Xamarin App Development & Xamarin Developers On-Demand from Europe

Need to speed up or strengthen your project with experienced professionals? Leverage our Xamarin development services to build cross-platform apps or scale your team with temporary Xamarin developers.

Outsource turnkey Xamarin app development to Ascendix or hire Xamarin developers to work under your guidance and as long as you need.

We offer:

  • Professional Xamarin developers with multiple successful projects delivered on their CVs.
  • Flexible engagement models to keep control over the development or delegate it to our team.
  • Ability to start small, do a pilot project, or hire our team for short-term assignments.
  • Convenient overlap of working hours with our clients worldwide.
  • Ascendix project managers, business analysts, UI/UX specialists, developers, QA experts, and support specialists are at your disposal during all the stages of your project lifecycle.

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Xamarin Hybrid App Development

With the help of code reusability, our Xamarin developers can build scalable, feature-rich, and fast-loading hybrid mobile apps to meet your business needs. This way, you can greatly optimize your budget and roll out your Xamarin hybrid app to the market faster.


Xamarin iOS App Development

Ascendix Xamarin developers can build full-fledged iOS native applications based on your needs and requirements. Xamarin.iOS helps our software engineers develop cost- and time-efficient, fully functional apps that deliver native iOS experience to your end-users and clients.


Xamarin Android App Development

Xamarin.Android allows our Xamarin developers to access native APIs and build top Android apps in a time-efficient way, thanks to the framework’s cross-platform nature, resulting in an optimized budget for your business.

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Xamarin Team Extension

Our offshore Xamarin developers from Europe can become yours if you prefer to manage all software development directly. Select who will work on your project and discuss how you would like to set up the work. The team will work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week only on your project under your guidance. We’ll become your team as long as you need us.

Learn more about our Engagement Models >

Companies That Use Xamarin

Why Choose Xamarin for Your Business

flibco mobile

Native User Experience

Xamarin provides our mobile app developers with access to native APIs for each platform and enables easy migration of existing native apps. They allow building visually appealing and scalable Xamarin apps with native UI and high performance for different platforms. Nativeness is crucial for your business app, as it becomes more interactive and intuitive, leading to a higher conversion rate.

flibco mobile
saas technology companies solutions product development Ascendix
saas technology companies solutions product development Ascendix

Low Development Cost

Cross-platform nature and easier testing allow our Xamarin developers to build a cost-efficient mobile app. So, if you want to optimize the development budget and get a cross-platform and visually appealing mobile app, then Xamarin development services are what you need.

Marketing Team Improvement for Flibco Custom Software Development Case Study | Ascendix

Reduced Time to Market Period

Xamarin platform guarantees faster cross-platform development with up to 90% of shared code. Ascendix software developers always choose Xamarin to build a cross-platform mobile app for iOS or Android quickly. It becomes possible through easy cloud-based app testing and code reusability features provided out-of-the-box. This way, Xamarin is the best choice for your business if you want to roll out a product to the market in the short run.

Marketing Team Improvement for Flibco Custom Software Development Case Study | Ascendix

“ Compared with the other tools we’ve looked at, we have a higher rate of code reuse with Xamarin. It also provides better integration with devices’ native services, including their unique hardware and capabilities. This is important because even though we can write a lot of shared code, we still need to write some device-specific code. Mobile device platforms manage things—like notifications, taking input from sensors, and managing contacts—in different ways. ”

Ted Damianos, Senior Application Development Manager in Internet Systems at UPS

Want to Hire Xamarin Developers for Your Project?

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Leverage Onshore & Offshore Engagement Models

Ascendix is about flexibility, meaning that you can find the most suitable engagement model for your business. In case you need to enhance your internal technical team, then we can offer dedicated teams of Xamarin developers within US-based, offshore, or blended models.

Otherwise, you can hire Xamarin developers and other professionals specifically for your project. This way, we will build a feature-rich, cross-platform, and scalable Xamarin app without your close involvement.

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Solid Experience in Xamarin App Development

Since 2012, we have been developing cross-platform and scalable mobile apps using the Xamarin framework for both large and pilot projects. This expertise allows our Xamarin developers to build hybrid, iOS, and Android apps fully tailored to your business needs and end-users’ expectations.

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Newest Xamarin Technologies

At Ascendix, we follow the latest development trends and closely monitor the latest releases of frameworks, libraries, platforms, and other tools that help us build even better Xamarin apps for your business. Ascendians constantly take part in self-improvement activities such as webinars, conferences, and other events that bring additional value to project development.

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Access to Skilled Xamarin Developers

Get access to appropriate and competent Xamarin developers, quality assurance, DevOps specialists and have the ability to scale up and scale down the team as needed. Help your internal team speed up the delivery of your project. Use our Solution Architects to audit the technical solutions on your project and find ways to make it better.

Find a Perfect Xamarin Developer for Your Team


A Xamarin application development company with a specialized software development team, Ascendix can help you find and hire a Xamarin developer that will work under your control and only for your company as long as you need with:

  • Sufficient knowledge of C#, objective C, VB, and .NET framework.
  • Experience with target mobile platforms.
  • Ability to meet your working hours to ensure efficient communication.
  • Motivation to build high-quality apps that solve your business problem.
  • An approved candidate will work from our office in Europe or the US, having access to substantial Ascendix resources and know-how.

Written Once, Your Xamarin Mobile App will Run Everywhere Staying Native. Trust Ascendix Xamarin App Development!


What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source, cross-platform app development platform that allows mobile app developers to build native apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows using .NET and C#. Xamarin can bring multiple benefits if you want to save development costs and reduce the time-to-market period.

You can build your app for Apple Watch and Android Wear because wearable devices are supported as well. Don’t miss this opportunity if your clients love wearing smart devices. The common codebase, shared libraries, and carefully developed native features make such an integration not only possible but also a smart solution.

With the right visual and interactive touch on multiple devices, your users will have a native, convenient experience and, therefore, use your app more frequently. This will give you an excellent opportunity to deliver your message to the target audience when needed.

Is Xamarin Free?

Yes! Xamarin is free, and there are no fees and licensing costs. Xamarin is a part of the open-source .NET platform and is free to use for everyone, including those with commercial purposes in mind.

No wonder that there are more than 3,700 companies that use Xamarin and a community of over 60,000 contributors to date.

What Xamarin is Used For?

Xamarin helps to build Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, Windows apps with .NET, using a shared codebase. Companies select Xamarin to quickly deliver mobile apps that would target multiple platforms at once.

Here are some examples of apps built on Xamarin:

  • Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences created a new member streaming app using Xamarin
  • UPS uses Xamarin to support its UPS Mobile app for easy shipment management
  • BBC Good Food serves up personalized cooking content with engaging mobile apps.

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Does My Business Need Xamarin App Development?

More than 15,000 companies benefit from Xamarin tools, so why not give this well-accepted app development framework a try? If you are still pondering, consider these features of Xamarin mobile solutions.

  • Standard, intuitive interface. Let your clients feel that you care about them and increase their loyalty.
  • Native performance. Make the user experience smooth so that people want to use your app again and again.
  • Required functionality. Help your customers resolve their problems and find useful tools.
  • API integration. Provide almost the same experience for your users no matter what platform they decide to use today.
  • Testing in cloud. Ensure that your solution has minimum errors and works fine on a wider variety of devices.

If you want to outreach your target audience and meet the needs of your leads and clients in a quick, cost-efficient, and scalable way, then Xamarin app development is a great choice. This way, you can create a platform-agnostic mobile application for iOS and Android platforms and provide your customers with a native-like experience. It makes your Xamarin app more intuitive and interactive leading to higher conversion rates. So, if you want to get a cost- and time-saving mobile app for iOS & Android, feel free to hire Xamarin developers at Ascendix, and we will help achieve your business goals. 

Can I Hire Several Xamarin Developers with Ascendix?

Of course! We are ready to meet your business needs and offer the most flexible engagement models. So, if you need to strengthen your internal team with several professionals, we can offer a dedicated team model with US-based, blended, or offshore developers. On the other hand, you can form a full-fledged technical team specifically for your project and avoid much engagement.

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