.Net Application Development

Our technical expertise in .NET application development allows us to build multiple types of applications from web and mobile to cloud and desktop custom software. Hire .NET developers at Ascendix and we will develop an application tailored to your business needs.

Our .NET Application Development Services


Enterprise Software Development

When you hire .NET developers at Ascendix, you get 10+ years of technical expertise in building robust enterprise-scale products for clients. If you want to build a high-performance and user-friendly application that will make your business efficient in the long run – enterprise app development with .NET is a perfect choice.


.NET Web Development

We have been offering .NET web development services for many years which allowed us to grow our expertise and build user-friendly, fast-loading, and engaging web applications for clients. Since 2016, we have been providing dotnet core development services to build even more seamless, feature-rich, and interactive web apps for your business.


Mobile App Development

We have deep expertise in mobile app development with .NET, .NET Core, and Xamarin. Our .NET developers focus on building cross-platform and cost-efficient mobile apps that are supported by any compatible OS, device, and platform.


Desktop App Development

At Ascendix, we have large experience of creating visually compelling desktop applications with .NET and Xamarin. It allows us to meet your business needs and build native desktop apps for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows on a shared codebase.

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Cloud Application Development

Our .net developers build fast, modern, and scalable cloud apps on multiple platforms like Azure. Apart from cloud application development, we can migrate your existing .NET application to Azure, create globally redundant data stores, and develop robust apps with real-time data delivery.

Why Choose .NET for Your Business

High Security

If you are looking for a programming language or tool which can offer robust security for your business app, then .NET and .NET Core are a perfect choice. Our .net developers can build robust applications because Windows confirmation and configuration, and role-based and code access security are available out-of-the-box.

Cross-Platform Nature

.NET is a platform-agnostic framework which allows our .net developers create a single business application for multiple operating systems, browsers, and platforms. In simple words, we can reuse the codebase many times and shorten the development time which leads to budget optimization for your business.

Lightning-Fast Deployment

Ascendix software developers love using .NET technologies to build scalable and cost-efficient cloud applications. The main reason is easy and fast deployment which becomes possible through private components, controlled code sharing, partially trusted code and other out-of-the-box features provided by the .NET platform.

Want to Hire .Net Developers for Your Project?

Our .NET developers will build lightning-fast and cross-platform apps tailored to your business needs.

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Why Ascendix as a .NET Development Company?

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Flexible Engagement Models

If you are looking to hire .NET developers, Ascendix will provide you with a wide range of engagement models. First, if you want to expand your internal team of software engineers, we can offer US-based, blended, or offshore teams of .net developers. Second, you can fully compose a technical team for your specific project, and we will build a feature-rich, scalable, and robust .NET app without your active engagement.

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Solid Expertise in .NET Application Development

Having 10+ years of experience in creating custom software solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, we can now boast of deep expertise in .NET application development. We can build mobile, web, desktop, cloud, and enterprise apps embedding high security, fast-loading, and scalability. If you are looking for a skilled team of .net developers, Ascendix will bring your project idea into reality.

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Newest .NET Technologies

Our software developers carefully track releases of new frameworks, libraries, and tools that help us deliver even more advanced .NET apps for your business. Ascendix .net developers regularly visit educational webinars, workshops, and other events to improve their professional skills and generate extra value for your company.

How We Saved $428/Mo Through .NET Migration

Check the detailed guide and case study on .net to .net core migration which allowed us to reach $428/mo savings and 200x performance boost for a client.


What is .NET Core?

.NET is an open-source developer platform which allows to build multiple types of application for most browsers, platforms, and devices. In 2016, Microsoft released .NET Core framework which empowers cross-platform app development and allows to embed higher performance and scalability.

Does my business need .NET application development?

In case you want to build a cross-platform, scalable, and fast-loading business app that will cater to the needs of your company and end-users, then .NET application development is a great choice. When you hire .net developers at Ascendix, you can get a cost-efficient application as .NET platform allows to reuse the shared codebase and build a single app for multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.

Can I hire several .net developers?

Sure. Everything depends on your project and business needs. If you want to facilitate your internal team of programmers, we can offer to hire several skilled .net developers. Otherwise, you can form a full dedicated team of professionals that will work specifically on your project.