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Full-cycle software product development services: design, building MVP, software development, quality assurance, and ongoing support. We’ll become a part of your product team to help you build successful software products.

You have a software product or an idea for a new SaaS. We want to help your team better your product, scale it, move it from outdated technologies to the more optimal tech stack, help you re-engineer some functionality, or create new killer features and act as your software development team as long as you need us.

Leverage our product developers from Europe to access a pool of highly-skilled talented developers with experience of launching great software products under their belt. Work with our Solution Architects to brainstorm together on the optimal technical solutions, architecture, and roadmap for your product.

Rely on our PMs, BAs from the US and Europe to set up the well-built software development process with a clear plan and deliverables.

Use our DevOps and support team to keep the uninterrupted work of your software products and provide the best experience for your users around the Globe.

We offer end-to-end software product development services to help your company automate the core business processes, meet your specific needs, improve your digital presence, and get a new revenue source.

We can help you bring your own project solution ideas to market from research and discovery to MVP development, final release, and market launch.

Ascendix is both a services and product company. We have our own apps with thousands of users, build our AI development frameworks, and we continue to develop new products. As a product company, we fully understand what challenges you might face when working on a new product launch.

Why Ascendix as a Software Product Development Company?

As a company with its own software products, we understand your challenges and needs. You want to save control over software development and make changes to your product development on the go. Our team will act as an extension of your team and we together will work to help your product stay stable and scale as your client base grows. If needed, our DevOps team will be in charge of continuous delivery and our support team can help support your users like our users.

Ascendix is both a product and services company with 25 years of continuous improvement. We take a lot of experience from our past projects to our current projects to help you build software products people will use. Working together, we can improve your current software or help you develop a new SaaS from scratch. We also can share our product team and work together on your products.

Todd Terry, Managing Director and CTO, Ascendix

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Deep Product Development Expertise for Ourselves and Our Clients
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Quickly Scale Your Team with Our Developers from Europe
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No Long-Term Commitment
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Hire Us as Your Chief Technology Officer
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Hiqh-Quality and Maintainable Codebase
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24/7 Support of Your Software Products Around the Globe
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Start Small with Pilot Project Development
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Leverage Our DevOps and Cloud Migration Teams

Test Us: Give Us a Pilot Project

Start small with Ascendix to test the waters. We'll be happy to perform a pilot project for you to show how we work and our approach. Type your contact details below so we'll contact you to discuss further.

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What Clients Say

Roel Waals
Founder and Head of Product, M |ployee

We needed immediate help with developing a major functionality for our core Salesforce solution. It was necessary to deliver a well-tested solution in the short term. Ascendix developed a custom application within Salesforce managed package using Apex, Flows, and metadata configuration. Despite the urgency and multiple challenges, the team was able to understand the current solution and adjust it in time and within the planned budget. As a project supervisor, I was very satisfied by communication with the team, they were replying rapidly, stand-ups, and other meetings were well-structured and effective.

Rod Echols
VP & Chief Technology Officer, Brillium

We hired Ascendix to upgrade and modernize our security model in our platform. We have also advanced our relationship with Ascendix to provide on-going development support for the previous version of the platform. Their commitment of the team to deliver a quality software product and confidence in providing suggestions is outstanding. Our culture is very similar to the point we feel like one organization meeting the needs of our customers.

Tech Stack We Use

We selected the optimal tech stack to be able to deliver scalable software products that work on all platforms.

Our Product Development Lifecycle

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Research & Discovery

This stage helps us collect your project needs and requirements to define the software product architecture and start building a high-quality solution for your business.

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Design and prototyping

We create product prototypes to bring your project to life and implement the best user journey. Then we build UI/UX designs; embedding high scalability and making your software product as intuitive as possible for end-user.

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At this step, our expert software developers build your product based on your project requirements, business goals, and users’ needs.



Quality Assurance and Testing

This product development stage allows our QA software testers to validate your software product and make sure it runs smoothly and without errors. This way, we transform the software into a high-performance and stable solution.


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Deployment and monitoring

This phase allows our DevOps engineers to deploy your software solution and track its production flow. In case some issues occur, we fix them.



Maintenance and support

We support your software product, improve it with new functionality, and fix errors and bugs on a regular basis.


Have a Software Product Idea?

We’ll help you to build the MVP to validate It!

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Industries We Focus On

We specialize in building high-quality software products within multiple domains. Our experienced software developers solve clients’ business and technical challenges of any scale and complexity within many industries.


What is product development?

Software product development is the process of creating tailored-made software specific to particular business or clients’ needs.

How could your business benefit from software product development?

Automate your business processes

High-quality software products will help you avoid dozens of manual operations and bring extensive automation to your business. This way, you boost the company with high performance and efficiency that improves the KPIs of your enterprise.

Scale cheaper and faster

Software products allow you to make changes and scale your business in a cheap and time-efficient way. All you need is to hire software developers and alter the existing codebase based on your needs and requirements. So, you can easily add new features, change the design, and make your product more intuitive and user-oriented.

How much does it cost to develop a new product?

New product development is a complex process that includes gathering your project requirements, defining the right functionality for your software, designing and building the product itself. To provide you with an accurate new product development cost estimation, feel free to contact us and discuss your project idea. We will be glad to bring it into reality!

Can I hire one or several software developers instead of a whole technical team?

We provide flexible engagement models and a customer-tailored approach for our clients to help with both large and pilot projects. Moreover, if you need some technical help with the existing software to improve it – we can offer one or several experienced software developers within onshore or offshore models.

Do you provide support and maintenance services after the software is built?

Yes, we can provide technical support and maintenance services if needed. 

Сan you help optimize and improve our existing products?

Mostly, yes. However, we will need to review your software product architecture and its codebase first. Sometimes it might be better to rebuild software from scratch to follow the best practices.

Why should I choose Ascendix as a software product development company?

When you choose Ascendix as a product development services company, you get the following benefits for your business:

Leverage Our Product Development Expertise

Since 1996, we have been delivering full-fledged, high-efficient, scalable, and cost-efficient software product solutions that solve business challenges. Every day we support thousands of users on our own apps and know firsthand what is needed for successful product implementation.

Versatile Onshore and Offshore Engagement Models

We offer you a wide range of software development models. If you are wondering what engagement model you need, stop puzzling as we will help you. Ascendix caters to your needs and expectations to provide a flexible approach to choosing the best engagement model for our collaboration.

Do you want to dive into the new product development process, manage and interact with our software developers, and adjust your requirements on the go? We offer you a dedicated team or onshore professionals at Ascendix. They will work only on your project and interact with you directly like an integral part of your team.

Don’t want to manage the new product development? You can delegate all software development to us, so we fully undertake the project design from scratch.

Benefit from Our Domain Expertise

More than 20 years of expertise allow us to build successful and tailor-made software solutions for Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, Insurance, Financial, Services, Travel & Transportation, Logistics, Construction, SaaS & Technology companies.

Get a High-Quality Software Product

Based on our extensive experience, we build user-friendly, fast-loading, secure, manageable, engaging, and scalable software solutions.

Reliable and Maintainable Codebase

Our expert software developers write clean and error-free code, embedding high scalability, and maintainability.

Product Development Support

Our reliable IT support and concierge teams will maintain your solution, ensure it runs smoothly across many devices, and fix errors that may arise.

Pilot Project Development

Our expert software development teams will help you build a cost- and a time-effective pilot project to validate the idea, verify the feasibility, and save funds.

How can I check the quality of your work?

We are very transparent and will provide you with detailed reports all the way. You can always hire an external consultant to review our code. Also, we’ll be happy to connect you with our clients for unbiased feedback. Read our case studies to learn about the products we’ve delivered.

Where can I see your products?

We showcase our products on our sister website Our flagship products include AscendixRE CRM for commercial real estate companies and Ascendix Search app for Salesforce users to improve their search experience. We also have a brochure generation app called Composer, a Property listing, and a Deal Room software MarketSpace.

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