Real Estate Automation for Property Owners & Operators

We bring custom proptech solutions to simplify the workflows of landlords and property operators to let them focus on what matters most – people.

Transform Your Approach Toward Property Management

As a digital transformation consultancy for real estate since 2004, we do know what obstacles property managers face in their daily routines and more importantly, how to address those inefficiencies with custom property management software and consulting services.

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How Property Management Software Benefits Real Estate Owners and Operators

Data whenever you need it

With the needed information within reach, you always know when to schedule maintenance and hire new people. Collect and access actionable insights from a single platform, on the go, and on a range of devices.

Better bonds with your clients

With end-to-end communications handled on one interface, nothing important will ever slip your mind. Essential notifications reduce the reliance on your memory and keep you informed about key responsibilities and milestones in your clients' lives.

End to paperwork chaos

With property management software at your fingertips, you spend less time working with paperwork and more time managing. Cut out paper, save time, and collaborate with contractors, and clients on one platform.

Why Ascendix as Your Trusted Real Estate Technology Partner?

Founded back in 1996 as a CRE technology consultancy first and foremost, we live and breathe real estate. Our longevity in the industry and commitment to innovation have been recognized by top real estate leaders like JLL, Colliers, and Hanna CRE who are entrusting overseeing and executing their proptech software projects to us.

As a product company ourselves, we have authored a family of proptech solutions that address the everyday needs of real estate firms, so we know firsthand all the pitfalls of the proptech solution development journey and are more than happy to introduce you to our best practices and lessons learned. We have mastered the art of AI development and its integration into proptech software and developed our own AI document processing framework specifically for proptech.

Having gone all this way up till now, we believe we’re uniquely positioned to become a trusted real estate technology consulting partner for you and your portfolio proptechs, regardless of which stage of the software development journey they are in and how complex their products are.

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Find out how much custom property software development would cost for your business.

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