Custom AI Tools for Real Estate

Leverage 2 decades of Ascendix expertise in custom proptech software development and build AI tools for real estate that pave the road to automation and success. A trusted partner to JLL, Colliers, and Savills.

Helping Real Estate Businesses Build Their AI Confidence Through:

Custom Real Estate AI Tool Development

We can develop AI tools for real estate, including property search AI, AI lease assistants, property valuation AI and more to address specific business needs.

AI Implementation Roadmapping

Define your AI strategy and develop a roadmap to integrate AI into your operations. This service includes defining your business goals, assessing your capabilities, identifying areas where AI can add value, and outlining the necessary steps to develop an AI-based project.

AI Model Training

We possess the expertise to optimize your AI proptech solution, guaranteeing a more intelligent, responsive, and efficient user experience. We can ensure your AI chatbot comprehensively understands user queries, automates tasks and is perfectly integrated with your CRM system.

AI Solutions We Can Help With

Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Predictive Modeling
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Predictive Modeling

Build Custom AI Real Estate Tools with Ascendix

Our skilled team of certified software specialists has already earned the trust of JLL, Colliers, and Savills. Let Ascendix help you build a custom AI real estate tool that elevates your operations.

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Real Estate AI Solutions We Can Build

AI Chatbots Landing Edited

Property Management AI Assistants & Chatbots

Enhance customer interactions with intelligent chatbots, providing instant customer support and property information 24/7.

We can ensure an AI chatbots assists you in property matching, appointment scheduling, maintenance request processing, and even lead pre-qualification.

Whether you label it ‘AI for real estate leads’ or not, once integrated with CRM, AI chatbots will gather user data on budget and preferences and store it in the system, helping brokers focus their efforts on leads that are more likely to convert.

AI Chatbots Landing Edited
AI Chatbot Map Edited

AI Real Estate Search Tools

We can revolutionize property searches with natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that understand user preferences and recognize every input as actionable filters.

Our team can also integrate your systems, like real estate portals, with ChatGPT technology, allowing users to engage in conversations with ChatGPT and obtain accurate and up-to-date information in the property matching process.

Smart Matching & Recommendations

We can elevate your property search with personalized recommendations and ensure your buyers and tenants are seamlessly connected with the properties that best align with their preferences.

From analyzing user behavior to considering specific requirements, our smart matching capabilities redefine the real estate experience.

AI Lease Abstraction for AI Chatbots Landing Edited

AI for Document Analysis and Abstraction

We can build an AI document abstraction tool that swiftly extracts relevant information from documents and ensures your lease agreements comply with regulatory standards.

From commercial leases to residential agreements, our AI tools for commercial real estate adapt to various document formats and structures, streamlining processes such as contract reviews, legal documentation, and other paperwork related to real estate transactions.

AI-Powered Tenant Screening

We can ensure your tenant base is reliable and responsible by building real estate AI software that assesses various factors such as rental history, creditworthiness, and previous landlord interactions.

We can integrate real estate AI tenant screening tools with credit bureaus, background check databases, banking systems, and others to add an extra layer of confidence in the tenant selection process.

AI Lease Abstraction for AI Chatbots Landing Edited
AI Property Valuation for AI Property Landing

AI for Property Description Generation

We can build NLP-powered property description modules and integrate them with your real estate portals. In the end, you’ll get an AI real estate solution that helps you generate compelling property descriptions for your listings and captures the unique selling points of each property.

AI Property Valuation Tools

We can combine traditional property valuation tools with AI, ensuring your system can process large volumes of data and estimate property values accurately while also considering not-so-obvious factors like market fluctuations.

Additionally, we’ll ensure your real estate AI tool self-improves based on historical data.

Enhance Your Property Search With AI

Our expert team at Ascendix knows how to equip your property search with NLP technologies and personalized recommendations, all backed up by high security.

Why Trust Ascendix with Custom AI Tools for Real Estate?

16+ Years of Proptech Expertise

We’ve been in real estate for almost 2 decades, developing innovative solutions for proptech startups and established market leaders. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements positions us as a reliable and forward-thinking partner for all your proptech needs.

Product & Service Providers

While many companies tend to specialize in either products or services, we take pride in excelling at both. Our unique position as both product creators (we have authored 17 innovative products) and service providers allows us to bring a holistic approach to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Proptech Titans Trust Us

Our commitment to innovation has garnered recognition from leading real estate authorities such as JLL and Colliers. These esteemed partnerships speak volumes about our trusted position in the field, as we continue to be the go-to choice for developing cutting-edge proptech software.

Worldwide Delivery Excellence

At the heart of our global delivery capabilities are over 200 skilled professionals. Whether you prefer collaborating with US-based, European, or a combination of teams, you have the freedom to choose an engagement model that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs.

Why Ascendix as Your Trusted AI Real Estate Tech Consultant?

Founded in 1996, Ascendix practice combines 2 decades of real estate experience with market-savvy technology intelligence. We can proudly say that we live and breathe real estate.

We’ve learnt all the pitfalls of AI real estate software development and are more than happy to build solutions based on our best practices and lessons learned.

  • We’ve been in real estate industry for 16+ years;
  • We’ve been actively engaged in our clients’ AI projects, so we know all ins and outs of real estate AI development;
  • Our team of experts has acquired extensive expertise in AI property search, AI document summary, and AI chatbots;
  • We have developed our own framework specifically dedicated to AI document processing and abstraction;
  • We know how to streamline real estate processes with smart AI integration.

Partner with us to transform your real estate operations with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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