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We’ll help you build top custom CRM software on top of Salesforce, Dynamics 365 or platform-independent.

Custom CRM software development and customization are what we’ve been delivering for 25 years.

Back in 1996, we started as a sales force automation consultant. In a few years, we introduced our own CRM software to the market.

Then, we started offering CRM development services to help businesses get custom CRM solutions on top of Salesforce, Dynamics 365, or platform-free.

We’ve also launched a CRM consulting arm focused on CRM selection, implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support.

Our custom CRM applications will help you improve customer service, discover new opportunities, close deals faster, enhance and simplify marketing and sales processes.

Our Clients Say

Zachary F. Weiss
Managing Partner, SAB Capital

We hired Ascendix to help us design a proprietary CRM system built on top of Salesforce. We interviewed many Salesforce/CRM developers and decided to work with Ascendix based on their track record and specific experience working with commercial real estate platforms. They have a fantastic turnkey product for commercial real estate companies, but given our unique needs, we decided to engage them to design a proprietary system that incorporated some of their signature systems such as their mapping app. Everything the team did was impressive. From top-notch communication to product development.

Adrienne Zalking
Head of Marketing at Stiles

Stiles hired Ascendix to renovate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with streamlined functionalities, practical features, and a user-friendly interface. The previous CRM was difficult to navigate and impossible to adopt, but the new system has proven to be an essential operating tool. The shared client files have maximized business opportunities and enriched our lead generation techniques. Our progress wouldn’t be attainable without Ascendix Technologies’ continued support. Ascendix Technologies is undoubtedly the most trustworthy company that I’ve ever worked with.

Buy vs Build: CRM Implementation Options Analysis [Free Guide]

Get a free detailed analysis guide where we compare CRM buy vs build options by time to market, upfront costs, quality, user adoption, control, documentation, and many other aspects. Choose your CRM implementation option with ease.

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Custom CRM Solutions We Offer

Dashboard Functionality Development MarketSpace Case Study | Ascendix

Custom CRM Development

Want to have custom CRM software with specific functionality that fully caters to your business needs? We’re here to help.

We will build custom CRM systems tailored to your niche and business goals.

Wondering whether you need custom solutions vs packaged systems?

Our CRM consulting services will help you understand all the pros and cons for your business.

Once done, we will either create CRM software or implement a ready-made one.


Dashboard Functionality Development MarketSpace Case Study | Ascendix

AscendixRE CRM for Commercial Real Estate

Operating in the Commercial Real Estate domain? We have a solution for you.

We’ve built a cloud-based custom CRM solution for CRE brokers and companies. It offers multiple features and benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • A secured and instant access
  • High workflow automation
  • Advanced prospecting tools for enhanced lead follow up
  • Simple visualization of stacking plans
  • Many others.
Ascendix Search Filtering Tools Case Study| Ascendix

Ascendix Search

Looking for advanced search software to process data efficiently?

Ascendix Search is exactly what you need.

It’s a custom CRM system that provides multi-criteria, multi-object search functionality through your Salesforce platform.

Advanced filtering and search operators enable your business to process data quickly and efficiently.

Also, Ascendix Search allows you to perform Salesforce mass email campaigns, leading to a higher conversion rate and closing ratio.

Ascendix Search Filtering Tools Case Study| Ascendix
AscendixRE for Capital Markets CRM Software | Ascendix
AscendixRE for Capital Markets CRM Software | Ascendix

AscendixRE for Capital Markets

You’re a commercial mortgage or capital markets broker? Want to get high prospecting automation and advanced source tracking?

We have custom CRM software for you as well. A first-of-a-kind CRM system for commercial mortgage brokers and capital markets.

It provides your business with advanced capital source tracking and allows you to efficiently match lenders, investors, and owners.

AscendixRE Land CRM Software | Ascendix

AscendixRE Land

AscendixRE Land is the only custom CRM system for land brokers and consultants.

It offers you instant and secure access to the advanced tracking system. So, you can monitor landowners, land buyers, vendors, properties, listings, deals, sales, and tasks in one place with high convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Deliver unparalleled customer service, stay productive, and organized with our first-of-a-kind AscendixRE CRM software for land brokers.

AscendixRE Land CRM Software | Ascendix
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix


Looking for a powerful drag-and-drop brochure and report generator software?

AscendixRE Composer is a top choice for your business.

First, it supports various materials, including commercial real estate flyers, property profile reports, brochures, and lease comp reports.

Second, you can send the generated assets to multiple recipients right from your CRM in a few clicks.

Third, our custom CRM software enables your company to use prebuilt templates for report generation which leads to high time- and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Property Listing CRM Software AscendixRE Land | Ascendix

Property Listing Software

We have created property listing and marketing automation software that can be integrated with your custom CRM system.

Among the key benefits for your business, our system enables you to generate web pages for your public commercial property listings right from your CRM system.

Also, you get an advanced lead tracking automation as all prospects will be added to your CRM automatically.

This way, you can close more deals and greatly promote your property listings with high-quality content.

Property Listing CRM Software AscendixRE Land | Ascendix

Custom CRM Development: Comparison of The Most Popular Options [Free Guide]

Download a free detailed comparison matrix and guide that will help you define what CRM development option is the most suitable and profitable for your business. Ascendix CEO, Wes Snow, discussed and compared CRM options by deployment, scalability, costs, data security, hardware, and other crucial aspects.

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Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend Ascendix, both for the software and the management and support team.

David Noble, Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

Why Ascendix As Your CRM Development Company


25 Years in CRM Consulting

Since 1996, we have been providing CRM consulting services for many industries which allowed us to build our own custom CRM systems.

They help thousands of clients improve marketing and sales, automate lead follow-up, streamline business processes, and boost financial outcomes.

This expertise helps us cater to your business needs and goals and deliver high-quality and customized CRM software within any domain.


10+ CRM Platforms

For 25 years, we have worked with most top CRM platforms like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and others.

This vast experience enables us to satisfy your demands and business goals, and solve technical challenges by selecting and implementing the most suitable and effective CRM solutions.

It becomes possible as we know each customer relationship management software’s pros and cons.

This way, we’ll use all their strengths to deliver a custom CRM system for your business specifically.


2 In 1: Services & Product Expertise

Our CRM development expertise matches any needs you may have.

The case is that we have both product and services experience. It means we build our own custom CRM solutions and deliver high-quality CRM consulting services tailored to your business.

The latter includes considering your specific project requirements and business goals to create an exact functionality on time and budget you have.

Ascendix has been a fantastic partner through this process. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and always works to find the best CRM solution. They are creative in finding solutions to the unique problems we present. Problems of the past, such as contact management and mass emails no longer plague us.

Jordan Christensen, Principal at Calson Properties


What is a CRM system?

A customer relationship management software is a platform that interconnects your internal company departments, from marketing and sales to business analysis and customer service. A CRM system provides a real-time access to data, activities, metrics, notes, and other valuable information about your prospects and clients in one place. This allows you to personalize the client experience and bring extraordinary value to one-to-one customer journeys.

Does my business need building a CRM?

If you want to have lead follow-up automation, marketing and sales optimization, internal communication improvement, and better decision-making process, then your business will greatly benefit from building a CRM system.

How could my business benefit from building a CRM platform?

Save expenses with high automation

Customer relationship management software enables your business to avoid tons of daily routine tasks. For example, filling in forms, creating and sending reports, and following up leads are handled manually way too often which leads to high time and cost expenditures in the long run. So, CRM solutions provide your company with high automation of most business processes which allows your employees to focus on major tasks and strategies like solving clients’ pain points and closing leads.


Improve marketing strategies

Powerful cloud-based CRM platforms provide your business with a one-stop system for collecting lead and client data, monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, and perform market segmentation. It means that your employees can track the performance of your marketing campaigns right in the CRM system and improve them for better lead generation, client retention, and general sales process boost.


Boost your customer service

Customer relationship management software offers data management automation which can greatly boost your customer service. It becomes possible as your sales representatives can quickly and efficiently get all required information about the client who contacted your company. It leads to the fact that your employees can find the best solution for clients in a few minutes as they analyze collected data. Finally, top CRM systems provide your business with real-time database management which will greatly benefit your customer service making it quick-response.


Revolutionize your lead management

Best CRM software can greatly help you with managing and sorting your quality leads through a powerful lead management tool. It allows you to avoid manual searching for a certain prospect you want to contact as the tool automatically sorts your leads by the quality and other criteria. It means that CRM solutions allow you to save much time and funds within the lead scoring process and put more effort in deals closing and sales optimization.

Where can I find detailed information about your CRM solutions?

As stated earlier, we have built our own products on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. They help multiple companies automate lead follow up, prospecting, pipelining, and deal management. You can review our products, clients’ testimonials, and case studies on our sister website

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