How We Work

With 5 international offices and the best real estate technology brains on board, we help you access the world’s class tech talents, optimize your budget expenses, and unlock the latest proptech trends, all within an engagement model of your choice and from the most convenient time zone.

Our Finish Line is the Success of Your Proptech Software Development Project

Founded back in 1996 by two longtime friends – Wes Snow and Todd Terry – Ascendix has gone a long way from a technology consultancy originally based in Dallas, TX to an innovation-led real estate software development company with 5 offices worldwide and 200+ international talents on board.

With an international presence and the world’s best team of engineers, business analysts, designers, and QA experts, we offer round-the-clock delivery and different engagement models: managed delivery, dedicated team, and a combination of the two.

Whatever model you chose, our finish line is your success.

We will bring 2 decades of practice-based experience and full-stack fluency to equip you with a team perfectly suited to your vision and capable of bringing to life even the most ambitious proptech software development projects.

Lack of Manpower Stops Your Growth?

Reach out to Ascendix and we'll equip you with a team of proptech software developers perfectly suited to your needs.

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Our Process

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Research & Discovery Session

We collect your requirements, needs, and expectations. This process includes workshops, stakeholder interviews, and use cases to define the best solution for your business.

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Skill Set Assessment & Proposal

We discuss and define the tech stack, project scope, timelines, budget, and engagement models for your project.


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Resourcing & Recruitment

We assign team members responsible for your project delivery. If you need, we can recruit new team members from our offshore office.


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Product Development Start

We start the software development phase and keep you updated on the project progress to make sure we are on the same page.


How We Attract Top Talents

Ascendix is a really open company and it goes from our leadership, first of all. So, our leaders are very open. So, as a manager, feel like I can go with any idea and there is no formal atmosphere. I can share my idea with anyone and they could support me. Also, I know that if I have any questions or problems, I wouldn’t feel like I can’t go to anyone. I just can share with my colleagues, they could give me good advice, and I feel like I’m totally comfortable in this atmosphere.

Natasha Nozdracheva, Project Manager

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Why Ascendix?

Service and Product Company

There are a lot of companies that are either service providers or product developers, but there are very few that have the knowledge and experience in both. As the author of 17 real estate software products ourselves, we bring the full array of our knowledge to guide pioneering startups and established proptech companies through the development process, pinpointing new opportunities and knocking down challenges along the way.

Commercial Real Estate Innovator for 16+ Years

We are not just technology experts. We have practice-based commercial real estate awareness and domain knowledge. Our longevity in the industry and commitment to innovation have been recognized by the top real estate leaders like JLL and Colliers who are entrusting developing their proptech software to us.

Global Delivery Capabilities

Our tech capabilities are driven by more than 200 tech and real estate experts and multiple development centers across the US and Europe. You're free to choose the engagement model that suits your budget and business needs best, whether you want to work with US-based, European, or mixed teams.

Give Us a Pilot Project

You shouldn't commit to a huge software development project to start working with Ascendix. We'll be happy to complete a pilot project for you so you can see the quality of our work before committing to anything big.

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Our Clients Say

Tobias Sueber

We were contacting companies, but they were all not right for us because they were arrogant. And then we reached out to Ascendix Technologies and I met Wes and Todd. I explained to them my ideas and what is my spirit. We made a test within a driver application and just optimized it for our bus drivers because there was a huge demand. And it worked amazing.

Jan Weber
Project Manager, SLG

The project management was great. Ascendix was always available and very responsive to questions. It was clear at all times at what point we were in the project. It was great to see how fast and above all structured the work was. I always had a direct contact person who discussed everything directly with his team and then came back to me.

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