10 Proptech Growth Agencies that Fuel Startups in Real Estate

August 4, 2023
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Can a proptech startup disrupt the industry without being noticed by the audience e.g., key players and potential prospects? Obviously, no. Yet, half of the startups (non-proptech as well) devoted less than 2 hours per week to marketing, while only 56% of the new ventures had marketing teams in 2020.

Once proptech startups reach out to proptech PR agencies, they get assistance in building effective communication strategies with the audience, ensuring positive publicity, expanding the media outreach, and managing the social media. Now let’s find out who are the top proptech PR agencies and how they’ve already built a robust growth foundation for some of the startups.

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But First, What is a Proptech PR Agency?

A proptech PR agency or also called ‘proptech growth agency’ is a company with a set of activities focused on public relations (PR), strategic company-and-audience communication, and traditional & digital marketing. All activities are conducted to increase brand awareness in the real estate industry and help a company build positive long-lasting relationships with its audience.

Proptech PR agencies often offer the following services:

  • Media outreach. An agency can secure press releases in leading media outlets like top proptech magazines and online platforms;
  • Content creation and SEO optimization. A proptech growth agency can create SEO-optimized content for the company’s website (landing pages, case studies, articles) to ensure the company ranks high in the Google search;
  • Social media management. A proptech PR agency often takes over the company’s social media accounts to ensure the client stays in touch with their ‘digital’ audience;
  • Searching for investors. Yes, some agencies can pitch your startup ideas to potential investors;
  • Crisis communication and management. If a company ends up in a difficult spot reputation-wise, a proptech PR agency can develop and execute a crisis communication plan to restore the company’s public image.

Top Proptech Growth Agencies to Follow in 2023



Founded: 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: https://piabo.net/

PIABO is a marketing and communications agency specializing in PR B2B and B2C. The company’s clients represent an astounding range of industries like GreenTech, blockchain, FinTech, big data, PropTech, and others.

One of the recent PIABO’s successes is the communications account of Google Germany the company has taken over this year. Currently, PIABO is helping Google to enhance its external communications and form closer relationships with media opinion leaders and the public.

Meanwhile, as one of the proptech growth agencies, PIABO has helped zinsbaustein.de, a crowdfunding investment platform for real estate, to build a firm presence in the industry by carefully placing the startup’s projects and achievements in real estate, business, and financial interest media combined with strategic PR campaigns and educative storytelling.


Name: Schoesslers

Founded: 2011

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: https://schoesslers.com/en/

Founded in 2011, Schousslers quickly built its way up in the world of marketing and communications and became a part of the Vogel Communications Group in 2016.

Just like in the case with PIABO, Schousslers’ clients represent a variety of industries like insurance, SaaS, finance, and others. The company is known for working with Spotify, RMS, MyPostcard, audEERING, and others.

As a proptech PR provider, the agency has helped Limehome, a rental platform in Europe, build a presence in proptech and hospitality by leveraging press experience in the German-speaking media.


Name: Starberry

Founded: 2011

Location: London, England

Website: https://www.starberry.tv/who-we-work-with/proptech

Again, another PR agency that serves a diverse clientele but this time solely in real estate. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the agency alleviates the pain of building digital marketing strategies and online presence for proptech startups as well.

Starberry services range from branding, website development, social media management, and digital advertising, but don’t end here. The company takes a holistic approach, that’s why you’ll find other services like video interviews or logo animation.

When developing website designs or marketing campaigns, Starberry claims to use tools like InVision, monday.com, Basecamp, Webflow, and others.

Prop Tech Marketing

Name: Prop Tech Marketing

Founded: N/A

Location: Bristol, England

Website: https://proptechmarketing.com/

One of the top proptech growth agencies, Prop Tech Marketing offers marketing consulting and brand development with services like UI & Web, Data & CRM, business process management, marketing and lead generation, and others.

The target audiences of Prop Tech Marketing are real estate agents, landlords, proptech startups, build-to-rent businesses, and companies specializing in purpose-built student accommodations.

Among the top Prop Tech Marketing clients are:

  • Housing Hand – The agency reduced the ad spend by 65%, built a website, developed an all-encompassing marketing strategy, and built a full Hubspot with automated workflows;
  • Student Tribe – Prop Tech Marketing built and designed a website from scratch and implemented a social & keyword analysis. In the end, the property occupancy went up to 100%;
  • Edozo – The company built a Hubspot CMS Hub and later provided Edozo’s staff with training;
  • Only My Share – For this proptech startup, the agency has designed audit and rebrand, CRM integration, and has implemented a whole new tech stack to the company’s operations.

ING Media

Name: ING Media

Founded: 1999

Location: London, England

Website: https://www.ing-media.com/

As a communications agency, ING Media focuses on helping both mature companies and proptech startups build profound influence in real estate, design, and architecture. With a distinct focus on sustainability amidst the rise of ESG practices, ING Media contributes to building smart cities of the future.

In the last 2 decades on the market, ING Media has developed a remarkably wide-ranging portfolio that includes companies like HUB, Open City, Brick by Brick, Landid, and others.

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Name: UpSpring

Founded: 2008

Location: New York, USA

Website: https://www.upspringpr.com/

Calling themselves a “PR + digital marketing for the built environment,” UpSpring helps companies in real estate empower their brand strategies with digital marketing services and communications.

When it comes to proptech, UpSpring’s most remarkable clients are Daniel House Club and the Bradley Projects. For Daniel House Club, a company that assists interior designers with sourcing and logistics, the proptech growth agency has built a come-to-market strategy combined with email marketing, social media, and paid media campaigns. As a result, DHC has increased its sales and memberships by 200% in a year.

As for the second case, the Bradley Projects, an umbrella name for a few property development and construction companies, UpSpring has built a brand new narrative and press marketing (Forbes, ARCHITECT, etc.) and, in the end, expanded the company’s share in real estate and hospitality.

Sapience Communications

Name: Sapience Communications

Founded: 2011

Location: London, England

Website: https://www.sapiencecommunications.co.uk/

Sapience Communications is a PR and digital marketing agency that also offers ESG consulting. Among the company’s services are PR and reputation management, SEO and content marketing, social media PR, and others.

One of the brightest company’s cases is BizSpace – a flexible workspace provider looking for a proptech PR agency to expand its presence in real estate. What Sapience Communications did was develop and implement a marketing communications strategy with new mediums. As a result of the cooperation, BizSpace was able to secure outlets like Financial Times, Property Week, and other business and HR press.

Instinctif Partners

Name: Instinctif Partners

Founded: 2007

Location: London, England

Website: https://instinctif.com/

Named the Best Consultancy at Corporate & Financial Awards 2022, Instinctif Partners offers services in digital marketing along with capital markets advice.

Among the company’s diverse clientele are real estate businesses, and one of them is Redrow. As a construction developer and a marketplace, Redrow needed assistance from a proptech PR agency in refining its public image and building a larger market presence. Here, Instinctif Partners tailored special communications programs to improve sales and drive better lead generation on the regional level.


Name: Clarity

Founded: 2012

Location: London, England

Website: https://clarity.global/

The company helps startups and mature companies understand their customers better, generate more leads, and grow brand awareness with professionally tailored brand, communications, and creative strategies.

In our list of proptech growth agencies, Clarity has got the most impressive portfolio of clients, among which are HomeToGo, a vacation rental marketplace, and Qualia, a real estate closing platform.

In the HomeToGo case, the company’s challenge lay in raising brand awareness in the US. Clarity has ensured media coverage in national-scale outlets like USA Today, Fox Business News, Time, Business Insider, and others.

As for Qualia, Clarity has fostered relationships between the company and San Francisco & New York tech audiences. Clarity has coordinated briefings for Qualia’s CEO Nate Baker (Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal, etc.). Later, Clarity secured a story about the company’s $33M Series B funding announcement with top outlets, namely, Forbes, Fortune, and Silicone Valley Business Journal among others.


Name: Definition

Founded: 2002

Location: London, England

Website: https://www.definitionagency.com/

As a B2B growth agency with 100 national and international awards, Definition works in three directions: B2B PR, B2B SEO, and B2B social media services. So, yes, proptech startups can expect wider business exposure with integrated B2B PR strategies and effective inbound lead generation provided by B2B SEO and B2B social media.

One of Definition’s clients is The Housecrowd, a real estate investment company with a special focus on property development loans. The company required assistance with raising awareness of its new products and SEO optimization. Definition has organized 140 press coverage pieces with top media outlets, introduced a SEO campaign that won The Housecrowd site higher keyword rankings, and generally assisted the client in repositioning as a peer-to-peer lending company.

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What is a proptech growth agency?

Proptech growth agency is a firm that focuses its activities on public relations development & management and traditional & digital marketing for proptechs, mostly startups. Their top services include social media management, media outreach, crisis communication, and content creation.

What are the top proptech PR agencies?

Top proptech PR agencies are Definition, Clarity, PIABO, Schoesslers, and Prop Tech Marketing. Other proptech growth agencies are Starberry, ING Media, UpSpring, Sapience Communications, and Instinctif Partners.


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