Top 35 Proptech Companies and Startups in the USA in 2024

June 26, 2024
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As an industry, real estate has been immune to tech development, but with automation no longer being a whim but a pure necessity, things are changing. Now think of this number – $86 billion. This is the market cap of proptech industry forecasted to have grown by 2032.

It’s as big as Bill Gates’s net worth in 2016. The property tech companies will acquire in a year what took Gates a lifetime. Pretty impressive, right?

What is a proptech company? Prop tech companies operate at the intersection of real estate as an industry and software development. The best proptech companies see the pains of the real estate players, analyze them, and provide perfectly tailored solutions whether in the design or functionality of a product.

So, let’s check the list of the most valuable proptech companies with the top successful solutions and the best proptech startups with strategies that proptech beginners can borrow to grow fast and create business value.

Top 7 Custom Proptech Solution Companies in the US

  • Ascendix
  • Iflexion
  • Fingent
  • Sciencesoft
  • Intellectsoft
  • Chetu
  • Taazaa

We’re opening our article with a list of custom proptech solution developers who have been on the market long enough and have learnt everything about the pains which modern real estate players have to deal with.

Why do we focus our research on custom software first? Because a ready-made solution will never be able to accommodate the ebbs and flows of larger real estate companies with complex workflows and multiple units to manage. If this is your case, check the biggest proptech companies specializing in custom proptech software development below.


Type of service: Custom software development in commercial real estate

Founded: 1996

Founded in 1996 by Wes Snow and Todd Terry in Texas, Ascendix has grown from a small consulting agency into a global provider of custom software solutions in CRE and Salesforce Ridge Partner.

The core expertise of Ascendix professionals resides in streamlining workflows and automating tasks of property managers and owners, brokers, and venture capital investors with custom-built solutions like reporting and document management systems, and customer relationship management tools (CRM) among many others.

Over almost 2 decades, Ascendix has developed a confluence of skillsets not only as a proptech software developer but also as an author of 17 digital products with thousands of users across the globe, among which are the world’s top real estate companies like JLL and Colliers.

This two-faceted expertise positions Ascendix as the right partner for real estate startups and mature companies thinking of pioneering in proptech as product developers.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 1999

One of the largest real estate tech companies with headquarters in Texas, Iflexion offers extensive experience to players in industries like real estate and building and construction among others.

Iflexion boasts partners and clients in 30+ countries, including top players like Phillips, Toyota, Adidas, and PayPal.

The company’s 850+ tech-savvy professionals can build a mobile platform, customize Salesforce, and redesign and reconfigure the digital solutions that are already a part of the company’s stack.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development with AI, AR, and IoT focus

Founded: 2003

Founded in New York, Fingent has developed broad knowledge related to Microsoft, Open source, mobile, SAP, and Odoo technologies.

Fingent stands out among other proptech companies in USA with its foremost focus on artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, and robotic process automation.

The company’s portfolio is impressive and includes cases of Fingent developing a ‘self-showing’ app based on an IoT model for keyless property access and customizing property management software among others.


Type of Service: IT consulting and custom software development

Founded: 1989

Back in the very beginning, Sciencesoft started as an AI-focused company, but in 2002, switched to IT consulting and custom software development. Like Fingent, Sciencesoft puts IoT, big data, AI, and VR/AR in the basics of its operations.

Real estate enterprises can benefit from custom-made underwriting, finance, and insurance solutions. Also, Sciencesoft can customize the platforms that a company uses (Microsoft, Salesforce, Azure, etc.).


Type of Service: IT consulting and custom software development

Founded: 2007

Instead of spreading itself too thin in the technologies stack, one of the largest proptech companies offers a narrow range of expertise like UI/UX design, blockchain, and IoT.

Real estate can benefit from insurance and construction solutions developed by the company. For instance, the construction digital solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, construction project management and inspection tools along with analytics and reporting.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 2000

Chetu is a US-based custom software development company focusing its expertise on a wide range of industries like real estate, environmental management, healthcare, banking, wearable technology, etc.

The global team of 2800+ developers can provide all-encompassing proptech solutions when it comes to facility management, business intelligence and analytics, asset tracking, and document management among many others.

Along with being a proptech firm, Chetu is also a Salesforce partner and provides services like Salesforce customization, implementation, and consulting.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 2007

Headquartered in Ohio, Taazaa offers a diverse array of services like mobile and web development, data and product engineering, IU/UX design, and quality assurance.

Real estate companies can gain value from tenant management, space planning and property management solutions, CRMs, construction management systems, and analytics platforms, all custom developed by Taazaa.

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Top 7 Proptech Companies to Follow in 2024

  • WeWork;
  • Airbnb;
  • Opendoor;
  • Compass;
  • Homelight;
  • VTS;
  • Redfin.
Top Proptech Companies in Real Estate 23

Top Proptech Companies in Real Estate


Top Proptech Unicorns in Real Estate by Funding

  • WeWork – $23.9B
  • Airbnb – $6.4B
  • Opendoor – $2.1B
  • Compass – $1.7B
  • ServiceTitan – $1.1B


Type of Solution: Commercial office space solutions

Founded: 2010

Funding: $23.9 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $844M

WeWork is a unicorn proptech solution company that’s focused on reimagining the future of office work. One of the biggest proptech companies, it provides flexible office spaces or move-in ready offices all over the world.

The range of space types is vast: dedicated desks, private offices, office suites, full-floor offices, and event spaces.

From now on, WeWork’s clients don’t have to worry about leases that break their budget. With a flexible pricing system, modern businesses can decentralize offices or create collaboration hubs with top technology like private VLAN and Wi-Fi.

In November 2023, WeWork went bankrupt, but in June 2024, the company announced that it had reached an agreement with its creditors to emerge from bankruptcy. They agreed to shed the company’s debt by over $4 billion. Also, WeWork raised $400 million of additional equity capital and cut lease obligations in half by exiting 170 unprofitable locations.

WeWork continues providing services to its clients despite bankruptcy and the post-covid return-to-office trend.




Type of Solution: Global short-rentals marketplace 

Founded: 2008 

Funding: $6.4 billion 

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $1.5B

Airbnb is fairly one of the largest publicly traded proptech companies and proptech platforms in the entire world. Airbnb functions as a short-rentals platform for travelers and homeowners. Travelers can easily book and manage their trips while enjoying a secure payment system, hosts’ verified profiles and listings, and 24/7 support.

Depending on the trip goals, users can choose Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb Adventures, and Airbnb for Work.

Airbnb is a great example of how ubiquitous things take creators to new beginnings. In the best tradition of peer-to-peer economy, the company connects travelers and homeowners in exchange for a tiny service fee.

In fact, the biggest chunk of the money that Airbnb gets comes from 14.2% and 3% nonrefundable service fees charged to guests and hosts respectively.

The company boasts 7 million listings in more than 200 countries.


Type of Solution: Residential marketplace / iBuyer

Founded: 2014

Funding: $2.1 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $2B

OpenDoor falls into the category of proptech platforms and specializes in selling and buying residential property in a simple perfectly streamlined way. One of the most funded proptech companies among American public proptech companies OpenDoor offers one to sell their property for top dollar at a 5-14% service charge depending on the sales deadline.

The best part is, unlike other top real estate tech companies, OpenDoor offers you a virtual property assessment in a matter of hours. All you need is a quick video walkthrough. All paperwork happens online, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

After the property assessment, you can opt for an all-cash offer and sell your house to the company directly or hire a real estate agent.

You can avoid double mortgages if you decide to both sell your old house and buy a new one with OpenDoor. All you have to do is install the company’s app to unlock the door and tour OpenDoor houses without setting a special appointment from 6 am to 9 pm.

With fewer intermediaries and digital-first experiences, this proptech platform is a godsend to everyone who wants to minimize their expenses and save time.


Type of Solution: Brokerage technology

Founded: 2012

Funding: $1.7 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $1.5B

Compass is one of the most funded real estate tech companies with unicorn status. The company functions as a marketplace platform that connects buyers with sellers by offering brokerage services.

Compass has gathered a huge team of professionals in real estate, marketing, design, business, and engineering – a team that will help you refurbish your house without any additional fees and sell it for top dollar in the shortest possible time.

One of the most famous property tech companies boasts 25+ thousand top real estate agents and 67 real estate markets.

With a top-notch analytical proptech stack and other data-generating tools, Compass knows how to sell properties fast. Another great feature is exclusive listings with a ‘coming soon’ tag – even without being the company’s direct client, one can check the listings and find whether the company’s offer is a good fit for them.




Type of Solution: Construction management platform

Founded: 2007

Funding: $1.1 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $201.5M

One of the largest proptech companies, ServiceTitan n all-in-one solution for residential and commercial services contractors that helps businesses run their operations in one place. Currently, more than 12 thousand clients use the software to grow their businesses.

The company’s suite of solutions includes CRM systems, job management tools, and invoicing & payment systems, all powered by smart reporting and analytics.

The current company’s stack includes the following products:

  • Marketing Pro – to assist businesses in generating leads and marketing their services;
  • Phones Pro – to provide a VoIP phone system and call tracking capabilities;
  • Pricebook Pro – to help businesses create and manage their pricing;
  • Fleet Pro – to help businesses manage their fleet of vehicles, including tracking mileage, fuel usage, and maintenance schedules;
  • Scheduling Pro – to help businesses schedule jobs and appointments;
  • Dispatch Pro – to allow businesses to dispatch technicians to jobs based on their skills, location, and availability.

As one of the largest property tech companies, the company has been included in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private businesses in the nation.

Top Private-Owned Proptech Companies

  • VTS – $462M
  • Zumper – $180.2M
  • Qualia – $160M
  • Reonomy – $128.4M
  • Hover – $127.3M
  • RealPage – $105M
  • CoreLogic – $74.7M


Type of Solution: Commercial real estate software

Founded: 2012

Funding: $462 million to date

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $268M

One of the biggest proptech companies globally and one of the top unicorn proptech startups in the past, VTS boasts a few commercial real estate products that help landlords and brokers to manage their property, market vacant units, lease deals, and have flawless communication with tenants.

Nowadays, the company manages more than 12 billion square feet globally and has 45+ thousand clients. The company’s reports claim that the VTS platform allows clients to turn leads into leases 41% faster while making data-driven decisions.

The aim of VTS is to develop an inclusive leasing and asset management platform that is easy-to-navigate and covers all real estate processes.


Type of Solution: Rental marketplace

Founded: 2011

Funding: $180.2 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $10.7M

Among other proptech companies, Zumper mostly specializes in multifamily complexes and functions as a platform connecting property owners with renters. It allows renters to submit rental applications online and get real-time alerts on the best property offers.

As for the property owners, the latter can perform a screening session on Zumper’s platform, request TransUnion credit reports and background checks, and collect their rent securely.

One of the youngest and best real estate tech companies, Zumper boasts around 180 million visits and 13 million renters.

When it comes to inclusivity, Zumper ticks all items on the list. The company offers rental options for every taste and budget: short-term rentals, pet-friendly accommodations, cheap apartments, luxury properties, standard houses, and apartments.


Type of Solution: Digital closing platform

Founded: 2015

Funding: $160 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $165.5M

Qualia is one of the biggest proptech companies nowadays – the top digital closing platform in real estate that has already helped over 500 thousand clients to close millions of home ownership deals.

The company turns home closings into digital transactions and reduces workload by 75%, offering its users an anxiety-free home closing and refinance experience.

Qualia’a products are designed for lenders, vendors, settlement agents, title insurers, and real estate agents. The user’s FedEx shipments, emails, and documents are all stored in one place – the user has the data all at their fingertips. Qualia’s products smoothly integrate with other tools like Simplifile and provide transparency to accounting and document prep operations.

Additionally, among all proptech companies, Qualia is the first to join the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud.


Type of Solution: AI-powered commercial database platform

Founded: 2012

Funding: 128.4 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $78.6M

Reonomy is truly one of the most innovative proptech companies in USA in the realm of proptech innovation. The company offers a commercial database platform that helps investors, brokers, agents, and mortgage lenders make smarter data-driven investment decisions due to predictive analytics.

Reonomy suggests two core features to its users, Web Application and Data Solution. While the former helps Reonomy’s clients track US-based available commercial properties to invest in, the latter customizes property searches according to company’s needs.

Reonomy’s proptech solution includes data extraction from various sources (mostly public and crowdsourced data) and the further development of market intelligence which can be later used by investors. The pricing is flexible overall, depending on the features one uses. Demo requests and free trials are possible.


Type of Solution: 3D visualization

Founded: 2011

Funding: $127.3 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): Undisclosed

Hover is another proptech solution company that has combined the top trends in design, construction, and technology. By turning photos of the user’s home captured by smartphone technology into realistic interactive 3D models, the company has reshaped home improvements.

Users can get accurate measurements of their property to organize both construction and maintenance processes efficiently. Before you start the project, you already know the costs to expect and the contractors to collaborate with. One of the most recognizable prop tech companies helps you get accurate estimates and order the exact amount of building materials in one place – the app.

The best part is that you can get your first 3D visualization model and find whether you’re happy with the results without paying a cent.


Type of Solution: Commercial and residential prop management tools

Founded: 1998

Funding: $105 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $298M

One of the oldest proptech companies, RealPage assists managers of more than 19 million units worldwide by providing proptech SaaS products, compliance, vendor, and billing services among others. RealPage products are cloud-based, but also available on the web and mobile devices.

RealPage has fairly gained a spot among the best real estate tech companies due to a variety of high-quality proptech services. RealPage offers you cutting-edge tools to fully automate your leasing, listing, tenant screening, billing, and management processes.

RealPage is also a rent-setting software. Without violating antitrust laws, the RealPage tool automatically prices your unit depending on the proptech market dynamics. With RealPage, you can lease your property for a top dollar each day.


Type of Solution: AI-powered data analytics software

Founded: 2010

Funding: $74.7 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $423M

One of the biggest proptech companies in AI-powered housing data and analytics, CoreLogic offers innovative data modelling to help mortgage brokers, insurers, valuers, and other industry players to finesse their decision making.

The company offers automated valuation models (AVMs) as a part of current and predictive analytics when it comes to price trends and other industry changes. For instance, one of the company’s products is the Mapping the Market Tool which allows users to check the median property value and annual value changes.

CoreLogic boasts 4.5 billion records and 7 thousand data sources. The data provided by one of the biggest proptech companies covers up to 98% of the property market.

With 9 locations and 5 thousand people worldwide, CoreLogic remains one of the most trusted sources by government agencies and financial institutions when it comes to real estate.

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Top Proptech Public Companies

  • Homelight – $742.5M
  • Redfin – $319.6M
  • Zillow – $96.6M
  • LoopNet – $50M
  • Matterport – $448M
  • Blend – $637.5M


Type of Solution: Rental marketplace

Funding: $742.5 million

Founded: 2012

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $122M

One of the biggest fast-growing proptech platforms and the largest publicly traded proptech companies, Homelight provides house buyers with personalized agent recommendations and connects its clients with property owners. With Homelight’s proptech platform, you can find out your home value and browse through the listings before becoming Homelight’s client.

The company boasts 28 thousand real estate agents and more than $1 billion in transactions annually.

The company promotes housing equality and fights against racial bias. Like Orchard, Homelight helps homeowners buy a new house before selling their old one. With Homelight services, one can easily secure a mortgage and choose their dream house with the help of a top real estate agent.


Type of Solution: Rental software

Founded: 2002

Funding: $319.6 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $275.5M

One of the most valuable proptech companies, Redfin provides real estate services in insurance, lending, brokerage, and rentals in the US and Canada.

Reaching out to Redfin is a moneywise decision, since Redfin’s technology is fee-reducing and cost-saving. All you need to pay is a 1% listing fee. As the company states, an average buyer saves $7 thousand when choosing Redfin.

Considered the #1 national brokerage site in the US, this proptech solution company allows one to request house tours and order renovation sessions to maximize profit. Meanwhile, getting new offers, communicating with the real estate agent, and sharing your favorite units with the family is possible with the company’s mobile app.


Type of Solution: Real estate marketplace

Founded: 2006

Funding: $96.6 million to date

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $506M

Like RealPage, Zillow is one of the largest proptech companies, all about variety when it comes to buying, selling, and renting property. Zillow connects renters, buyers, and sellers to help everyone move to their new dream house.

The company helps homeowners to get pre-approved financing for the next home purchase, find the most suitable mortgage providers, and choose their future home. Meanwhile, the Zestimate tool allows sellers to check the future profit and help the client decide whether they want to hire a Zillow Premier Agent for sell-and-buy consultation.

The company’s platform is also open to renters. With Zillow Rentals, one can search for a new space to be rented, send applications, get background checks, and pay their monthly rent.

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Type of Solution: Commercial real estate listing platform

Founded: 1995

Funding: $50 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $66M

Around 85% of commercial real estate decisions happen online. For that reason, Loopnet is one of the biggest proptech platforms, a listing service for commercial real estate in particular.

Powered by customizable search filters, the platform contains 50 thousand listings for commercial properties to auction, buy, or lease. One can find everything from offices and industrial buildings to land and shopping centers.

The more features you want to add to the functionality, the higher the fees. On Loopnet’s proptech platform, one can push their property to the top of the list save searches, share listings, access property details, and contact agents.

Founded in 1995, LoopNet became a part of CoStar Group, Inc. in 2012. After CoStar (ironically, with a total funding of $21 million) acquired LoopNet ($50 million), the latter turned into a property advertising platform for small businesses with a similar-to-CoStar user interface. And if an investor or a broker has an expensive palette, then there is CoStar with more listings and a bigger audience to satisfy the appetite. A smart move for CoStar, right?

Regardless of the reorganization, Loopnet still remains a great proptech platform for small businesses and a place where one can find everything from offices and industrial buildings to land and shopping centers.



Type of Solution: 2D/3D virtual tour development, digital twin technologies

Founded: 2011

Funding: $448 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $39.6M

Did you know that Zillow and Redfin, the best proptech companies, are already using Matterport technology to create virtual tours of homes for sale? With Matterport, users can create digital twins of the buildings, 2D and 3D virtual tours, and floor plans of their properties. Matterport’s digital twins have helped to sell over $100 billion in real estate and are used by over 250,000 customers, including 20 of the Fortune 500 companies – pretty impressive, right?

The process is simple and includes a few steps. First, users have to capture their property using Matterport’s range of cameras (which the company will gladly advise you on) or the phone in your pocket. Second, users download the Matterport app that connects and controls any supported camera.

There, they can effortlessly create, edit, and share immersive digital twins of any space directly from their device. The results are further stored on Matterport’s Cloud platform.




Type of Solution: Cloud fintech software; a digital lending platform

Founded: 2012

Funding: $637.5 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $43M

The leading digital lending platform in the United States helps users reduce the loan processing time by 30%.

Blend divides its products into two categories, a Mortgage suite and a Consumer Banking Suite.

The Mortgage Suite includes products aimed to streamline the origination and income, employment, and asset verification processes (the latter happens within a second) along with products designed specifically for lenders to ensure they can easily manage their loan portfolios and get to the closing stage faster.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Banking Suite helps real estate professionals automate the application and approval process for deposit accounts, consumer loans, all while ensuring user operations meet requirements of the Independent Mortgage Bankers Association (IMB).

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Top 5 Proptech Startups to Follow in 2023

  • EquipmentShare – $1.6B;
  • Pacaso – $1.5B;
  • Orchard – $472M;
  • Side – $313.5M;
  • OpenSpace – $200.4M.
Top Proptech Startups by Funding

Top Proptech Startups by Funding

Top Proptech Startups in Real Estate

  • Pacaso – $1.5B
  • Orchard – $472M
  • Side – $313.5M
  • DoorLoop – $30M
  • RentRedi – $17M


Type of Solution: Second home investment

Founded: 2020

Funding: $1.5 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $18.4M

What the former executives at Zillow and now Pacaso innovators did was make the idea of second home ownership affordable to everyone.

How does it work? Let’s say you already own a house but have to move to a neighboring state for a few months or a year. Instead of renting a flat and dealing with hassling homeownership, you can have your share of a second home (pun intended) on favorable terms like 12% of the home’s purchase price. If boredom strikes, you can resell your share or swap it for a different Pacaso house.

One of the world-known real estate unicorns, Pacaso has fairly taken the place among the most valuable proptech companies in less than a year. Currently, the company is focusing more on luxury second home sales, since this type of second home purchase has increased by 25% during the second quarter of 2022.


Type of Solution: Real estate marketplace

Founded: 2017

Funding: $472 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): Undisclosed

Unlike traditional homebuying companies and agents that won’t allow you to buy a new property before selling your old one, Orchard does both. You get a licensed real estate agent that does free home valuation, organizes expert home prep at no additional cost, and sells your old home for top dollar.

Orchard is a great example of proptech firms that haven’t revolutionized the market but made the oldest ideas work for them with a tiny reshaping. You can window shop at the company’s site to find out whether the units are worth it. Orchard can skip the house shows, delegating the whole selling-and-buying process to the company’s professionals.


Type of Solution: Brokerage platform

Founded: 2014

Funding: $313.5 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $12.8M

Side is a real estate brokerage platform that has disrupted the traditional brokerage models by supporting agents in legal matters, auditing, advertising, and other aspects commonly associated with the brokerage realm.

By delegating the brokerage matters to Side, you, as an agent, can focus directly on the precious agent-and-client communication. This proptech solution company promises 44% growth in a year if you reach out to them.

When working with one of the best proptech firms, Side’s client has full ownership of their business, which they can sell or transform later – a thing that is not possible if the brokerage owns the business.

One of the rarest unicorn companies, Side is a true gem in our list of prop tech companies. Valued over $1 billion, the company has made it to the list of the top successful ventures in real estate as well.


Type of Solution: Rental management software

Funded: 2019

Funding: $30 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $8.7M

One of the top rental proptech startups, DoorLoop has developed a product that, simple at first sight, automates the most daunting tasks in property management like rent collection, portfolio management, lease signing, and maintenance requests processing.

Founded only a few years ago, the company has already managed to conquer more than 100 countries with a snap of a finger as a part of the proptech industry. Why so? Well, DoorLoop founders could really see things through when the lack of affordable and easy-to-customize rental management software became a problem.

The best part of a DoorLoop product? The software integrates smoothly with other tools, and before you invest in it, you can request a demo without losing a single penny to check whether you’re happy with the functionality.


Type of Solution: All-in-one property management software

Founded: 2016

Funding: $17 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $5.9M

RentRedi is an all-in-one property management tool designed and developed specially for landlords managing their property with the help of smartphones while on the go.

One of the best proptech startups, RentRedi has brought on-time payments to a new level. If you’ve got 10 tenants, 7 of them are more likely to pay their rent in time if they use RentRedi.

Other features are tenant screening (you get access to all eviction, criminal, and credit reports), maintenance requests and listings management, and easy to sign and store lease agreements.

If math has never been your strong suit, this proptech solution company is REI Hub’s partner and can offer you landlord accounting software. Keep your management and financial reporting ‘fee-less’ and fearless with RentRedi!

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Top AI Proptech Startups by Funding

  • EquipmentShare – $1.6B
  • OpenSpace – $200.4M
  • VergeSense – $82.6M
  • Doorvest – $50M
  • TurboTenant – $10.2M


Type of Solution: Construction rental services (marketplace)

Founded: 2015

Funding: $1.6 billion

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $42.5M

One of the most funded proptech companies and AI real estate startups, EquipmentShare is a leader in construction automation. The company allows contractors to rent construction equipment with installed GPS trackers from other contractors by paying a small fee to the rental company which EquipmentShare is.

The company covers the protection plans itself, saving its clients up to 20% of total expenses.

EquipmentShare brought innovation by adding connectivity to one of the most secluded sectors in real estate. To enhance productivity, the company has created a construction management platform – a cloud-based solution that provides maximum visibility to construction processes, eliminates bottlenecks like wrong alerts or inaccurate reports, and completely digitizes traditionally manual processes. The company also sets a good example of AI use in real estate – it uses AI to power its predictive maintenance platform, which helps customers identify and prevent equipment failures

With the construction industry predicted to rise from $6.4 trillion in 2020 to $14.4 trillion in 2030, it’s clear as a day that EquipmentShare has already mapped out the industry trends for future startups to follow.


Type of Solution: Construction space management

Founded: 2016

Funding: $200.4 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $18M

OpenSpace is one of the proptech companies in USA that have maximized the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in the real estate industry.

One of the best proptech companies provides its customers with products like OpenSpace Track to document their site in detail. Let a phone be your eyes: walk and record the environment with a 360-degree camera to check every nook and cranny later while being far from the site.

Upload the results of your building information modeling (BIM) to the app and compare it with your real-life site to detect construction-related hazards in time.

The best part? OpenSpace is all about risk prevention – when it comes to money as well. That’s why you can approach a company with a pennywise attitude and request a demo.

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Type of Solution: AI-powered office analytics technology

Founded: 2017

Funding: $82 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $12.6M

Thirty countries and forty million feet – that’s the measure of the office space monitored by VergeSense. One of the most innovative real estate tech companies and recent property tech startups, VergeSense has combined sensor hardware and a cloud platform that allows businesses to track physical office usage remotely. Infrared sensors (both wired and wireless) coupled with AI algorithms spot objects and detect motion, and later transfer data to other systems.

Employees’ sensitive data is secure with VergeSense since the data detected by sensors is translated into low-resolution imagery. By adopting VergeSense AI proptech technology (OpenSpace uses generative AI in proptech to create 360-degree immersive images and videos of construction sites and other real estate assets), businesses can upgrade office utilization, monitor workplace attendance, decrease vacancy rates and building costs, and make smarter decisions when it comes to office technology.


Type of Solution: Rental property investment

Founded: 2019

Funding: $50 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $7.5M

A newbie among proptech startups, Doorvest is a rental property investment company that helps landlords-to-be to successfully invest in single-family homes with Houston (TX) location with an AI-powered investment management platform. Doorvest streamlines selling-and-buying processes, organizes maintenance sessions, and screens your tenants.

If you’ve never had property management experience, put your worries aside – the company will manage your property for the first year with a 15% fee of the total rent.

Apart from that, this proptech solution company offers a one-year renovation guarantee and a one-year rental income guarantee. If your tenant breaks the lease or refuses to pay, you’ll still get a stable income. The minimum investment is $35 thousand and can go higher depending on your investment goals and budget.


Type of Solution: All-in-one prop management platform

Founded: 2015

Funding: $10.2 million

Revenue (2nd quarter of 2023): $10.7M

TurboTenant is a no-trial (again, it’s free) all-in-one tool for DIY landlords. You can build your listing page with no assistance from a real estate agent, use the auto-pay option and auto-late fees, and customizable lease agreements (which landlords and tenants can sign remotely).

TurboTenant uses AI in real estate to help landlords with tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance management.

But one of the best property tech startups offers even more – you can play a big boss and compare the income reported by the applicant to the TransUnion data. But play fair! Learn the rules with the help of resources containing landlord-tenant laws and state-specific legal forms right on the TurboTenant platform.

At the core, TurboTenant streamlines move-in and move-out processes like most proptech companies on the global proptech market map. So, what’s the zest of the deal? The name says it all. The company assists you at every step of the rent-and-manage process at a turbo speed. Oh, and that all happens without breaking your budget – it’s free.

New Promising Proptech Startups


Type of Solution: AI-powered PropTech & SpaceTech search engine.
Founded: 2023
Funding: 750k USD

The world’s first satellite search engine for sustainable real estate, helping construction companies, insurers, suppliers, and investors scan entire cities at the click of a button. The RIISE AI can analyze real estate portfolios, reveal financial risks, and identify new retrofit prospects in seconds.

RIISE AI data analytics platform uses cutting-edge greentech and spacetech technologies and over 4m+ data sets to instantly show a detailed sustainability and operational cost analysis, with insights to minimize running costs and CO2.

Since sustainability is a main buzzword in all major proptech conferences, RIISE AI attracts more and more attention and funding.

Crystal Roof

Type of Solution: Property information platform.
Founded: 2020
Location: United Kingdom

Crystal Rood is a platform that allows buyers and tenants to get all the necessary information about the location without biases and embellishments.

Crystal Roof provides a wealth of information on various aspects of an area, including noise pollution, crime rates, demographics, affluence, transportation, amenities, schools, and environmental factors. The tool allows users to search for a specific postcode and view detailed statistics and information about the surrounding area. Crystal Roof carries the concept of looking into every house as if through a transparent roof and gathering data about the neighborhood.

The company’s mission is to provide unbiased and comprehensive information to help people make informed decisions about where to live, work, and invest. Since 2020, Crystal Roof has expanded to 2.6M available postcodes all over the UK.


Type of Solution: AI-powered property planning platform.
Founded: 2023
Location: United Kingdom
Funding: £120k

PlanningHub is a UK-based startup that has developed an AI-powered platform to provide instant planning insights for property development. The platform aims to streamline the planning process, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of planning application refusals.

The platform offers a range of features, including site appraisal, design feasibility, and regulatory planning insights. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze complex planning regulations and relevant planning applications, providing users with rapid guidance on planning decisions.

The PlanningHub startup has already raised £120k in less than a year and continues to gather user feedback for further improvements.

Ascendix: Technology Partner for Proptech Companies

Ascendix is a proptech development company with 16+ years of expertise in real estate. As a product and service company, we develop proptech solutions for venture capital investors, startups, top real estate agencies and brokers, property owners and operators.

Why Ascendix?

  • We’re a Texas-based service and product company with 2 decades of proptech development experience;
  • Top industry leaders like JLL, Colliers, and Hanna CRE entrust us with building complex proptech software;
  • We’ve got 5 offices globally, a feature that efficiently optimizes your costs.
  • We provide solutions in product software development, SaaS development, MVP, web and mobile development, and software audit and consulting among other services.

Our specialists know how to ensure the long-term growth of a real estate company with a masterfully tailored proptech tool. Contact us and let’s empower your business strategy with a robust proptech solution together!


What is a PropTech company?

A proptech company is an agency that provides technology-driven solutions for the real estate market needs to help brokerages, brokers, tenants, landlords, and investors meet their demands through next-gen proptech platforms. 

Which are the largest proptech companies?

The largest proptech companies in 2023 are WeWork, Airbnb, Opendoor, Compass, and Homelight. Meanwhile, the proptech startups that have made it to the top are EquipmentShare, Pacaso, Orchard, and Side. 

Who can a proptech solution company help?

Agents, brokers, investors, landlords, and property managers are those who can find salvation in products provided by proptech companies. 

Which top proptech companies have received the most funding to date?

Top proptech companies that have received the most funding to date are WeWork, Airbnb, Opendoor, Compass, ServiceTitan, Matterport, Homelight, and Blend.


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