AI in Real Estate: A Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading Real Estate with AI and ML [PDF]

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AI is revolutionizing real estate, and Ascendix, with over 20 years of real estate experience and deep AI expertise, offers to guide you towards successful implementation of AI into real estate workflows with our practical AI in Real Estate E-Book.

Our guide will be helpful for brokers, property managers, appraisers, mortgage lenders, investors, and everyone eager to benefit from cutting-edge technology in real estate operations.

Get your free copy of the AI in Real Estate e-book to discover

  • Top 5 most useful AI tools for real estate;
  • Use cases of AI for different real estate professionals;
  • Technology stack needed for successful AI implementation;
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to develop an AI tool for your real estate company.

Want to enhance your business with AI, but not sure how to get the most benefit out of it?

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Download AI in Real Estate E-Book [PDF]

Get a free AI in Real Estate E-Book copy to discover how to enhance your real estate operations with AI and ML technologies.

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AI in Real Estate E-Book Includes Unique Insights About:

AI in real estate contents
  • AI Search – powered by natural language understanding algorithms, AI search is your ultimate assistant in finding the most relevant properties in the most convenient way;
  • Predictive AI – the technology that can objectively predict the property value or future maintenance after analyzing vast amounts of relevant data;
  • AI Chatbots – virtual assistants of any broker and property manager, chatbots can streamline operations and minimize the need for human involvement;
  • Document AI – the technology that optimizes the most laborious tasks in real estate – the paperwork and document management;
  • Sentiment AI – a magic wand in the world of real estate that would help you find out what your customers really think about your service.
AI in real estate contents
Example of AI Chatbot for Property Search by Ascendix

AI Search provides an exclusive combination of convenient user interface, natural language processing algorithms, and the power of user feedback for the best experience of searching for the perfect property.

It works just as easy as it sounds:

  1. Write your request into the search bar;
  2. Let the system process your query and apply relevant filters;
  3. Get the list of properties that are most suitable for you;
  4. Share feedback or insert another message, if your preferences change.
Ascendix Lease abstraction tool interface

AI Document processing tool will help your business in the most tiresome and long process – handling paperwork, documentation, and data entry.

Instead of doing it manually, now you’ll be able to:

  • Upload the chosen document into the system
  • Let the OCR technology recognize the text in the document
  • Verify unclear areas, if there are any
  • Get the summary of the document with a click of a button
  • Enter all the data into the CRM or a database

The week-long process has just been shortened to a few hours, leaving more free time for you and your employees to spend on strategic decisions, not paperwork.

Ascendix Lease abstraction tool interface
Screenshot 2024-06-04 205236

With AI Sentiment Analysis, you will be able to understand how the customers feel about your service, product, and company altogether.

The capabilities of sentiment AI will let you

  • Learn more about the reputation of your real estate business;
  • Track customer feedback and any changes in it that appear online;
  • Improve your service depending on the results of the sentiment scanning.

Who Will Benefit from This E-Book the Most?

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Real Estate Agents & Brokers Wanting to Increase Efficiency
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Property Managers Seeking to Automate Repetitive Tasks
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Appraisers Aiming to Perform More Objective and Fast Valuation
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Real Estate Investors Striving to Avoid Risks and Increase Profits
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Real Estate Companies & Startups Seeking Competitive Advantage with AI

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