System Integration for a Travel Agency

Ascendix helped SLG to shorten and simplify the travel booking process for their agents


Sales-Lentz Group (SLG) is one of the leading businesses in Luxembourg in the tourism and mobility industry.

SLG hired Ascendix to integrate their internal travel system for travel agents with a shuttle-bus service (Door2Gate) to simplify the booking of shuttle buses for SLG clients.

Prior to that,, the SLG subsidiary turned to Ascendix to rebuild their transportation service Door2Gate.

We talked with Jan Weber, Project Manager at SLG to get his feedback on our cooperation.

Jan Weber
Project Manager, SLG
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In our Travel Agencies, we were switching to a new Mid office system. One of the services we are selling in our travel agencies is the transportation of our customers to the airport (Door2Gate).

Ascendix developed and continues to operate the platform for the Door2Gate service. The goal was to connect the new mid-office system to the existing Door2Gate system in order to simplify the booking process for travel agents.

Jan Weber, Project Manager, SLG
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Scope of Work

They have arranged the exchange with the mid-office provider and clarified all parameters to be transferred. On the Door2Gate platform, they have integrated a reseller workflow that makes it easier for business customers to make bookings in the Door2Gate system.

We were very happy with the cooperation. All deadlines and outcomes were met.

The project management was great. They were always available and very responsive to questions. It was clear at all times at what point we were in the project.

For communication, we used Microsoft teams.

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Ascendix Technologies’ platform successfully connected the travel company’s internal system to the existing Door2Gate system.

All deadlines are being met, and internal stakeholders are impressed with the team’s project management style.

It was great to see how fast and above all structured the work was.

I always had a direct contact person who discussed everything directly with his team and then came back to me.

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