Turnkey Cloud Migration & DevOps

Boost your company’s efficiency by moving the business data and services to the cloud.

Ascendix knows that every business, no matter the size, wants to reduce expenses, enhance digital security, improve deployment performance, and achieve high overall efficiency. We provide cloud migration services to help you transmit all needed data, apps, or services to a cloud computing environment.

Our expert implementation engineers offer bespoke cloud migration app development services that will help you avoid the uncertainty and complexity of digital assets and application migration to the cloud. We will provide cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and secure cloud solutions according to your timeframe, budget, and requirements.

Our solid expertise in cloud consulting services allows us to move your enterprise infrastructure, workloads, services, and applications to cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google, which will provide high scalability, security, flexibility, and cost reduction.

The latter becomes possible as you no longer need to significantly invest funds into on-premise hardware with cloud computing services based on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If you decide to partner with Ascendix as a cloud migration services provider, you get full flexibility and freedom of choice. If you want to manage your cloud infrastructure personally, we can support you with the cloud migration of digital assets, apps, and services. We also provide 24/7  tech support and DevOps services for after-application migration to the cloud to help maintain your cloud infrastructure and solve any issues afterward.


Transit Your Assets to the Cloud and Boost Efficiency

Our cloud migration tools will help you transform your business.

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Why Ascendix As a Cloud Migration Service Company?

Save Costs@4x

Save Costs with Cloud Migration Expertise

At Ascendix, we have been providing cloud migration services for 10+ years. Our profound expertise allows us to offer bespoke, cost-effective cloud migration solutions to significantly cut your expenses.

High Scalability@4x

Achieve High Scalability

At Ascendix, we always build an enterprise-scale infrastructure during the cloud migration process with regard to our clients’ requirements. It allows you to easily deploy new products and allocate resources in the cloud.

Cloud Computing@4x

Latest Cloud Computing Standards

Our senior implementation engineers have vast experience in providing cloud migration services to deliver you a powerful solution with the latest industry standards. It means that you will get a high-end, flexible, and secure solution.


What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving your digital assets, services, and applications to a cloud computing environment. The most famous cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Does My Business Need Cloud Migration Services?

In case you want to cut down hardware maintenance expenses, get a secure and effective environment, boost your qualitative outcomes, then cloud migration is a perfect solution for your business.

How Could My Business Benefit from Cloud Migration Services?

Reduce your costs

According to the Rackspace Survey, almost 90% percent of organizations cut down expenses after moving their digital assets to cloud platforms in comparison with on-premises maintenance. Moreover, cloud migration allows you to spend funds based on your capacity needs as you pay on a pay-as-you-go basis. This way, you save much money and get support and maintenance from cloud computing environments which also leads to cost reduction.

Speed up your deployment

Cloud migration means leaving the data centers, paid-for servers, and operating systems installation behind. Most cloud platform services provide you with a wide range of resources required for deployment. So, cloud migration services are about deploying anything within a few minutes instead of weeks or months for traditional on-premises deployment.

Enhance system security

Most cloud computing environments like Microsoft Azure, Google, and AWS take care of many security issues. To be precise, such as hacking activities as data and identity theft, unauthorized access, intrusions, and unsolicited traffic avoidance are facilitated by cloud providers. Moreover, they constantly implement security updates that keep your cloud infrastructure protected.

Reach high flexibility

A right cloud migration strategy is about high flexibility for deploying, updating, and fixing issues. It becomes possible as your business stops being bound to a particular location and on-premises hardware. So, your business can achieve lots of flexible features and boost the collaboration of your internal teams. Cloud migration consulting means delivering a one-stop-shop solution that allows your employees to stay on the same page at any moment.