Ascendix Webinar Notes: Salesforce Evergreen Function [PDF]

Salesforce Evergreen Ascendix Webinar Notes

At our special event for Salesforce developers and solutions engineers, we shared the best use cases of the newly released Salesforce function.

The full version of the Salesforce Evergreen Function overview along with its comparison to other serverless functions on the market: AWS Lambda and Azure Functions are available on Ascendix Blog.

This PDF will highlight:

  • Salesforce function equivalents
  • Evergreen function key features
  • Salesforce Evergreen function use cases
  • How the function works and where to find it
  • Salesforce function limitations

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Download Ascendix Webinar Notes: Salesforce Evergreen Function Now!

Get the key ideas on pros and cons of Salesforce functions discussed by our leading Salesforce solution engineer on Ascendix webinar in one PDF.

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