Fintech Software Development Company

We will transform your business ideas into the best fintech software to bring high automation, accuracy, and accessibility.

For 25 years, we have helped multiple companies build custom fintech software and apps that cater to their business needs. Working with us, you get a financial software development partner that offers full-cycle product development services from crafting detailed requirements of a future digital solution, designing and writing a code, to hosting and supporting it 24/7.

We understand the needs of financial services companies and together will develop the optimal solution.

Most often, we provide fintech software development services to:

  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management
  • Credit Unions
  • Financial Planning
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Investment Sales
  • Banking
  • Public and Privately Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
  • Tenant-in-Common Investments (TIC)
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Insurance


Ascendix FinTech Solutions [Portfolio]

Get a detailed portfolio of fintech solutions we have delivered to our clients across multiple industries. It will help you get a better understanding of our expertise and assist you in choosing the right niche for your fintech business.

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Fintech Software Development: Functionality & Cost Guide

Check how much does it cost to build fintech software along with the must-have features your app should have!

Financial Software Development Services We Provide

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Custom Fintech Software Development

Build a tailored-made financial services software that will entirely meet your business demands and help your company work more efficiently with data. Our software developers will help you automate routine daily workflow, bring high accuracy and accessibility, and provide full regulatory compliance.

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Business Process Automation

Stop handling hundreds of business operations manually and spending countless hours on daily routine tasks. At Ascendix, we will help you build top custom financial software with high automation algorithms that will allow you to focus on major tasks like lead generation and deal closing processes. Skyrocket your financial business to a customer- and goal-oriented company with custom financial software development at Ascendix.


Improvement of Your Existing Systems

Want to enhance your financial software functionality to drive more results? Our software developers have a long-year experience in improving existing financial software so we can help you transform your system into a highly automated and performance platform that will fully cater to your business model and goals.

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Financial CRM software implementation and customization

Take the lead generation process to the next level and increase sales with powerful financial CRM software. Our 25-year expertise as a CRM consultant allows us to deliver solutions of any size and complexity. So, we can help you build custom CRM software, configure and customize it based on your needs, and finally integrate it with other software products. We will take care of all the steps to deliver high-quality financial CRM software for your business.


Software Support & Concierge

We can ensure that stable and high-performance functioning of your financial software depends on regular system support. It will keep your solution up-to-date and bug-free which will allow you to provide the best customer service without any downtimes. Our concierge teams will help you maintain and support the system on a regular basis. What’s more, we can help you with the onboarding process of new employees and train them to use financial software efficiently.

Fintech Software We Solve

Security Risks

Do you consider moving your financial business to a cloud-based platform a risky challenge? We can ensure that our software developers will develop the best financial software for small business and large enterprises with multi-level encryption protocols. They will protect your system data from outside malwares and cyberattacks by even seasoned hackers. Moreover, do not worry about document and transaction management as it will be protected and accessed only by your employees who are granted rights to do so.

Data Inaccuracy and Errors

Do you face the factor of human error which leads to incorrect calculations and financial expenses? Then you will greatly benefit from automation, clear data permissions, and tailor-made workflows that our software developers can implement in top financial management software. It will help you eliminate the risks of data inaccuracy and errors as all operations will be computerized and handled automatically in the background.

Low Data Processing Speed

Do you want to reduce the operational time of data processing and handle more client information? We will help you build top financial software with high-performance processing algorithms. They will allow you to increase the amount of data and reduce the handling time.

Fund Management

Looking for an efficient solution to investigate your clients’ financial health? Our software developers can help you build best-of-breed financial software to monitor your client’s inflows and outflows, define saving strategies and control financial planning engagement in one place.

These Top Fintech Companies Will Surprise You

We prepared a detailed overview of the top 7 fintech companies that will help you choose the right niche for your business

Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our software. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the system. They have very open and honest communication and do more than just the work they’re assigned; they look out for our best interests and care about us as a company. The quality is always great.

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern

Looking for a fintech software development partner?

Multiple top financial institutions choose Ascendix as a fintech software provider.


Can you help me build fintech software?

Yes, indeed! Our deep expertise and long-term experience allow us to deliver world-class financial software tailored specifically to your business needs. Being both a product and services company, we know how to build high-quality functionality and meet your budget expectations. So, revolutionize the way you work with clients’ financial data and streamline your busines processes.

Does my business need fintech software development?

If your business is dedicated to financial services and you want to automate daily tasks and drive business growth, then our software engineering for financial services companies is a great choice. Bring your workflow to the next level and increase team productivity with our world-class financial management software.

What are the benefits of the best fintech software for my business?

Increase productivity

Automate most routine tasks and accelerate the decision-making process with our software engineering for financial services companies. We will build the best financial management software for your business to meet your unique needs and provide you with a powerful instrument to analyze, process data in a few clicks.


Streamline fund management

Investigate your clients’ financial health and business goals with powerful financial software solutions. We will help you track the inflows and outflows of clients and define saving strategies. Besides, our developers will build feature-rich financial management software to let you control financial planning engagement with clients on one platform.


Improve communication

The modern world is constantly changing, and clients become more demanding and their needs can modify several times per day. For this reason, know your customer, their goals, and requirements to always provide up-to-date and relevant services. Our software developers will build advanced wealth management software that will help you collect and standardize volume data and avoid multiple inaccuracies.


Get high security

Empower your financial software with multi-level data encryption protocols and antimalware systems. This way, you will protect clients’ financial data from cyberattacks and forget about data loss risks. Revolutionize the way your data is secured and boost clients’ confidence.

Have you built own fintech software products?

Of course! Ascendix Technologies is also a product company that has built own software products that can empower your financial software. Everything you need is to use Salesforce or Dynamics 365 and integrate our ready-made solutions to transform your daily workflows into feature-rich solutions of clients’ challenges.