Fractional Team Engagement Model for Custom Real Estate Development Projects

December 15, 2023
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When embarking on a custom development project to build an application, the need for diverse expertise is undeniable.

You require a backend developer for server-side operations, a front-end developer for the user interface, quality assurance specialists to ensure bug-free releases, business analysts to align development with business needs, solution architects to design the system, DevOps engineers for deployment and operations, and project managers to keep everything on track. On top of these, for a niche like Proptech, specialized knowledge becomes indispensable.

However, what happens when your project scope and budget are limited? What if your project timeline doesn’t justify the full-time employment of all these specialized roles, especially when considering that the salary for a single full-stack developer can range from $80,000 to $200,000 annually?

This is where the concept of hiring fractional software development team becomes a game-changer.

According to Deloitte, businesses that use fractional teams report a 42% increase in project success rate. Fractional hiring of software development team can reduce development costs by up to 50%, according to Accenture. Fractional employment positively impacts productivity: Upwork stated that businesses that hire fractional teams report a 37% increase in employee productivity.

That’s why we decided to analyze the benefits of fractional hiring and present how it can reduce your costs for real estate software development.

What is Fractional Hiring for Real Estate Software Development?

Fractional hiring or resourcing is a working relationship where a business hires an individual for a specific portion of their time rather than engaging them on a full-time basis as it’s usually done in the dedicated engagement model.

A fractional model can also offer such benefits as the ability to scale up or scale down your team composition as well as their time allocation.

Say you have a real estate development project on the horizon but are not yet sure about the scope, deliverables, budget and hence it is difficult to justify a whole full-time team.

With the fractional real estate software development team, you would be able to hire all the roles you need for the project with varying time allocations—be it 25%, 30%, 75%, etc., of a normal full-time contract.

Plus, if you realize that at one point you do not need, for example, a solution architect anymore, you may either reduce their time allocation or remove them from the project altogether. This allows you to adapt to the evolving needs of your project without committing to a fixed, full-time team.

Growing Realtech and Proptech startups are increasingly embracing this innovative approach and actively seeking fractional developers to join their founding development teams.



How Fractional Hiring Works at Ascendix

At Ascendix, we are passionate about supporting businesses every step of the way, offering flexible hiring models tailored to specific business needs.

Understanding our fractional team engagement:

If recruiting, training, and maintaining a full-scale development team isn’t viable, our Fractional Development Team is your streamlined, scalable, and cost-effective alternative. This adaptable option enriches your projects with diverse specialized skills tailored to your requirements.

By hiring a fractional development team from Ascendix, you’ll gain:

  • A mix of dedicated roles, such as Project Manager, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Developers, and QA Specialists, are available for a fraction of the time based on your project’s demands
  • A flexible “Fractional Hour Bank” system ensures you only pay for what you need
  • Access to a comprehensive skill set, including mobile development, front-end and back-end development, Dynamics 365 implementation, and more.

Our fractional engagement model combines the best of all engagement methods, offering a cost-efficient alternative to hiring in-house full-time staff with added expenses like payroll taxes and bonuses or separate full-time dedicated specialists.

Fractional Team Engagement Model for Real Estate Software Development

Fractional Team Engagement Model for Real Estate Software Development | AscendixTech

Instead of hiring a full-time team of a SA, PM, BA, UI/UX Designer, Front-End developer, and Back-End Developer on the 100%-time basis, our client can assemble a fractional team comprising 20% of a SA time, 25% of BA time, 50% of a Back-End Developer, 20% of a project manager. Next month the allocation can be changed.

Team Skillset we offer for fractional hiring:

  • Agile Project Manager (PM): Leads project delivery, ensuring punctuality and alignment with client goals.
  • Solution Architect (SA): Specializes in designing sophisticated architectures and implementing AI solutions.
  • Business Analyst (BA): Translates intricate business requirements into clear technical specifications.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist: Ensures the highest quality across API, Web, and Mobile applications.
  • Mobile Developer: Excels in developing robust mobile applications using React Native.
  • Front-End Developer: Crafts engaging, user-centric web interfaces using Vue, React, and Angular.
  • Back-End Developer: Skilled in server-side operations and database management, proficient in Node JS, .Net, Java.
  • Dynamics 365 Developer: Skilled in Dynamics 365 implementations.
  • DevOps: Streamlines software deployment and operational processes.
Fractional Software Development Team Structure

Fractional Software Development Team Structure | AscendixTech

We are committed to understanding your challenges and offering hiring models that will reduce and optimize your software development costs.

Our partnership with clients goes beyond just solving real estate software development challenges. We strive to build long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and shared success.

Build Real Estate Software with Ascendix

Accelerate growth and strength of your real estate business with fractional software development team from Ascendix. Contact us to get started.

Fractional Hiring vs Managed Delivery vs Dedicated Team

Here’s how Fractional Hiring compares to Managed Delivery and Dedicated Teams, which are the most popular models for real estate software development. *

Fractional Hiring vs Managed Delivery vs Dedicated Team

Fractional Hiring vs Managed Delivery vs Dedicated Team | AscendixTech

*Selecting the most suitable model depends on project specifics, timeline, budget, and the level of control desired by the client. Reach out to our team to see what approach suits you best.

Benefits of Hiring Ascendix Fractional Team for Real Estate Software Development


Fast and Granted Access to Diverse Expertise

Accessing diverse expertise is crucial in custom development projects like building an application. For tasks ranging from backend development, frontend design, quality assurance, business analysis, solution architecture, to DevOps and project management, each role requires specialized knowledge.

In Proptech, this need for specialization is heightened, making fractional hiring an ideal solution. It offers diverse professional expertise without the long-term commitments and expenses associated with full-time employees.

Fractional hiring offers agility, avoiding the time-consuming process of recruiting full-time team members. For example, hiring a full-time junior resource may initially seem timesaving but often leads to additional training and management.

Ascendix’s agile fractional team provides on-demand access to top-tier tech talents without long-term commitments, allowing flexible adjustments to team size and skill sets as project requirements evolve.

Effective Risk Management

Engaging full-time employees implies long-term financial support that can be especially risky in economic uncertainty.

The approach of fractional hiring addresses this concern by allowing collaboration with professionals for distinct projects or defined durations. This approach grants more significant control over staffing decisions, potentially reducing the need for or impact of layoffs and contributing to sustaining business agility.

Delegation of Initiatives Through Minimal Onboarding

Hiring a fractional team with significant expertise in real estate software development means you can offload meaty initiatives to expert resources with minimal onboarding.

Delegating responsibility to a fractional real estate software development team enhances accountability and lets you dedicate time to overseeing the broader operations of your business.

Cost Effectiveness

1) Unlike full-time employees, fractional hires are billed only for the hours incurred, excluding benefits, office space, equipment, training, software licenses, and more.

2) Due to the flexibility of this model (with contracts subject to review every three months), you have the option to pay for work incrementally, aligning with the evolving needs of your project. This approach allows you to avoid committing to a large-scale development project upfront.

As you can see, our Agile Fractional Development Team offers more than just services; it’s a strategic partnership, designed to meet the unique demands of your projects.

We are committed to understanding your challenges and collaboratively developing innovative, effective solutions, bringing expertise, agility, and a dedication to quality to your next venture. Contact us and let’s start cooperation.

Proptech Software Development Portfolio by Ascendix

Check out the overview of the proptech consulting and software development projects we delivered to our clients.


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