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We are 200+ software engineers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, DevOps professionals with over 25 years of expertise. We provide custom software development, CRM consulting services, and build our own products to transform your ideas into reality.

Our Leadership

Wes Snow Our Team Page Ascendix Software Development

Wesley D. Snow

Co-Founder, President of Ascendix

Wesley D. Snow is the Co-Founder and President of Ascendix Technologies and has been on multiple advisory boards for CRM applications over the years including Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and no less than 10 other CRM platforms.

Having 25 years of CRM consulting experience, Wes is a frequent guest of podcasts, webinars and he speaks live at various conferences where he shares his tips and best practices on customer relationship management, modern technologies, and his experience with offshore development.

Together with his partner Todd Terry, Wes founded Ascendix Technologies in 1996 to offer CRM consulting services. Later on, the company created their own CRM products targeted at commercial real estate brokers, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365 users.

Wes resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Pam, and their two daughters, Hannah and Madison. In his free time, Wes enjoys time at the family ranch working with cattle when he is not attending events with his daughters who are deeply involved in company dance and select softball.

Todd Terry Our Team Image Ascendix Software Development

Todd Terry

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CTO of Ascendix

Todd is the co-founder and CTO of Ascendix Technologies, the company he started almost 25 years ago with his longtime friend and business partner Wesley Snow. As a team they were the perfect complement to each other: Wes the consummate consultative salesperson, networker and public speaker, while Todd was the technically minded leader – designing solutions for clients, managing developers and building software products for Ascendix.

Over the years, with his gifted Ascendix team, Todd has designed and delivered solutions for many thousands of users from Fortune 500 companies in financial services and commercial real estate to a variety of small and mid-market B2B enterprises. Along with enterprise CRM solutions, he has also delivered innovative software products leveraging technologies in cloud computing, big data, natural language search and cross-platform mobility.

In November of 2018, Todd moved to Ukraine to work more closely with his growing team and to manage Ascendix’s commitment to growth in Europe. He is enjoying the adventures and new challenges of being a “foreigner” for the first time in his life but adapting well to his newly adopted country and people.

Our Team

Olena Kolis

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-7353

Olha Prodan

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-8277

Anna Trotsko

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-8279

Jeff Donato

VP of Professional Services

Ross Goldberg

Director of Product Development

Scott Stafford

Sr. Implementation Engineer

Mac McGlynn

Sr. Solution Architect

Martha Cruce

HR Director & Office Manager

Chris Edwards

Senior CRM Consultant

Andrew Zhuravok

Senior Solution Architect

Arthur Ambartsumyan

Director of Salesforce Practice

Nikolay Sikorsky

Director of Innovation and Architecture

Sergey Sindikayev

Managing Director

Tatiana Vichkanova

Delivery Manager​

Natasha Nozdracheva

Project Manager

Yasa Kusuma

Software Developer

Daniil Artemiev

Sr. Implementation Engineer, DevOps

Oleg Gorchenok

Lead Java Developer

Denys Modlinskyi

Database Developer

Eduard Panin

Sr. Application Developer

Sergey Sherenkov

Software Developer, Dynamics 365

Marissa Mills (Cleaver)

Sr. CRM Consultant

Phillip Teng

Implementation Engineer

Valeria Kokina

Director of Marketing

Jennifer Bowman

CRM Consultant

Kateryna Voronkova

Business Analyst

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