Top 15 Proptech Magazines & Online Proptech Resources in the US

September 22, 2023
12 min

In today’s ever-changing real estate landscape, staying up to date can be tough sometimes, especially within a modern fast-paced digitalized environment.

Proptech magazines and online proptech resources, such as dedicated proptech blogs and proptech forums are excellent tools to ensure you stay on top of the industry and don’t miss anything new.

To help you achieve this, we have collected the top fifteen Proptech magazines and online proptech resources in the US market. Enjoy!

Proptech Magazines

Proptech magazines are the right choice if you are looking for a well-established, reputable, and reliable source of information.

They typically employ experienced writers and editors, ensuring a high level of accuracy and depth in their content. Readers of proptech magazines get carefully chosen articles, essential news overviews, and well-researched pieces of information.

Due to this, even the most complex and overwhelming topics are perceived easier, saving the time and effort of the reader, and simultaneously providing valuable insights into the latest industry trends and issues.

Proptech Outlook

Who is it for? Property managers, brokers, and specialists in the building sector.
Availability: Online and in print.
Frequency of publication: Weekly.

Proptech Outlook is a premier online publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and real estate.

With a keen focus on the latest innovations in the industry, this Proptech magazine pleases the reader with in-depth articles, case studies, and expert analyses that provide valuable insights into the transformative impact of technology on property markets.

The uniqueness of the magazine is in the availability of valuable insightful information from real estate experts, who are eager to share practical experience and professional knowledge with everybody who is interested in the industry, which will let you investigate the topic in detail.

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Real Estate Business Review

Who is it for? Real estate business developers, brokers, property developers, and investors.
Availability: Online and in print.
Frequency of publication: Weekly.

Real Estate Business Review offers a blend of insightful articles, expert perspectives, and market analyses, focusing on both traditional and emerging aspects of the industry.

This proptech magazine serves as a valuable compass for real estate professionals, investors, developers, and enthusiasts seeking in-depth knowledge and actionable insights to navigate the complexities of the real estate business.

With an emphasis on delivering practical solutions and innovative strategies, Real Estate Business Review Magazine helps businesses to modernize archaic processes, optimize existing operations and make them more efficient, and reduce costs.

Its unique approach bridges the gap between traditional practices and modern demands, making it easier for real estate business owners to stay competitive and modernize processes, developing their business.

Property Week

Who is it for? Anybody interested in the industry, real estate agents, brokers, property developers, and investors.
Availability: Online.
Frequency of publication: Weekly.

Property Week is one of the major reputable sources for comprehensive real estate news, especially for Proptech advancements.

Tailored to a diverse audience ranging from industry experts to newcomers, from expert business developers to readers simply interested in real estate, Property Week offers a holistic perspective on the evolving Proptech landscape.

This Proptech magazine focuses on providing regular daily updates and news from the real estate world and their analysis by magazine experts. The magazine’s blend of in-depth features, experts’ knowledge, and regular updates make it a perfect detailed guide for anyone seeking to navigate the realm of technology-driven real estate.

Construction Tech Review

Who is it for? Real estate business developers, decision-makers, brokers, and investors.
Availability: Online.
Frequency of publication: Daily and weekly.

Although primarily centered on construction technology, Construction Tech Review often explores how the construction and property industry can create synergy. This Proptech resource often explores innovative technologies and solutions that are reshaping the construction and real estate industries.

By spotlighting the technologies that shape modern built environments, Construction Tech Review offers a unique perspective on how Proptech interconnects with construction, providing valuable insights to experts in both fields.

The magazine operates as a platform that brings together senior decision-makers from leading organizations in the field and their counterparts, to share experience, expertise, and ideas. It is definitely for you if you want not only to keep abreast of the latest news but also to understand the industry and its interactions with other essential spheres better.

Commercial Property Executive

Who is it for? Executives and companies that own, invest in, develop, lease, and manage commercial real estate.
Availability: Online.
Frequency of publication: Daily, weekly, and monthly.

Commercial Property Executive (CPE) provides in-depth coverage of the Proptech landscape within the commercial sector.

This online platform offers a wide array of proptech resources, including news articles, expert insights, and multimedia content, all focused on the intersection of technology and commercial real estate.

The key focus of the publication is the office and industrial property sectors. CPE reports on critical news, trends, and issues in major US real estate markets that affect the industry nationally.

The magazine also publishes executive interviews, data, and guest columns from industry experts, as well as providing access to CommercialEdge reports and data analysis, and Commercial Search listings.

Proptech Blogs

Proptech blogs provide real-time updates on emerging real estate technologies and trends. They quickly deliver the latest news, making them a valuable resource for staying at the forefront of the industry.

Because proptech blogs are usually authored by a wide range of experts, enthusiasts, and industry insiders, they offer a big diversity of viewpoints, meaning the chance to get a fresh new perspective and an independent opinion.

Except for this, blogs often incorporate interactive and visual elements, leading to easier comprehension of sometimes complicated content.


Who is it for? Real estate professionals, investors, startup owners, and everybody interested in Proptech implementation and investment.
Blog content: MetaProp’s blog features articles on Proptech investment, market analysis, and profiles of startups the company funded, along with research reports.
Value: the blog is particularly valuable for investors looking to explore investment opportunities in Proptech and startups seeking insights into the investment landscape.

MetaProp is a venture capital firm specializing in the real estate technology sector.

Their primary focus lies in early-stage startups: the company invests in a diverse range of Proptech companies, encompassing areas like property management, construction technology, and smart building solutions.

This makes MetaProp’s blog valuable for investors eager to diversify their portfolios, and also for real estate professionals who strive to keep up with the fast pace of Proptech technology development and cases of its implementation in real practice.

The blog offers insights into Proptech startups, investment trends, and emerging technologies in real estate.

The Real Deal

Who is it for? Real estate professionals, investors, developers, brokers, and industry insiders.
Blog content: The Real Deal’s blog includes a plethora of news articles, features, and interviews with experts, both in video and text form.
Value: This blog is useful for real estate professionals looking to understand the broader impact of technology on the industry and stay updated on market trends.

The Real Deal is a real estate news source known for its comprehensive coverage of the real estate industry.

This proptech blog covers a broad range of topics related to real estate, legal and economic news important for the sphere, and technological and Proptech advancements.

The Real Deal is updated regularly with the latest news about residential and commercial real estate, with articles being conveniently divided by location, target audience, and commercial or residential property types.

The blog also hosts events and conferences, providing real estate experts with access to the professional network and huge opportunities to connect and discuss market trends.

Propmodo Blog

Who is it for? Real estate investors, brokers, property managers, and all proptech enthusiasts.
Blog content: The blog features posts about technological innovations, emerging trends in the real estate market, data analytics, sustainability, and in-depth analyses of proptech startups.
Value: Propmodo will be a helpful resource for those seeking to understand and leverage technology in the real estate business, providing readers with practical insights into proptech implementation.

Propmodo is a big online information resource dedicated to real estate news, proptech innovations, software solutions for residential and commercia real estate as well as the construction industry.

The uniqueness of the blog lays in the wide range of topics offered: the blog combines information about AI implementation in real estate, software solutions for property managers, sustainability and energy management, leasing and brokerage, and relationships with tenants.

With its comprehensive overview of the latest technological advancements along with practical insights on how to integrate innovations into real-world business scenarios, the blog is an invaluable source of information for real estate professionals.


Who is it for? Real estate agents, property managers, brokers, founders, and tech-savvy professionals.
Blog content: GeekEstate covers a wide range of Proptech-related topics, including technological innovations, marketing strategies, real estate entrepreneurs’ stories, and software reviews. It also often features guest posts from industry experts.
Value: The blog is perfect for getting acquainted with real estate technologies and the ways to adopt them in the business world, supported by the experience of entrepreneurs who have already successfully implemented them.

Geek Estate is a real estate technology and marketing blog that offers a diverse range of content, covering topics such as digital marketing strategies, website development, Proptech startups, software solutions, and industry trends.

The blog frequently features interviews with private entrepreneurs and guest posts from industry experts and thought leaders, providing a variety of perspectives and insights.

Along with elaborate proptech content, the blog adapts the content for a specific target audience, so whether you are a real estate startup founder, property manager, or a broker, you have an option to view articles tailored to your needs and interest.

CREtech Blog

Who is it for? Real estate brokers, investors, property managers, developers, and professionals involved in commercial real estate.
Blog content: CREtech provides news articles, analysis, interviews, and event coverage related to Proptech innovations. Additionally, it hosts conferences and webinars.
Value: CREtech is a valuable resource for staying up to date with the latest Proptech developments, which provides an in-depth overview of the latest technological trends in the industry. The unique features of the blog, like the possibility to stream events, and access to an immense community of real estate professionals make the blog an essential tool and significant source of ideas and information.

The CREtech blog focuses on commercial real estate, providing valuable information and insights into the intersection of real estate and modern technology.

Except for traditional features like blog posts, articles about properties, and pieces of market research, CREtech blog includes more unusual topics like smart buildings, construction technology, branding, and marketing strategies for real estate, along with instant access to news in the real estate industry.

CREtech delves into how technology is impacting the commercial real estate market, influencing investment decisions, property management, and tenant experiences.

Another unique feature of the blog is its networking platform, which provides virtual meeting ground for industry professionals, fostering connections, partnerships, and collaborations within the Proptech ecosystem, which is important both for education and for further property business development.

These blogs offer valuable insights into the world of Proptech, catering to various interests within the real estate industry. Brokers, investors, property managers, and other professionals involved in real estate can benefit from the knowledge and updates provided by them, getting the opportunity to stay up-to date and make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving Proptech landscape.

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Proptech forums and other online resources

While proptech blogs often offer short and informative up-to-date posts and articles, sometimes there is a need for more interactive exchange and hands-on experience from fellow real estate professionals. Here is where proptech forums, chats, and networking platforms come in handy.

Surely, there is always a possibility to use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Reddit community, but we have collected professional platforms dedicated exclusively to real estate, in order to ensure most relevant answers from industry professionals.

Bigger Pockets

Resource type: Forum
Main topics: real estate investment, financing, and strategies, property management software, real estate automation technologies.

BiggerPockets is a big online community and platform that primarily focuses on real estate investing and related discussions. Its forum is one of the central features, serving as a hub for everybody interested in all aspects of real estate, including Proptech.

The forum gives the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, investigate real-life cases of proptech implementation, and seek advice from real estate adepts.

It features convenient division of discussion by topics, such as property management software, real estate marketing technologies, data analytics, and more, making the necessary information not only available, but also easily accessible.

Resource type: Forum
Main topics: Real estate news, proptech for brokers and real estate companies, real estate investment, mortgage, and finances.

Real Estate Forums is a forum dedicated to discussions and information sharing within the real estate industry, mostly focusing on latest news, current trends in the real estate market, including shifts in property values, demand for housing, economic factors affecting the industry, Proptech novelties, property management software, and related topics.

The discussions are often divided by geographical locations in the US, allowing readers and contributors a valuable deep insight into the real estate industry in the local area. The site also enables easy communication between members, providing easy experience sharing amenities and serving as a valuable networking source.

CityData Forum

Resource type: Forum
Topics: various, from proptech implementation in property management to environmental problems and risky neighborhoods in cities.

CityData Forum is an online community and forum that is part of the broader City-Data website. It serves as a platform for discussions related to multiple aspects of housing and real estate in the United States.

The forum covers a wide range of topics connected to housing, property, and real estate across different cities, states, and regions in the US. One of the unique features of the forum is its local area dedication: members can find discussions of real estate topics in specific geographic location, which positively contributes to better understanding of the vicinity and the real estate situation in the area.

With more than 2 million members, forum can offer valuable information and multiple viewpoints, which entitle the reader to the opportunity to make up their mind based on different opinions.


Resource type: Forum
Topics: real estate discussion, including buy-to-let investments, landlord-tenant relations, taxation, property management, and financing.

Property118 Discussions Forum is a site, an online community and forum that caters to real estate investors, landlords, property professionals, and individuals interested in property-related discussions who are mostly located in the UK.

The site includes various media types: research on tax policies, real estate investment, insurance and property management, articles on latest real estate news, and the forum with article discussions.

The forum is specifically valuable for ones interested in landlord-tenant relationship, as well as tips and advice on using modern technology for tenant screening, property maintenance, and managing rental properties effectively.

Except for this, the forum often features real-life case studies, highlighting members’ experiences and offering practical insights into property investment and management. With its access to a supportive community, networking possibilities, and expert advice, Property118 can be a great resource for staying informed about the ever-evolving property market.

Real Estate Forum

Resource type: Platform
Topics: digital solutions for property management, Proptech startups, smart buildings, data analytics, software for optimizing construction management, real estate redesign automation tools, and more.

REforum is a prominent online platform in the real estate industry, with a particular focus on discussions related to Proptech and cutting-edge technological innovations within the real estate sector.

Its major aim is creating a supportive community and sharing knowledge of how technological advancements can be effectively used in different spheres of the real estate industry. The platform actively promotes and covers Proptech events, webinars, and conferences, allowing users to participate in discussions, gain exposure to recent technologies, and network with industry peers.

REforum often facilitates discussions comparing Proptech solutions, helping users make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable technology for their real estate business.

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