framework from our previous CRM and our previous project management tools, consulted with us on streamlined ways to improve, and integrated the best components of each system into their offering on top of the Salesforce platform.

We worked with several people on the team ranging from principal/owner, to project managers, administrative executives, and software developers.

Ascendix ran nearly the entire project through the Microsoft Teams platform, which was incredibly easy for us to collaborate on files through, conduct meetings, and submit questions and comments with ease.

We typically scheduled discussion calls at specific times following development sprints. There was never a meeting just for a meeting’s sake/regular scheduling. Everything had a specific purpose and it drove development effectively.

Support Team Improvement for Flibco | Ascendix


Our incoming acquisition opportunities are identified and logged into our system at 2-3x the rate they were using previous tools.

Ascendix was able to build something unique for us. They took the foundation elements of their highly successful product but applied it to our business (which has many stark contrasts to real estate) in very effective ways.

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