8 Top PropTech Companies in 2022: Overview

July 7, 2022
10 min

A PropTech company is a technology-driven Real Estate market player that offers advanced software solutions to solve up-to-date needs and challenges of Real Estate companies, brokers, investors, tenants, and landlords.

Despite the fact that this niche is relatively new, there are already lots of property tech startups.

They provide cutting-edge and advanced technology solutions to the real estate market around the world.

Today, we want to share the list of the best proptech companies that have already secured a foothold in the market and cover the following aspects:

  • Overview of the top proptech companies & startups
  • The key functionality of their offerings
  • The latest real estate market trends and insights
  • Reasons to build similar proptech platforms in 2022.

1. Ascendix Technologies


Established: 1996

Founders: Wes Snow and Todd Terry

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas


Ascendix Technologies is among the real estate technology companies founded by two university friends Wes Snow and Todd Terry in 1996. Since then, the company has surpassed a long story of outsourcing to 5 locations around the world to help businesses solve technical problems of any complexity.

The company has over 25 years of experience in CRM consulting and 10-year expertise in building proptech software for commercial real estate companies.

We should mention AscendixRE CRM, AscendixRE Land/Capital Markets, Ascendix Search, MarketSpace, and Composer among the key digital solutions.

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Core Market Leaders that Trust Ascendix

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Colliers International, Highwoods Properties, Henry S. Miller, NAI Excel, Granite, and Transwestern are among the key real estate market players that trust Ascendix.


Now let’s discuss briefly each solution in greater detail and list the key features they provide.


AscendixRE CRM

AscendixRE CRM is a customer relationship management system designed specifically for Commercial Real Estate agencies and brokers embedding the key functionality and customizations they need.

Ascendix Search

This is software designed to improve and empower default Salesforce search opportunities making them even more flexible, customizable, and useful.

This also helps multiple Commercial Real Estate market parties to improve their Salesforce search experience and transform data search, analysis, and processing into a convenient and intuitive workflow.

2. Zumper


Established: 2012

Founders: Anthemos Georgiades and Taylor Glass-Moore

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Zumper is one of the biggest real estate technology companies founded in 2012 in North America to provide users with available apartments, houses, and properties to live in.

The organization gained the 2021 Best Startup Employer Award by Forbes.

Moreover, the company got a 2021 Best Place to Work/Company with the Best Benefits Award by BuiltIn.

Here is the list of the core features Zumper provides:

  • Online booking
  • Electronic payments
  • Availability management
  • Real estate rental
  • Search result map view
  • Others.

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What Companies Trust Zumper?

Forbes, Mashable, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and The Washington Post are among the top brands that use Zumper, one of the leading real estate technology companies.


Why Rental PropTech Software Is a Good Idea in 2022?

According to the GrandViewResearch Report, the market size value of vacation rental platforms was over $87.61 billion in 2022 with a CAGR of 3.4% for 2020-2027 period.

It means that more and more users tend to leverage the benefits of rental proptech software while traveling or changing their location for new career opportunities.

For this reason, such market leaders as Airbnb, Booking.com, and Zumper shouldn’t become your roadblock while starting your own brand-new rental proptech software company.

Revolutionize the market with innovative features, technologies, and an even more customer-oriented approach which will help attract users’ attention and build customer loyalty.

3. OpenDoor


Established: 2014

Founders: Eric Wu

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


OpenDoor is one of the best proptech startups USA founded in 2014 by Keith Rabois, Eric Wu, a former founder of Movity, and JD Ross, a general partner at Atomic, in San Francisco, CA. The proptech platform provides residential real estate transacting services offering beneficial conditions for both sellers and buyers.

The business model is pretty well-thought and simple: vendors bid to sell their properties and once accepted OpenDoor purchases the apartments at a discount (for urgency) including all real estate agents charge fees which helps property sellers to avoid dozens of tours and hours spent.

Then, one of the top proptech companies prepares the property for sale by repairing necessary facilities and relisting the realty for sale. At this stage, the company becomes an iBuyer and offers buyers different options of real estate properties for purchase.

Let’s now check the key features OpenDoor provides to buyers:

  • Listings Map Search View
  • Real-Time On-Zoom Property List Generation
  • Smart Final Cost Calculator
  • In-Person or Live Video Touring
  • Insightful Property Description Page.


What Clients Trust OpenDoor in 2022?

One of the top proptech companies is trusted by such market giants as The New York Times, Forbes, Reviews.io, WSJ, and Better Business Bureau.


Opendoor Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

Opendoor Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022


Is Real Estate Transactioning PropTech Software Worth Investing in 2022?

According to the OpenDoor Investor Report 2020, Opendoor, one of the leading real estate technology companies, has generated over $4.7 bln revenue and sold approximately 18,8k homes in 2019.

What’s more, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and U.S. Census Bureau, and National Association of Realtors state that near 68% of US residents are homeowners, and over 5 mln of homes are sold every year.

These numbers impress many entrepreneurs to build their own innovative proptech software to disrupt the real estate market and help people buy and sell even more easily.

You can revolutionize the marketplace by offering sellers and buyers exclusive conditions and convenience through digital proptech solutions that simplify transactions.

4. Reonomy


Established: 2013

Founders: Rich Sarkis and Bill Okun

Headquarters: New York, NY


Reonomy is one of the dominating fintech and proptech software database companies that provides proptech Big Data and Machine Learning-based insights for Commercial Real Estate agencies, brokers, and other professionals.

Namely, the proptech software has two main components – proptech Big Data Network and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The first one works as a large data aggregation center that analyzes millions of real estate records to provide the most relevant and accurate information for any professional or company.

The latter AI technology is a real estate market disrupter in the U.S. as it assigns a unique Reonomy ID to each commercial asset by collecting, analyzing, and mapping thousands of records. The Reonomy ID is a universal identifier for any CRE unit in the United States.

Considering the awards, the proptech software company was named to the 2020 CB Insights Fintech 250 List of Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups.

Here are the key solutions provided by one of the leading CRE market proptech startups USA:

  • Deep property details with a full transaction history
  • Occupant and ownership data
  • AI and predictive analytics
  • Revolutionary proprietary algorithms
  • Machine Learning and the Reonomy ID.


Top Companies Using Reonomy

Cushman & Wakefield, Brookfield, CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Lee & Associates, and JPMorgan Chase are among the top partners of Reonomy – one of the top proptech companies in the commercial real estate market.


Reonomy Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

Reonomy Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022


Is the PropTech Software Database Business Game Worth the Candle in 2022?

According to the IBISWorld report, there are over 2 mln commercial real estate companies in the US in 2022 with California (13), New York (9), and Texas (8) as the leading states in providing CRE services.

These numbers mean that building prop tech software related to commercial real estate data is a perspective and potentially profitable business initiative in 2022.

Both market leaders and newcomers have a high demand for large volumes of insightful and field-specific data.

It can be crafted using proptech Big Data solutions and Machine Learning algorithms.

For this reason, there are high chances to become successful and profitable by launching a proptech software database business in 2022 for CRE or other niches.

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5. Guesty


Established: 2013

Founders: Amiad, Koby Soto, and Vered Raviv Schwartz

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel


Guesty is one of the Israel-based top proptech startups founded in 2013 by Amiad Soto to help real estate companies and brokers manage properties efficiently.

The company provides lots of pain-solving solutions like speedy communication, streamlined operations, upward growth, financial assets organization, and many others.

All these offerings are united in an ultimate ready-made SaaS property management platform with personalized training and onboarding, worldwide availability, seamless synchronization, customer success management, etc.

What’s more, Guesty serves lots of market business types like aparthotel, glamping, serviced apartments, urban, and vacation rentals.


Below is the list of the most core proptech platform features that one of the top proptech companies provide:

  • Accounting and automation tools
  • Deep analytics with dashboards and charts
  • Branded booking website generation
  • Advanced channel listings manager
  • Others.


The Most Popular Organizations that Recognized and Trusted Guesty

One of the leading real estate technology companies, Guesty is trusted by Booking.com Premier Partner, Airbnb Preferred Software Partner, VRBO Connectivity Partner, and VRMA Vacation Association Management Partner.


Guesty Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

Guesty Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022


Is It a Good Idea to Build Property Management Platforms in 2022?

Grand View Research Report states that the global property management platform software market reached the level of $2.9 bln in 2020 and is predicted to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% within the 2020-2027 period.

PMS solutions have transformed into automatic proptech platforms within the last years that decrease the human error ratio even more. Also, property managers are now able to allocate work assignments effectively which allows eliminating operational interruptions.

These numbers and facts make building a property management proptech software a super flourishing and profitable business in 2022 as many real estate companies and brokers constantly seek new technology opportunities that make their lives easier.

6. HoloBuilder


Established: 2015

CEO & Founder: Mostafa Akbari-Hochberg

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


HoloBuilder is one of the up-and-coming proptech startups USA founded in 2015 by Mostafa Akbari-Hochberg in San Francisco, CA.

The key mission of a company is to provide users with cutting-edge construction progress management solutions.

Simply put, users get a detailed, visually-appealing, and 360-degree real-time tracking of properties during a building stage.

Also, one of the flourishing proptech companies serves the needs of many real estate parties like general and specialty contractors, owners, and engineering firms.


Let’s now check the key features HoloBuilder proptech software provides:

  • Lightning-fast capture opportunities (so-called SpeedMode)
  • Punchlist items adding functionality
  • 360-degree-free 2D photos creation
  • Others.


Key Market Leaders that Trust HoloBuilder

One of the leading real estate technology companies, HoloBuilder is trusted by Skanska, Hensel Phelps, BAM, M+H Architects, TotalView, and Mortenson companies.


HoloBuilder Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

HoloBuilder Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022


Is It Worth Building a Construction Progress Management Proptech Startup in 2022?

According to Business Wire 2020 Report, the construction progress management market size is predicted to grow by over $508 mln during the 2020-2024 period with a projected CAGR of nearly 7%.

These numbers show a perspective industry growth.

This means that both large and small market players tend to use more construction progress management software for their specific demands.

For this reason, building your own construction management proptech software in 2022 is a great idea to create even more offerings that meet the diverse needs of multiple parties.

7. Zillow


Established: 2004

CEO: Rich Barton

Headquarters: Seattle, WA


Zillow is one of the leading global proptech startups USA founded by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, two former Microsoft executives, in 2004 in Seattle, WA. The organization’s website is the most visited real estate related site in the US with over 70 mln of active users monthly.

The key company’s mission is to simplify, digitize, and streamline the buying, selling, and renting experiences for users.

Namely, Zillow is a leading real estate and rental marketplace with over 120 mln active listed properties.


Below you can see the list of key features provided by one of the leading real estate technology companies:

  • Advanced search experience with 3D map view, on-zoom listings update, and filters
  • Neighborhood mapping functionality
  • Online video and 3D VR touring
  • Full-featured property details
  • Advanced save search and caching functionality
  • Mobile-friendly and interactive graphical listings design.


What Companies Trust Zillow?

Salesforce, Bank of England Mortgage, Stearns Lending, and Guild Mortgage are among the key partner of Zillow – one of the leading real estate technology companies in the real estate industry.


Zillow Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

Zillow Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022


Is It a Great Idea to Build a Real Estate & Rental Marketplace in 2022?

Research and Markets stated that the global rental real estate market was valued at $1787.8 billion in 2020 with a CAGR of 1.6% during the 2020-2024 period.

These shocking numbers demonstrate how fast-growing and flourishing is the rental real estate market.

For this reason, building relevant prop tech software is a super great idea in 2022.

The market only tends to grow and both large real estate companies and clients daily need advanced technology solutions.

The matter is that proptech software streamlines their interaction, simplifies and automates operations, and makes their lives simpler.

8. ManageCasa


Established: 2016

CEO: Peter Coch

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


ManageCasa is one of the leading proptech companies founded by Peter Coch in 2016 in San Francisco, CA.

The enterprise provides property management automation software that helps landlords, service contractors, tenants, and property managers to simplify their communication, accelerate the deal process, and automate daily routine tasks.

Specifically, ManageCasa offers all-in-one mobile and web property management solutions that allow users to access the proptech platform anytime around the world to create new accounts, generate reports, utilize analytics tools, store large volumes of data, and sufficiently improve tenant and owner experience.


Let’s check the key features of ManageCasa proptech software:

  • Advanced project management functionality
  • Cutting-edge owner portal for assessment charging, invoicing, report and document sharing, communication streamlining, etc.
  • Multifeatured marketing proptech platform
  • Powerful tenant and leasing features
  • Others.


Popular Companies That Use ManageCasa

Moana Ventures, Woodland at Gilbert’s, and Make it Berlin are among the most popular clients of ManageCasa, one of the leading real estate technology companies.


ManageCasa Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

ManageCasa Clients | Top Proptech Companies 2022

Want to Build Your Own PropTech Software? 

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We hope the list of top proptech companies will help you better understand the proptech landscape.

Consider each product’s key features, business model, and other aspects to build your own cutting-edge proptech software that will revolutionize the CRE market.

If you are looking for a proptech software development company, feel free to check our case studies and contact us.

We will be glad to analyze your project and help transform your technical requirements into a powerful proptech software that rocks.


What is a PropTech company?

A PropTech company is an agency that provides technology-driven solutions for the Real Estate market needs to help brokerages, brokers, tenants, landlords, and investors meet their demands through next-gen proptech platforms.

How many PropTech companies are there?

From 2008 to 2018, the real estate technology market has seen the launch of over 1153 proptech companies and property tech startups with 261 proptech platforms launched in 2014 (Statista).


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