iOS App development

At Ascendix, we have been developing fast-loading and interactive iOS applications for many years. This allowed us to grow our iOS app development expertise to deliver top-notch, scalable, and robust iOS apps for your business.

Our iOS App Development Services


iPhone App Development

Ascendix iOS app developers can build an engaging, fast-loading, interactive, and easy-to-use application that will cater to your business needs and clients’ expectations. With our solid expertise in iPhone app development services, we will implement the features and navigation your end-users will love. We’ll use Swift, Objective C, or Xamarin for iOS development based on your needs.


iPad App Development

We can build high-performance iPad apps with an appealing user interface and intuitive navigation that will keep up with your business demands and end-users’ needs. Our iPad app developers will bring together all the extensive expertise gained across multiple successful products and implement the great features to match your niche, demands, and current trends.

Benefits of iOS App Development for Business

High Paying Capacity

One of the most important benefits of iOS app development is the purchasing power of Apple users. They are more willing to pay for an application compared to Android users due to the open-source nature and greater number of free applications of Android. It means that more users will prefer your custom iOS app and be ready to purchase it and give it a try.

Robust Security

When you decide to build secure mobile software, iOS app development services become a perfect choice for your business. The core reason is the well-designed security architecture which serves as a solid shield for malware, viruses, and hacking attacks. This way, iOS app development provides your business with robust security out-of-the-box, maintaining data privacy, user identity, and app data in the cloud.

Low Fragmentation and Easy Testing

When you hire iOS app developers to build a visually-appealing and interactive mobile software, you can greatly benefit from the short time-to-market period. It becomes possible due to a small number of Apple devices and OS updates. This leads to a low fragmentation and much easier testing that enable your business to save much time and costs on the iOS app development process.

Want to Hire iOS App Developers for Your Project?

Ascendix is a team of professionals that can help you with tasks of any complexity: from simple configurations to developing your own iOS apps.

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Our iOS App Development Services

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Seize Our Flexible Engagement Models

If you want to hire iOS app developers and build scalable mobile software, Ascendix is ready to provide you with freedom of choice. You can empower your internal team with our skilled, dedicated teams of iOS app developers within onshore, offshore, or blended models.

Moreover, you can create a technical team tailored to your project from scratch to avoid active involvement in the development process. Rest assured that our iOS developers will build an engaging, fast-loading, and visually-appealing mobile app in the most convenient way for your business.

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Deep Expertise in iOS App Development

We have been developing engaging, feature-rich, industry-ready, and intuitive iOS apps for multiple clients for many years. This iOS app development services experience allows our software developers to fully cater to your business needs and build the exact functionality required for the successful launch of your product.

If you are looking to hire iOS app developers, Ascendix will help you transform your idea into reality and build an application that your end-users will love.

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Latest iOS Trends and Technologies

Apple regularly rolls out new updates, best practices, and guides that help iOS developers build smoother and greater applications. At Ascendix, we carefully follow the newest development insights, trends, and releases to deliver even better iOS apps for your business.

As an iOS app development company, we attend educational conferences, webinars, workshops, and development events that improve the skills of our iOS developers and bring even more value to your company.


What is iOS app development?

iOS app development is the process of creating apps for Apple smartphones and tablets.

Does my business need iOS app development?

iOS app development services are a great choice for your business if you want to outreach a large target audience, get a loyal user base, increase your ROI, and get an international digital presence. When you hire iOS developers, you can build fast-loading, visually appealing, engaging, secure, and easy-to-navigate iPad and iOS apps that cater to your business needs. So, in case you want to build a mobile application for your business, feel free to contact us and hire iOS app developers for your project.

Can I hire several iOS developers?

Sure! Ascendix is about high flexibility for your business. We provide a wide range of engagement models to meet your needs and budget expectations. You can create a full technical team of professionals for your iOS app development project and avoid active involvement. Otherwise, we can offer you our dedicated teams of US-based, European, or blended developers that will greatly enhance your internal technical team. Don’t hesitate to contact us and hire iOS developers at Ascendix.