Top FinTech Companies That Will Surprise You

November 15, 2021
8 min

The fintech industry is one of the fastest-growing niches worldwide.

With an annual growth rate of 25%, the fintech market is expected to reach over $310B value in 2022.

These numbers motivate lots of entrepreneurs and startups to continue investing in the industry founding their own top fintech companies that surprise.

For these reasons, we decided to cover the topic of the best fintech companies, including:

  • General company information
  • Key product’s functionality, mission, and value
  • Funding history with fresh financial statistics
  • Global brands that trust the biggest fintech companies.


NOTE: The list of organizations is sorted by the funding volume thus showing the biggest fintech companies first.

Top Fintech Companies That Impress






Established: 2011

Funding: $505M

Niche: Financial Services

Headquarters: West Coast, USA

Employees: >1000


Remitly is among the biggest fintech companies founded in 2011 by Matthew Openheimer in West Coast, the US.

Simply put, the organization provides an easy-to-use mobile payments platform that enables millions of users to make face-to-face international money transfers instantly.


How does the Remitly app work?

Everything users need to start making money transfers through Remitly is to create an account by installing an iOS App Store or Google Play Market application.

Next, you should set up account details like name, address, phone number, etc. Once done, you can select payment and delivery options suitable for your needs.

Ultimately, you should complete the verification process, make instant person-to-person international money transfers, and share details with a recipient.


What are the core features of Remitly?

Let’s now explore the core functionality provided by Remitly, one of the top fintech payment companies in the USA:

  • Seamless onboarding with the cross-border remittance platform
  • Advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) verification
  • Instant person-to-person payments
  • Early payday
  • Immediate card access
  • Many others.


Apart from the main mobile money transfer service platform, Remitly has released Passbook – an intuitive and powerful mobile solution for the US immigrants aiming to store, spend, and send money.

Shortly, Passbook refers to a money management application that provides such benefits as:

  • 0 fees for minimum balance, overdraft, maintenance, ATM withdrawal, transfers, service charges, card re-issues, etc.
  • 10 minutes required to sign up an account
  • No borders to use the Passbook debit/credit card outside the US.


Since 2013, Remitly – one of the biggest fintech companies – has acquired over $505M funding through 13 investment rounds supported by such giants as Visa, Symphoni, Generation Investment Management, and others.

What’s more, the company’s annual revenue hit $257M in 2020, doubling from 2019 with only $122M.

Apart from that, one of the biggest fintech payment companies, Remitly was valued at $1.5B in July 2021 after completing the $85M investment round.

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Established: 2011

Funding: $323.2M

Niche: Finance, Payments

Headquarters: Greater Boston Area, New England, US

Employees: >600


Flywire makes the list of the top fintech companies in USA founded in 2011 by Mike Marasso.

The organization provides a top-notch digital global payment network to make transactions seamless and smooth for travel, education, healthcare, and B2B business spheres.

Simply put, Flywire offers an intuitive and powerful platform that allows reconciling and receiving payments time- and cost-effectively.


Since 2011, one of the largest fintech companies in USA, Flywire has successfully raised over $320M of investments through 9 funding rounds.

Sunley House Capital Management, Advent International, Goldman Sachs, and Marshall Wace are among the most well-known investments that supported Flywire to grow its platform.


Let’s check several quick facts about Flywire:

  • >2,400 clients worldwide
  • 250 countries and locations
  • >140 currencies for payment operations
  • 12 offices across the globe
  • 500 dedicated FlyMates.


Quick Facts About FlyWire

Quick Facts About FlyWire | Ascendix Tech


What Companies Trust Flywire

Currently, the company supports over 2,400 clients around the world providing them with feature-rich payments solutions across 240 countries and serving >140 currencies.

Munson Healthcare, UCLA Health, Ian Taylor Trekking, University of Virginia, and HULT are the biggest organization that use cutting-edge payment solutions by Flywire, one of the biggest fintech companies.


What Brands Trust Flywire

What Brands Trust Flywire | Ascendix Tech

IHS Markit Digital




Established: 1959

Funding: $250M

Niche: Financial Services, Big Data, Analytics

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Employees: >10,000


IHS Markit Digital is a large organization providing analysis, information, and consulting solutions founded in 1959 by Lance Uggla in London, the UK.

One of the biggest fintech companies, IHS Markit offers next-gen data, analytics and workflow solutions that improve decision-making and boost business-critical functions for multiple industries.

Let’s overview the key solutions offered by IHS Markit Digital:

  • Big Data analytics
  • Post-trade processing
  • Risk, compliance, and recording functionality
  • Fintech software solutions
  • Economics and country risk tools
  • Investor relations, ESG, and corporate governance solutions.


For several years, the company has acquired more than $250M funding over 2 rounds supported by such acquirees as Cappitech, Catena Technologies, Novation Analytics, Ipreo, and DeriveExperts.


Let’s discover several quick facts about IHS Markit:

  • 50,000 customers in over 140 countries
  • 80% of the customers make the list of Fortune 500 companies
  • 94 of the largest 100 US corporations trust IHS Markit Digital
  • >5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts, and industry professionals.


Quick Facts About IHS Markit

Quick Facts About IHS Markit | Ascendix Tech


Core Achievements of IHS Markit

The company has been showing exciting results through delivering cutting-edge software solutions for hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.

This helped achieve high recognition getting multiple awards like the #33 rank in World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018, #69 rank in Most Innovative Growth Company 2014, #1112 rank in Global 2000 2021, and many others.





Established: 2012

Funding: $229M

Niche: Financial Services, Fraud Detection

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Employees: >600


Riskified is one of the top fintech companies established in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by Eido Gal and Assaf Feldman.

The platform provides frictionless fraud management functionality for eCommerce players to boost profit, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate multiple risks.

Let’s explore the key features offered by the Riskified app:

  • Advanced policy protect tool
  • Robust account security features
  • ECommerce platform payment optimization
  • Machine Learning features, predictive decision optimizer, smart linking helper
  • System performance control tools that anomalies automation and fraud rings detection, thresholds adjustments
  • Insightful data-driven analytics.


Riskified is complementing our growth strategy by doing what we promised to with the customer.

Todd Steiner, SVP of Application Solutions at Finish Line

Riskified is complementing our growth strategy by doing what we promised to with the customer.

- Todd Steiner, SVP of Application Solutions 
at Finish Line

Since 2012, Riskified has successfully passed 6 funding rounds, raising over $229M with the help of such investors as Winslow Capital, Qumra Capital, General Atlantic, C4 ventures, and others.

In 2018, one of the top fintech companies was valued at over $1B, with >$100M annual revenue in 2019.

What’s more, the average annual revenue per employee is over $130,000, with about 692 employees on board.


Let’s summarize several quick facts about Riskified:

  • 692 employees worldwide
  • 28% annual employee growth rate
  • $1B market valuation
  • $228M total funding
  • >$90M estimated annual revenue.


Quick Facts About Riskified

Quick Facts About Riskified | Ascendix Tech


Brands Using Riskified

One of the largest fintech companies, Riskified is trusted by leading merchants that leverage multiple benefits of the platform to boost order approvement, assume chargeback liability, and improve risk management.

Revolve, Acer,, Prada, Finish Line, Wish, Swarovski, and many other global top merchants trust Riskified to make their eCommerce business safe, accessible, and frictionless.


18% of failed US credit card payments recovered.

It was a no-brainer for a technology-first and customer-centric company like ours to partner with Riskified… Deco not only helps us to maximize revenue but also further elevates the service experience for REVOLVE customers.

- David Pujades, Chief Operating Officer at Revolve
Brands Using Riskified

Brands Using Riskified | Ascendix Tech

Spring Labs




Established: 2017

Funding: $68.8M

Niche: Financial Services, Blockchain

Headquarters: Marina Del Rey, California, United States

Employees: >60


Spring Labs is among the top fintech companies California, in the Blockchain and secure data transferring industries established in 2017 by Adam Jiwan.

The organization provides multiple Blockchain-based digital solutions using the Spring protocol, allowing financial institutions to share sensitive credit and identity data within a single protected network.

The network utilizes advanced tokenization and matching technologies that minimize fraud risks thus offering a secure global financial ecosystem for credit unions, banks, and other financial parties.


Let’s take a look at the core digital products of Spring Labs:

  • Spring’s secure data exchanges and clean rooms for secure sensitive data transferring operations
  • Income Stability Indicators (ISI) to improve underwriting, acquisition marketing, and collections management processes
  • P2P Fraud & ID Network to verify stated identity data and detect instances of fraud in real-time
  • Ky0x Digital Passport allowing Blockchain and smart contract apps to get off-chain sources and generate permission-controlled services and apps.


For the last 4 years, one of the largest fintech companies, Spring Labs has shown significant growth acquiring $68.8M over 3 funding rounds from August Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, TransUnion, and other investors.

Currently, the company has $8.2M annual revenue with an over 15% annual employee growth rate.





Established: 2016

Funding: $62M

Niche: Financial Services

Headquarters: Greater New York Area, US

Employees: >100


MANTL is among the best fintech companies offering workflow management and automation tools for credit unions, banks, and financial institutions.

The organization was founded in 2016 by Nathaniel Harley in Greater New York Area, US.


Let’s see the core opportunities offered by MANTL’s platform:

  • No-code, real-time bank configurability and compliance underwriting
  • KYC, AML, BSA, product service ordering, funding, and core booking automation
  • Online, in-branch, and in-the-field availability for instant bank account opening
  • Seamless integration with multiple banking systems and fintech platforms
  • 92% KYC decision automation through 30+ data sources
  • Insightful marketing automation and console aggregation tools for increased conversions and lead flow management.


Since 2016, MANTL has successfully passed through 8 funding rounds, raising over $62M with the help of such investors as CapitalG, BoxGroup, OldSlip Group, and Vine Ventures.

Besides, the company has shown $13M estimated annual revenue with $130,00 yearly average revenue per employee.


Let’s now dive into the quick facts about MANTL to know more valuable information:

  • 4x increase in submitted applications
  • $5,000+ average funding on checking accounts
  • < 3 min to open a consumer account
  • 92% automatic KYC/AML average decision rate.


Key Benefits Provided By Mantl

Key Benefits Provided By Mantl | Ascendix Tech


What Companies Use MANTL

One of the largest fintech companies in the USA, MANTL is trusted by such well-known organizations as Cross River, Quontic, Midwest BankCentre, Flushing Bank, and Radius Bank.

We now have this cutting edge, flexible tool that enables us to meet our business needs and expectations quickly and efficiently. It’s very much a platform that’s a lever for us to pull in order to drive other business initiatives.

- Cross River team





Established: 2017

Funding: $58M

Niche: Insurance

Headquarters: New York, United States

Employees: 92


Clyde is one of the largest fintech companies in the insurance industry, established in 2017 by Brandon Gell in New York, the US.

The organization offers best-in-class end-to-end product protection software designed to help businesses of any scale from startups to large enterprises ensure a high transaction security process.

Simply put, being one of the top fintech companies, Clyde offers a product protection tool which helps merchants supply their customers with purchase warranties and accident coverage to grow customer loyalty and increase revenue.


Here are the words of Brandon Gell, CEO and founder of Clyde, said to Technology Innovators:

I enjoy driving people toward a similar goal to make sure we’re all aligned around the same priorities.

- Brandon Gell, CEO and founder of Clyde

Let’s now dive into some key features of Clyde’s fintech software platform:

  • Simple e-commerce integration and in-store solutions
  • Real-time insightful analytics with dashboards and charts
  • Post-purchase campaign functionality
  • Permission driven account management
  • Billing, credits, refund features seamlessly integrated into the platform.


Clyde has successfully raised over $58M funding through 5 rounds supported by such enterprises as Headline, Crosslink Capital, PrivCo, and others for the last couple of years.


What Companies Trust Clyde?

One of the top fintech companies in New York is trusted by such brands as VAIO, Shark Ninja, Hydrow, PALM, Chili, and Molekule.

Here is what the Chili team said about their cooperation with Clyde, which gave them a 5X industry attachment rate growth and 18% overall attachment rate boost.

Our partnership with Clyde activated an additional revenue stream in the key fourth quarter holiday period,” said Kate Albers, E-Commerce Manager at Chili. “With a personalized Clyde customer success manager, we were able to quickly navigate and activate this area of our business—yielding a better experience for our team and our customers.

- Chili team
What Companies Trust Clyde

What Companies Trust Clyde | Ascendix Tech

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Final Words

We hope our list of top fintech companies has proved the whomping growth of the financial technology industry and will help you choose the preferred niche for your startup/company.

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