AscendixTech Portfolio of Real Estate Marketplaces,
Communities & Property Portals [PDF]

cover_Real Estate Martkeplaces portfolio

As a real estate tech development company with almost two decades of hands-on experience in the industry, we have overseen and executed multiple real estate marketplaces, communities & property portals projects.

We carefully select the ideal technology stack, assess your current software, and guide you through the project development cycle to unleash new revenue streams and business opportunities.

Get a copy of our projects portfolio to learn:

  • Clients’ problems that we solved
  • Innovative solutions we’ve implemented while building real estate marketplace and property portals
  • List of technologies we used for every project
  • Our end-to-end proptech software
    development services we provide to our clients.

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Our Portfolio of Property Portals & Marketplaces [PDF]

Download our portfolio to explore key functionalities we've implemented and the tech stack we used to solve clients' problems and deliver the best projects to them.

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