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Commercial real estate technology consulting is our core expertise. For over 15 years, we’ve helped multiple commercial real estate companies develop the software they envisioned. Leverage our domain knowledge in the CRE space and our cost-effective resources in our European office to bring your product in on time and within budget.

Our Commercial Real Estate Expertise

For many years, we have been providing commercial real estate software development services and CRM consulting. Our experts will help your company build game-changing capital markets, wealth management, property management, appraisal, lease accounting and administration, investment management, property valuation, and other types of software that boost the experience of brokers, investors, and property managers.

Besides, we have developed our own software products to help your business solve multiple tasks out-of-the-box and make data work better for you.

For example, we have released our brochure & report generation tool that allows you to convert property information into a visually-appealing PDF with a few clicks. Thanks to our solid experience in the commercial real estate industry, we can take you through all the ins and outs of building top-notch custom software to meet your business-specific needs.

Commercial Real Estate Companies That Trust Us 

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Our Custom Software Development Services for Commercial Real Estate

Custom Software Development

We will help you develop top commercial real estate apps to streamline your business processes and reach high automation of daily routine tasks. Your internal team will focus on major tasks like lead generation and deal closing while our cloud-based custom software for commercial real estate will make data work for you automatically.

CRM Concierge & Support

Apart from custom software development services and CRM implementation, our concierge and support team will help maintain your commercial real estate apps regularly. We also provide efficient onboarding of new employees and train them to make the most out of the software. Finally, our support specialists will help optimize software adoption and usage and fix any errors and bugs that may occur.

CRM implementation, customization, integration

Being a Salesforce and Dynamics 365 certified partner, we help commercial real estate companies choose, implement, customize, integrate, and adopt CRM software. Also, we can help you build custom CRM software from scratch that will meet your unique enterprise needs and be specific to your business model.


Our 25-year experience in CRM implementation and development makes us the top CRM software company for your enterprise.

Ready-Made Products for Commercial Real Estate

While each business is unique, custom software development might not be a one-fit-all solution for every brokerage. We get it and offer a complete out-of-the-box toolset to help you sell, market, invest, and track all commercial real estate business:

Our Clients Say

CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

Ascendix provides services from three different teams: support, concierge, and operations. If we ever want to do additional work, they’ll help us scope it out and provide a plan for implementation.

The quality of work they provide is second to none. They’ve provided CRM solutions that no one else has been able to. Their efforts have helped both our sales force and the dynamics of our practice. The technologies they’ve employed have significantly simplified our CRM usage.

Chad Lindsey, former VP Global IT at JLL
CRM Products and Cloud Migration for Jones Lang LaSalle

Transwestern about Our CRM Services

Transwestern about Our CRM Services

Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our software. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the system. They have very open and honest communication and do more than just the work they’re assigned; they look out for our best interests and care about us as a company. The quality is always great.

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern
Transwestern about Our CRM Services

Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

We wanted to make better use of our data and present it in a format that our professionals and clients would find attractive and easy to access. This required a new digital solution, hence the engagement with Ascendix on this latest project. The idea of presenting data in an easily accessible and pleasing way to the consumer was not new. We just wanted to have our ability to execute it within our space, with our own data, for our professionals and clients.

Saimir Qalliu, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director
Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

Commercial Real Estate Verticals Expertise

If you sell, lease, manage or invest in commercial real estate, we'll be able to help your company develop commercial real estate software from scratch, or adapt your existing systems to match your needs. We also act as a software development partner for commercial real estate software creators by extending their team with temporary developers with deep knowledge in CRE tech.

We have intense and long experience with commercial real estate, which is a very diverse industry. When you think of commercial real estate, you think of brokers who buy and sell properties for their customers, but it’s also financial services. They’re taking these assets and putting them together in some market fund, and we have deep experience in this type of software in capital markets and mortgage banking.

Todd Terry, Managing Partner and CTO, Ascendix

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Tenant Representation
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Landlord Representation
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Investment Sales, Real Estate Investing
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Capital Markets & Commercial Mortgage Banking
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Owner Operators
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Organizations with Large Commercial Real Estate Holdings
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Business Brokers and M&A Agents
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CRE Tech Startups and Products

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Technology Partner?

You could hardly find any software development company with more experience and completed projects for commercial real estate than Ascendix Technologies. Type your contact details below, and our team will be in touch.

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Commercial Real Estate Challenges We Solve

Data tracking, management, and processing

The commercial real estate industry is constantly growing, so more people want to invest, market, and sell properties. It becomes tough for your business to collect, analyze, manage, and process a large amount of data in one place. At Ascendix, we will help you solve this challenge by creating custom CRM software to track properties, availabilities, leases, deals, and other record types. You will no longer need to handle dozens of manual operations as we will help highly automate your daily workflows and always have instant access to your data.

Ascendix Marketspace Portal Solution
Ascendix Marketspace Portal Solution
Property listing marketing

The commercial real estate domain has become as competitive as never before. Hundreds of commercial real estate brokers, agents, landlords, tenants, and others try to stake their claims and get new customers. However, Ascendix can provide you with an efficient solution! We will help you build a powerful property listing platform that will help you stand out from the competitors and boost profitability. So, you will be able to publish listings, create marketing lists, schedule automated distribution of your listings, and increase your marketing.

Advanced data search and geo mapping

When your business scales, the amount of data also tends to grow, and it becomes much harder to efficiently and quickly search for the required information in your commercial real estate app. At Ascendix, we will help you implement powerful map search and filtering tools that will greatly improve your search experience and save much time for your lead generation and customer communication processes.


Why Ascendix As Your СRE Tech Partner?

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Long-Time Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

For 10+ years, we have been helping commercial real estate companies streamline their business processes and solve specific tasks. It means that we had probably already found a solution for your challenge before, so it will take less time to deliver custom software for your business.

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One-Stop-Shop for Your Business

At Ascendix, we are ready to offer you a full range of services you may need. First, our experts can help you build a custom app that automates most daily routine tasks and makes data work better for you.

Second, we can offer you to try our own commercial real estate software products if you don’t want to invest extra funds in custom software development. Third, our CRM specialists can help you implement, configure, customize, and integrate a range of CRM solutions.

Finally, our support and concierge teams can help you maintain your commercial real estate apps, handle the onboarding of your new employees, and fully train them to empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed with the platform.

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Our Commercial Real Estate Software Products

Apart from custom software development services, we can offer our out-of-the-box commercial real estate software apps. They are fully customizable and can be scaled based on your business needs. Everything you need is to subscribe and integrate them with your existing software. If needed, we’ll customize them to adapt to your specific requirement. Going this road, you can take advantage of the accumulated experience packaged in ready-made apps significantly reducing software development costs and time.


Budget-Oriented Engagement Models

We always cater to your budget expectations to provide the most cost-efficient solution for your business. This way, you can choose US-based, European, or mixed development teams within dedicated models. What’s more, we can hire several software developers to extend and empower your internal technical team. So, if you are looking for high collaboration flexibility, then Ascendix is at your service.

After having some trouble with our CRM in the commercial real estate market, we looked for a company with that expertise. Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our CRM. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface to be mindful of our users and how they best interact with the CRM.

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern

Our Key Commercial Real Estate Apps

Ascendix Search Improved Customer Service Case Study | Ascendix

AscendixRE CRM

At Ascendix, we have built a cloud-based top CRM for Commercial Real Estate brokers and companies. It provides your company with secured and instant access, high workflow automation, advanced prospecting tools for enhanced lead follow-up, simple visualization of stacking plans, etc. What’s more, you get a one-stop CRM platform for tracking your business activities, requests, deals, properties, listings, and leases.

Ascendix Search Improved Customer Service Case Study | Ascendix
MarketSpace Listing Portal Case Study | Ascendix

Ascendix Search

Ascendix Search is a powerful CRM tool that provides multi-criteria, multi-object search functionality through your Salesforce platform. Advanced filtering and search operators enable your business to process data in a fast and efficient way. Also, Ascendix Search allows you to perform Salesforce mass email campaigns, leading to a higher conversion rate and closing ratio. This way, our custom CRM software can help your business analyze, process, and use data easier, faster, and more efficiently!


What Commercial Real Estate Companies are within your clients?

We are long-term partners with top commercial real estate brands, including JLL, Colliers International, CRESA, Transwestern, Savills, and many others.

Have you worked with property management companies?

Yes, for the last 15 years, we’ve helped multiple property management companies automate their business. Besides, we have deep experience in:

  • Sale/Tenant Representation
  • Lease Administration
  • Capital Markets & Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Investment Sales
  • Property Management
  • Development and Construction
  • Retail
  • Land

Where are you located?

We are a commercial real estate technology company from Dallas, Texas. We also operate our off-shore software development office in Europe to speed up development and reduce project costs.

Does my business need Commercial Real Estate Software Development?

Suppose you want to improve data usage, lead generation and management, deal closing processes, and internal team productivity within your business in the Commercial Real Estate industry. In that case, Commercial Real Estate software development is a great choice.

First, our developers can help you build custom software to meet your unique business needs and solve specific challenges.

Second, our long-term experience in custom software development for CRE allows us to bring industry-ready solutions as we know all ins and outs of this domain.

Third, the process of creating and integrating a commercial real estate app is undoubtedly essential, but regular maintenance and support of your business app are crucial too. That is why our white glove concierge teams are always at your service to take care of your commercial real estate app, fix any bugs and errors, and adapt to the upcoming updates of the platform. On top of that, we can handle the onboarding process and train your teams to make the most out of the software.

Can I hire several software developers?

Of course! Ascendix always tries to meet your budget expectations and provides flexible engagement models. Our software developers work in different time zones to access top talents, reach quick turnarounds, and optimize your budget costs. So, if you want to extend the internal team capacity, you can hire several US-based, off-shore, or blended software developers within a dedicated team model. If you want to avoid active engagement, we can fully undertake the development process and deliver a commercial real estate app without your involvement.

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