Android App Development

We have been developing secure, interactive, and engaging Android apps for many years. Such an experience allows us to grow our Android app development expertise and build even more visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and successful Android apps for your business.

Our Android App Development Services


Native Android App Development

Our Android developers build fast-loading and interactive native applications that provide offline mode and recognizable look and feel to your end-users. This way, our Android app development services will help you create secure, intuitive, and reliable native apps with a first-class performance that will cater to your business needs.


Cross-platform Android App Development

We can also create apps for Android using Xamarin, the cross-platform app development solution from Microsoft. It is a fast and cost-efficient way to provide your users with apps available on multiple platforms. Delegate cross-platform Android app development to Ascendix to get a secure, easy-to-integrate, uniform, and engaging Android apps that your end-users will love.


Hybrid Android App Development

In case you want to combine the elements of both web and native applications, hybrid Android app development is a great choice for your company. So, our Android developers can help you build high performance, easy-to-maintain, cost-efficient hybrid Android apps based on your project requirements.

Why Choose Android Development for Business

High performance

JavaScript is a great choice for your business if you want to build a fast-loading and quick response application. It becomes possible as JavaScript is not restricted by any network calls through server-side processing which means that animation and other features will render instantly and ensure a smooth user experience for your clients.

Short Time-to-Market Period

If you want to get a competitive advantage over the market rivals, then it’s important to come up with a business idea and roll out your custom software as soon as possible. Android app development services provide your company with an opportunity to launch an app fast.
It becomes possible through easy integration of Android app functionality and flexibility during the development process. It means that you can modify the requirements, change the user flow, and add new features without much effort and quickly.

Easy Integration

Google provides multiple Android mobile app development tools that greatly simplify the integration and customization of your application. It means that Android developers will need less time and efforts to integrate your custom software with other platforms or applications. It leads to lower development and support costs for your business as Android apps provide high scalability out-of-the-box.

High Security

Android Pie (the 9th major release of Android OS) provided multiple built-in security features that greatly guard your Android app from malwares, viruses, and hacking attacks. Your end-users will get advanced data privacy and identity features that will improve their user experience and make sensitive data secured. This way, Android development allows you to build a feature-rich, reliable, and secure application that your clients will enjoy!

Why Ascendix as an Android App Development Company?


Many Years of Android App Development Expertise

For many years, we have been developing engaging, cross-platform, and interactive Android apps for multiple domains. Such an Android development experience enables us to absolutely meet your business demands and preferences of your end-users. So, if you want to hire Android developers, feel free to contact us and we will bring your project into reality in a time- and cost-efficient way.


Leverage Our Onshore & Offshore Models

When you are looking to hire Android app developers, you should pay attention to the flexibility of engagement models provided by an Android app development company. At Ascendix, we always cater to your business needs and budget expectations so that we offer a wide range of collaboration options. In case you want to facilitate and empower your internal technical team, we can offer to hire Android app developers within dedicated teams of US-based, European-based, or mixed programmers.

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Newest Android Technologies

Google publishes new updates, releases, guides, and best practices that help Android app developers build more intuitive and powerful apps on a regular basis. Ascendians carefully monitor the latest insights, trends, and releases of tools to stay up-to-date and bring even more value to your project. As an Android app development company, we regularly visit conferences, webinars, workshops, and other development events to keep our expertise on a high level and deliver even more feature-rich and fast-loading software products for your business.

Want to Hire Android App Developers for Your Project?

Ascendix is a team of professionals that can help you with tasks of any complexity: from simple configurations to developing your own Android apps.

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What is Android app development?

Android mobile app development is the process of creating native and hybrid applications for devices running Android operating system.

Does my business need Android app development?

Nowadays more and more users try to stay available and flexible 24/7 and access needed data instantly wherever they are. The most convenient way is a smartphone with browsers, applications, maps, and other content inside that make Android development a perfect choice for your company to outreach target audience. This way, you can hire Android app developers and build an interactive, engaging, scalable, and easy-to-use custom software tailored to your business needs.

Can I hire several Android developers?

Of course! Ascendix provides high flexibility for your company which means that we offer a wide range of engagement models to meet your needs and budget expectations. So, we can offer to create a full technical team dedicated to your project which allows you to avoid active engagement. Also, you can strengthen your internal team and hire Android developers based on your needs and requirements. As an Android app development company, we are open to provide top-of-the-line conditions to collaborate and deliver a great Android app for your business.

What is your Android app development cost?

The Android app development costs greatly depend on the functionality, design, and scale of your application. If you want to get accurate Android app developer cost, please answer a few questions and Get Our Rates.