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The real estate industry is highly competitive. Working together, we’ll build custom real estate software to equip your team with up-to-date tools to sell or lease real estate. We also help PropTech companies build their solutions faster and scale their software teams when it is needed.


PropTech and real estate technology are one of our core focuses. Real estate companies hire us to develop the real estate software they need. We also work with Proptech startups to help them deliver their software products faster following best practices. We share our development team and provide technology consulting on the optimal architecture, scalability, and go-to-market strategy.

We have a deep knowledge of the real estate industry, multiple completed projects, our own products that help real estate professionals reach their goals, and our proprietary technology solutions to speed up the launch of your software.

Working with us, you wouldn’t need to spend lots of time to help us understand your industry. From the very start, we’ll focus on identifying the optimal tech stack, architecture, and will be happy to brainstorm on your roadmap.

You can also hire our developers to help you rewrite some of your functionality, transition to new technologies, and build new features of your PropTech solutions.

Services We Provide for Real Estate Companies

Custom Software Development

At Ascendix, we will build the best real estate apps for your company to help you automate day-to-day activities and streamline key business processes. This way, your employees will concentrate on lead generation, management, and deal closing while our real estate software will help you automate routine tasks, collect essential business information, and reduce time spent on everyday operations.

CRM Consulting for Real Estate

Having 25 years as a CRM consultancy, we know all the ins and outs of existing customer relationship management systems for your specific goals. This allows us to help real estate companies select, implement, configure, and adopt top CRM software that will meet specific business needs. Apart from CRM implementation, we can also build custom CRM software from scratch to create proper program architecture and develop exact features your company needs. Ascendix has no limits to deliver any kind of CRM solutions for your business.

24/7 Support of Your Apps

All successful software products require regular maintenance and technical support to avoid bugs, errors and update incompatibilities. For this reason, our DevOps and Support teams will help maintain your real estate software consistently to keep it up to date and high capacity. Besides, we can also handle the onboarding process of new employees and train your internal teams so that they efficiently use the software products we deliver.

Development Team On-Demand

Leverage our team from Ukraine to quickly solve your needs in software developers and support your technology roadmap. We'll help you to reengineer your outdated software, move to new technologies, migrate your software to the cloud and keep adding new features your users will love.

MVP & Pilot Development

Have a new idea for the property technology software? We'll help you to build MVP and validate your business idea fast and on budget thanks to using our offshore development center.

Real Estate Technology Consulting

Hire us to audit your existing property tech software, its quality, reliability, and scalability. Working with us, you'll get a detailed overview of your software and our recommendations on its optimization.

Why Ascendix As Your PropTech Partner?

We are passionate about real estate technology. Over ten years ago, we built our first product to help real estate brokers close more deals. Later on, we added a few more products to our portfolio that enable thousands of brokers to sell, lease, and invest in various types of real estate. We grew our business and today our software development arm helps other companies use technology to help real estate companies innovate.

We have very deep and long experience with the real estate industry. Working with Ascendix, you get a technology partner with multiple complete projects for well-known real estate companies. We can adapt to your needs and become a part of your technology team as long as you need us.

Todd Terry, CTO and Managing Partner

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Leverage Over a Decade of Our PropTech Expertise
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Flexible On-Shore and Offshore Engagement Models
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Use Our Support & DevOps Teams for 24/7 Support Around the Globe
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Own Real Estate Products With Thousands of Users
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Manage Our Team Directly or Delegate All Development to Us

Let's Build Together Your PropTech Software


Our Clients Say

Saimir Qalliu Colliers about Property Listings Portal Development

Saimir Qalliu Colliers about Property Listings Portal Development

We searched online for companies that worked with Microsoft Dynamics with a background in real estate. We found Ascendix Technologies and liked what they’d done for their other clients, so we interviewed them. They were skilled, responsive to our pitch, and willing to customize the platform to our needs, so we hired them. Ascendix Technologies migrated our business from our old CRM to Microsoft Dynamics, customizing it for both our industry and our specific workflow at the time. They perform regular updates on the platform every 2–3 years and execute any technical improvements that Microsoft pushes through.

Saimir Qalliu, CFO, Colliers International Indiana
Saimir Qalliu Colliers about Property Listings Portal Development

Property Management Automation for Calson Properties

Property Management Automation for Calson Properties

Calson Properties hired Ascendix to automate our property management, email campaigns, and contact management. Ascendix configured Salesforce to provide us with the tool we needed. Ascendix has been a fantastic partner through this process. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and always works to find the best solution. They are creative in finding solutions to the unique problems we present. Problems of the past, such as contact management and mass emails no longer plague us.

Jordan Christensen, Principal at Calson Properties
Property Management Automation for Calson Properties

CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

Ascendix integrated our Microsoft CRM into one of their products initially, but we also now use several of their products for many of our locations around the world. They provide services from three different teams: support, concierge, and operations. If we ever want to do additional work, they’ll help us scope it out and provide a plan for implementation.

The quality of work they provide is second to none. They’ve provided CRM solutions that no one else has been able to. Their efforts have helped both our sales force and the dynamics of our practice. The technologies they’ve employed have significantly simplified our CRM usage.

Chad Lisney, VP Global IT at JLL
CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

Learn how we measure quality of our software development

Real Estate Challenges We Solve

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Real Estate Marketing Automation

Real estate companies handle hundreds of operations like listing new properties, tracking deals, scheduling meetings, and other daily. Most likely, sending emails to new leads and existing customers is the last thing on your list you want to always keep in mind. So, we will help you automate marketing activities and you will be able to create email lists, send mass emails, mass update records with last marketing campaign dates, and much more.

communication icon team

Secure Online Communication

Bring your clients online and let them review available properties and provide their feedback fast and from any device. Centralize the communication in one place and manage it efficiently At Ascendix, we will help you gather all customer communication in one place through efficient Deal and Collaboration rooms. They will allow your employees to discuss the opportunities with leads and clients, share sensitive content, sign confidentiality agreements, etc.

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Eye-Catching Property Brochures

As it’s said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this statement perfectly suits to real estate companies that want to impress leads and customers. So, are you looking for an opportunity to transform basic property photos and descriptions into visually-appealing materials? Then you hit the mark as we have developed a powerful tool that converts source data into eye-catching PDF brochures with photos, detailed description, and map charts with a few seconds. Moreover, you can immediately send the generated report to contacts within the previously created email lists.

Read how we built property listing portal for Colliers International


What top Real Estate companies did you collaborate with?

We have helped multiple real estate companies build successful custom software that automates daily workflow, improves lead generation and management, and sets them apart from competition.

Such real estate giants as JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), Cresa, Cushman and Wakefield, Colliers, and NAI Global are our long-term partners that get CRM consulting and custom software development services on a regular basis.

Can you help me build Real Estate CRM software?

Sure! We have 25 years of expertise in CRM consulting and 10+ years of custom software development for real estate companies. We know this sphere inside out and will help you develop software designed specifically for managing real estate assets. Having outsourced software development, we are ready to provide your company with affordable rates and flexible engagement models to meet your budget expectations and optimize development costs.

Does my business need Real Estate Software Development?

In case you operate or want to start your business in the real estate industry, we recommend you enhance data usage, lead generation and management, marketing, and deal closing processes through real estate software development.

If you are still wondering what the benefits of investing in real estate software are, then let’s discuss the key takeaways:

1) Ascendix can help you build custom top real estate apps that will bring high automation to your daily workflow.

It means that you no longer need to spend much time of routine tasks so that your employees can focus on lead generation, deal closing, and profit-making processes.

2) Our software developers can build top real estate software based on your business needs to improve your marketing activities and generate more potential clients.

It becomes possible with powerful software tools that will help you plan, implement, and manage all marketing activities, resources, and budgets. Besides, you will be able to create marketing campaigns, send mass emails, create email lists, and other activities in one place.

3) Real estate industry is about countless operations with documents that may become a huge challenge for your company when it scales. Our developers can build top real estate apps that will help you centralize, store, manage, update, and exchange all documents in one system. This way, we can deliver tailor-made document management software specific to your business needs and unique workflows.

4) Real estate business requires high data security and privacy as there are lots of parties that get involved in each deal and they want to stay confident. At Ascendix, we will help you build world-class secure real estate software that uses top security protocols and multi-level data encryption that ensures high confidentiality and privacy of clients’ data.

Can I hire several software developers?

Sure! Ascendix Technologies is about high flexibility. So, you can extend your team with several software developers and collaborate with them closely on a dedicated model basis. Otherwise, we can fully undertake the real estate apps development process and deliver top-class software designed specifically for managing real estate and avoid active involvement from your side.

Why Ascendix as a Real Estate technology company?

Many Years of Experience in Real Estate

Having 10-year expertise in real estate software development, we have helped multiple companies build successful and powerful solutions. It means that most likely we have already faced the challenges you have so that we will deliver solutions in a fast and quality manner.

Cost-Efficient Service Model

We know that COVID-19 has significantly damaged most business spheres and many real estate companies are looking for a technology provider with affordable service model. At Ascendix, we always stay customer-oriented and want to offer your business flexible engagement models. We have outsourced our software development many years ago and now we can provide you with our offshore specialists within a dedicated team model. Also, we can offer you to form a project-specific team specifically for your project and we will deliver custom real estate apps without your active engagement.

One-Stop-Shop for Your Business

Ascendix can offer a full range of technology services for real estate companies. We can build a custom software product from scratch to fully meet your business needs and develop specific features for your workflow. What’s more, we can help you implement, configure, integrate, and adopt top CRM software based on your goals and requirements. Besides, our concierge and support teams can help maintain your solution to keep it up to date, error-free, and high performance. Finally, you can leverage our own software products and start using powerful functionality even today without much investment.

Our Real Estate Apps

We can provide your business with ready-made real estate software products on a subscription basis. It means that you don’t need to invest much funds into from-scratch custom software development and start using ready-made solutions even today. Everything you need is to integrate your system with our product and customize it according to your needs.

What is PropTech?

PropTech or property technology is a term to define technology solutions, software, apps aimed at the real estate industry.

It includes companies that want to achieve the following goals:

  • Help to sell and lease properties, improve buyer and seller experience
  • Simplify real estate investing, valuation, and research
  • Optimize asset management
  • Introduce smart city solutions

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