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Outsource custom CRM development to our team. Since 1996, we’ve been working as CRM developers, consultants, and system integrators and deliver custom CRM software on top of Salesforce, Dynamics 365, or platform-independent.

We build custom CRM software from the ground up and we also customize Salesforce and Dynamics 365 to meet your unique business process and requirements.

Whether you choose to create a new CRM product with no dependence on any other platform or select customizing leading CRM platforms, we have the team, experience, and well-built process to complete this project successfully.

Apart from custom CRM development, Ascendix has 25 years of experience and expertise as a leading CRM consultancy helping clients implement, adopt CRM software, and support their team 24/7 and around the Globe.

If custom CRM software is not an optimal solution for you, our sister company can help you choose and implement the best customer relationship management software based on your industry and current requirements.

We provide CRM consulting services that help you understand all the benefits and drawbacks when comparing custom solutions to existing software.  Based on this analysis, our CRM consultants will perform either CRM implementation or development according to your needs. We can also offer CRM data migration services and training of your team to deliver a turn-key solution.

If you already have a CRM system and want to improve it, Ascendix will be glad to help you as well. Our business analysts, consultants, and implementation engineers can conduct an audit, optimization, system integration, data transformation, CRM configuration, and administration to bring your marketing, sales, and team productivity to a higher level.

Ascendix integrated our Microsoft CRM into one of their products initially, but we also now use several of their products for many of our locations around the world. They provide services from three different teams: support, concierge, and operations. The quality of work they provide is second to none. They’ve provided CRM solutions that no one else has been able to. Their work has driven our adoption, which has increased by about six times what it was before we started working with them.

Chad Lisney, VP IT at JLL

Our CRM Development Expertise

Ascendix Technologies is a long-term Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner and consultant. Since our founding back in 1996, we have helped multiple businesses to efficiently implement, customize, integrate, support, and use Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, and over ten other sales automation solutions.

Apart from implementing customer relationship management software for our clients, we have built multiple products on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. They help thousands of commercial real estate, land, mortgage brokers, and others to automate lead follow-up, prospecting, pipelining, and deal management.

All our products allow you to personalize the experience of your clients, improve customer service, and automate forecasting for your sales performance.

Why Ascendix As a Custom CRM Developer?

We are experts in custom CRM development and have multiple successful CRM projects to share with you.

Ascendix has over 25 years of development expertise ranging from business analysts, solution architects, a whole plethora of staff developers to quality assurance. We understand fully the importance of following a process and a methodology and have invested in resources both domestically and internationally to not only deliver with great bandwidth and capability but also at a cost compressed fashion. So, where others who are delivering a service that might be made up purely of domestic resources that require an expense model that may be beyond the means of a particular company, we have the ability to come in and provide a much more cost compressed solution but without compromising a commitment to best practices and process.

Wes Snow, CEO at Ascendix

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25-Year Expertise in a CRM Space
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Solid Experience With 10+ CRM Platforms
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Cost Reduction with Our Onshore and Offshore CRM Developers
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Both Services & Product Expertise
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Own CRM Products that Can be Re-Used to Speed up Development
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Ability to Provide Customer Training, Support 24/7 Around the Globe
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Cloud Migration and Cost Optimization Services

Need a CRM Development Partner?

We will implement, develop, or upgrade your CRM system.

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Our Clients Say

Adrienne Zalking Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting for Stiles

Adrienne Zalking Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting for Stiles

Stiles hired Ascendix to renovate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with streamlined functionalities, practical features, and a user-friendly interface. The previous CRM was difficult to navigate and impossible to adopt, but the new system has proven to be an essential operating tool. The shared client files have maximized business opportunities and enriched our lead generation techniques. Our progress wouldn’t be attainable without Ascendix Technologies’ continued support. Ascendix Technologies is undoubtedly the most trustworthy company that I’ve ever worked with.

Adrienne Zalking, Head of Marketing at Stiles
Adrienne Zalking Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting for Stiles

Transwestern about Our CRM Services

Transwestern about Our CRM Services

Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our software. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the system. They have very open and honest communication and do more than just the work they’re assigned; they look out for our best interests and care about us as a company. The quality is always great.

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern
Transwestern about Our CRM Services
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CRM strategy development

We develop the most suitable and effective CRM strategy for your business. Our business analysts and CRM consultants will consider your business needs to assess and choose a software solution that fits you most. This phase includes identifying usability, system performance, maintainability and availability of data to be searched and reported effectively. Also, we conduct a CRM gaps analysis and build a comprehensive plan of your customer relationship management system optimization and adoption for sales, marketing, and other departments.

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CRM implementation

We help you implement the selected CRM platform to make it up and running. This stage includes all required configuration and customization processes. In case you want to move your business data to a new system, we will help you to consolidate and clean the assets before importing. Also, we can coach and instruct your internal teams on how to use the implemented CRM software to be on the same page and work effectively.


CRM customization and configuration

We customize and configure your CRM software according to your business needs and unique requirements. Our expert software developers and implementation engineers will build custom plugins, form scripts, workflows, dashboards, and reporting systems that will help you get the most out of the CRM system you use.

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Data migration and transformation

CRM data is the fundamental backbone of high-performance business operations. Our implementation engineers will help you clean, deduplicate, consolidate, transform, and migrate valuable digital assets to your CRM system. Moreover, we can help your internal teams to track and manage data effectively and in a simple way.

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CRM integration service

When you use several independent subsystems for handling your business operations, you waste much time and get inaccurate and out-of-use data. We provide CRM integration services that will help you interconnect all used software applications with your single CRM system to reach high productivity, improved data analysis and management, and generate more quality leads for your business.


Custom CRM development

If you want to have a custom CRM software with specific functionality that fully caters to your business needs, we will build a tailored-made software solution according to your requirements and expectations. Moreover, we can develop cloud, web, mobile, and desktop applications to help your company achieve the best results within the digital sphere.

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Business processes automation

Your internal teams perform hundreds of daily operations that take much time and become inefficient with the company growth. Our CRM consulting services include automation of your business processes that allow your employees to focus on major tasks and forget about daily routine activities. This way, your marketing, sales, customer support departments and others will become more productive with the tasks of any complexity that greatly reduces your costs and boosts your business performance.

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CRM Support & User Training

We offer CRM support services that keep your customer relationship management systems regularly updated. Besides, if you want to capture the full benefits of CRM implementation, then your employees and team members should properly and effectively use the embedded tools and features. It becomes possible with user training and support services that we provide to ensure you know exactly how to improve marketing performance, boost lead management, and improve your customer service. Finally, we offer CRM hosting ensure high load speed and interactivity of your customer relationship management system for all team members within multiple locations.


What is a CRM system?

A customer relationship management software is a platform that interconnects your internal company departments, from marketing and sales to business analysis and customer service. A CRM system provides a real-time access to data, activities, metrics, notes, and other valuable information about your prospects and clients in one place. This allows you to personalize the client experience and bring extraordinary value to one-to-one customer journeys.

Does my business need CRM consulting services?

If you want to optimize marketing strategies, improve internal communication, enhance lead generation, and boost your decision-making process, then your business will greatly benefit from CRM consulting.

How could my business benefit from CRM implementation, development, or upgrade?

Improve marketing performance

A powerful CRM software allows you to bring all the lead and client data together to monitor and analyze customer behavior. This way, your team members can track the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and make several adjustments to improve lead generation, client retention, and your overall sales process.

Reduce costs through high automation

Most business operations require hundreds of minor tasks to be handled every day to make your business function properly. For example, such routine activities as filling in forms, creating and sending reports, and following up leads are performed very often, and they are pretty time-consuming. Top CRM systems can greatly boost your business by high automation which leads to time and cost savings for your company. This way, your employees can focus on improving customer experience and put more effort into solving clients’ pain points and closing leads.

Boost your lead management

CRM consulting services help you to implement powerful software that allows you to automatically sort quality leads. Instead of manually searching for a certain prospect you want to contact, CRM software provides a lead management tool that can sort your leads by quality and other criteria. This way, customer relationship management systems can save much time and funds for your business within the lead scoring process and improve your lead management to greatly increase your close rates.

Enhance your customer service

Customer relationship management software allows your employees and sales representatives to quickly retrieve all needed information about the customer who contacted your company. This data management automation greatly helps your team members to find a solution within the first minutes. With the help of real-time database management of potential issues, you can significantly improve the customer support making it fast-response.

Why Ascendix as my CRM developer company?

25-Year Expertise in CRM Consulting

At Ascendix, we have been providing CRM consulting services for 25 years that allowed us to grow our expertise and deliver top custom CRM software for our clients within multiple industries. Our experience of solving different challenges allows us to be sure that we will meet your needs and requirements within any unique niche.

Solid Experience With 10+ CRM Platforms

Since 1996, we have worked with multiple top CRM systems including Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and others. This extensive background allows us to meet all your business needs, and project requirements, and solve any challenges of your company or current market situation. We know the pros and cons of most CRM solutions to define the exact feature set that will benefit specifically your business.

Cost Reduction with Our Flexible Engagement Models

Ascendix provides you with a great deal of choice within engagement models. Since we started our IT outsourcing services in 2005, we have worked with five countries and finally chose Portugal as our offshore office. This allowed us to optimize your budget and save your costs while providing CRM consulting services.

Both Services & Product Expertise

We have solid expertise in being both services and product development company. It means that we create our own feature-rich CRM software products and provide custom app development services to clients. This broad experience helps us to define the best CRM solutions for your business and implement them carefully based on your needs and requirements.

Leading-Edge CRM Consultancy for Commercial Real Estate

For 25 years of expertise in CRM consulting, we have helped such market leaders as JLL, Transwestern, Colliers, NAI, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE and others. They rely on our solutions and utilize our aid to develop, implement, upgrade, and support their CRM systems.

Onshore and Offshore Engagement Models

When you decide to hire Ascendix as an expert CRM consultancy, you can choose from a wide range of flexible engagement models. Depending on your time zone, we can offer US-based or European technical teams to perform excellent communication, and always keep you up to date. This way, we take care of your development expenses and try to optimize your budget within any project requirements and business needs of your company.

We offer CRM consulting services for companies that choose Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365 as their CRM platforms. So, if you need help with implementation, integration, customization, data migration, or custom CRM development, Ascendix will help bring your idea to life. Moreover, we can help you define and build an efficient CRM strategy to get the most out of these CRM vendors for your business.

Can I hire one or several CRM implementation engineers instead of a whole team?

At Ascendix, we offer flexible engagement models and a custom approach for each client to handle both large and pilot projects. It means that you can hire one or several technical specialists for your project. Also, if you need to configure, customize, or upgrade the existing CRM system – we can provide several expert implementation engineers within onshore or offshore models.

Where can I find detailed information about your products?

As stated earlier, we have built our own products on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. They help multiple companies automate lead follow-up, prospecting, pipelining, and deal management. You can review our products, clients’ testimonials, and case studies on our sister website

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