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Ascendix is a transportation and logistics software development company helping shipping companies, fleet management providers, and mobility service vendors optimize delivery routes, cut operational costs, and solve routing problems with custom transportation logistics software.

For many years, Ascendix logistics software development engineers have been delivering custom solutions for transportation service providers, large dedicated fleets, shuttle service vendors, bus transportation companies, trucking enterprises, and other mobility providers in the US and European regions.

Our tailor-made solutions help companies solve multiple vehicle routing problems like CVRP, VRPTW, PDVRP, inefficient staff time allocation, non-optimized fuel consumption, and idling. More than that, we help optimize fleet management processes and streamline the supply chain management pipeline by automating planning, executing, and optimizing activities. Transportation companies no longer need to spend fortunes manually administrating tons of vehicle data as technology will do the heavy lifting.

Our core goal is to deliver demand-specific logistics and transportation solutions that meet current business needs and solve fleet management, vehicle routing, and delivery optimization challenges.

Case Study: How We Built a Bus Fleet Management System

Learn how developed a custom bus fleet management system with our help. We provide a detailed overview of the delivered solution and business results achieved.

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Transportation Software Solutions We Offer

Fleet Management Systems

Automate planning, executing, and optimizing operations of your fleet management pipeline to minimize idling times, optimize fuel consumption, build efficient routing systems, and manage resources effectively

Booking & Reservation Systems

Implement booking and reservation systems that optimize drivers, managers, and customers’ workflows, from purchasing a tour ticket online and building automated navigation-based routes for drivers to processing executive behavior in real-time and automatically rearranging tours in urgent cases

Dynamic Routing and Rerouting

Shift from traditional hand-by routing algorithms to optimized dynamic routing algorithms that monitor up-to-the-second delivery and drivers’ location to build the shortest routes which meet customers’ timeframes and changing time windows

Asset Monitoring and Tracking

Introduce a smart asset monitoring and management system adopting GPS, OBD, QR codes, and multiple sensors to track driving performance in real-time, predict ETAs and off-road conditions way more accurately, and support a high level of visibility into truck loading, inventory efficiency, and shipments

Analytics and Reporting

Transform real-time data analysis and processing into a meaningful, digestible, and automated procedure with customizable charts and graphs, insightful dashboards, and informative reports that help access up-to-the-minute inventory and delivery assets, identify not-so-obvious errors and make data-driven adjustments 

Our Transportation & Logistics Software Development Services

Custom Transportation Software development

Custom Transportation Software Development

Create custom transportation and logistics software tailored to your specific business needs and customer demands to get the most out of data. Our experts will carefully learn your business requirements to meet your expectations and build the exact functionality you need.

Custom Transportation Software development
Existing system Improvement
Existing system Improvement

Existing System Improvement

Enhance your current transportation software solutions and transform them into custom goal-oriented platforms that fully cater to your business model and processes. Our software developers will help you improve an existing system by developing and adding additional functionality and features that will add value to your working process and drive better business results.

Cloud Migration and Devops

Cloud Migration and DevOps

Reach high scalability, enhance security, and reduce maintenance costs for your on-demand mobility business. Our DevOps engineers will help you accelerate your working process, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and improve the reliability of your business software by migrating your system to the cloud and adjusting the business software so you can provide the best customer experience for users.

Cloud Migration and Devops
CRM Implementation and customization
CRM Implementation and customization

CRM Implementation and Customization

Streamline your business operations, improve your team productivity, and bring more conversions with powerful logistics and transportation CRM software. Ascendix has 26 years of experience in CRM consulting, which positions us a trustworthy partner ready to help implement, configure, customize, and adopt CRM systems of any scale.

Software support and Concierge

Software Support & Concierge

Keep your mobility services software error-free and high-performing to avoid frequent downtimes and decreased load performance. Our concierge and support teams will help you maintain your software regularly and fix any issues that may arise. More than that, we can handle the onboarding process of your employees and train them to use the solution efficiently. Stable and bug-free software is the key to high-quality customer service.

Software support and Concierge

Why Do You Need Transportation and Logistics Software

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Cut Operating Costs

Optimize fuel consumption, fleet’s time-to-service frequency, maintenance timelines, staff time allocation, vehicle loss, and car accident prevention with automated transportation solutions.


Track Vehicles in Real Time

Monitor multiple to-the-minute metrics like fuel consumption, pit stop frequency to minimize potential theft risks, coordinate the delivery process delay-free, and streamline on-time shipment.

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Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

Generate valuable insights to improve supply chain efficiency by introducing real-time tracking of shipments and inventory from stocking to final delivery which brings high to-the-minute visibility and improved decision-making process.


Enhance Customer Service

Ensure on-time delivery of goods by adopting built-in customizable notification tools and customer-centric real-time order tracking to increase customer loyalty, advance the security level, and inspire clients to return to your brand.

Logistics Software Development Case Study

door2gate by

door2gate by

In early 2019 we’re in need to outsource the development of a mobile application to an external company. We were blessed to find Ascendix! A number of other initiatives followed after the mobile app delivery, including a unique system to manage our Door2Gate product and a complete overall revival of our IT infrastructure. Our partners at Ascendix have been phenomenal all the way, showing an exceptional level of efficiency, transparency, expertise, and quality. It’s no doubt that all of our future initiatives are with Ascendix.

Alex Tregubov, Product Owner at
door2gate by

Why Ascendix As a Transportation & Logistics Software Development Partner?

In early 2019 we’re in need to outsource the development of a mobile application to an external company. We were blessed to find Ascendix! Our partners at Ascendix have been phenomenal all the way, showing an exceptional level of efficiency, transparency, expertise, and quality. It’s no doubt that all of our future initiatives are with Ascendix.

Tobias Stueber, CEO of

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26 years of product development and 14 years of IT outsourcing expertise.

Looking for a reliable logistics software development company?

Multiple top transportation and logistics services companies choose Ascendix as a technology partner.


Can you help me build transportation logistics software?

Yes, indeed! We have many years of expertise in custom travel software development and can help you build a powerful technology solution that caters to your needs.

To prove our words, feel free to check our bus ticket reservation software case study for where we share all the challenges, solutions, and results achieved through the development process.

What’s more, it may become useful for your own project as we’ve covered multiple must-have features your app should have and lots of challenges you can avoid even before the bus ticket reservation software development process.

Does my business need logistics software development?

In case you want to streamline business operations, automate routine daily tasks, get most out of your data with analytics tools, and improve your decision-making process, and you operate in one of these domains, then a transportation management system and logistics apps are a great choice for your company.

Can I hire one or several software developers instead of a whole dedicated team?

Sure! At Ascendix, we take care of the flexibility we provide for our customers and always want to suit your budget expectations to make you happy. It means that you can easily hire one or several software developers within a dedicated team model to enhance your internal technical team and work with them closely. Otherwise, form a full team of professionals that will take your project idea and transform it into a solid and top-notch custom software solution without your active involvement.

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