Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers

Colliers International wanted to make better use of data and present it in a more attractive and easy-to-access format for professionals and clients. For this reason, we have built a powerful real estate listing software to provide the company with competitive benefits and help brokers efficiently market properties and availabilities.

Colliers International Indiana is a real estate services company that provides brokerage and property management construction, valuation and advisory, capital markets, project management, insurance, securities, and other services.

They help clients accelerate the success of commercial property and achieve their business goals.

Colliers partnered with Ascendix Technologies over 13 years ago to implement and customize Dynamics 365.

Since then, we have updated and upgraded their customer relationship management platform multiple times to improve performance and increase productivity.

In 2020, Colliers turned to Ascendix to build a Property Listings Website where their brokers could promote buildings for sale and lease.

Also, Colliers wanted to bring all stakeholders to secure deal rooms where they could share details on all deals, sign non-disclosure agreements, and get feedback without multiple email chains.

This is how ColliersView was created.

In this case study, we explain how Ascendix helped Colliers International Indiana build an advanced real estate listing software to market properties, availabilities, generate valuable reports, filter data, and other value-added functionality.

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Saimir Qalliu,
Managing Director
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Real Estate Services and Investment
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Tech Stack
.NET Core, .NET, Vue.js, Knockout.js, Node.js, TypeScript, Couchbase/Redis, Azure DocumentDB, Azure Blob storage, Dynamics 365


Create a Convenient Way to Promote Listings

Build a property listing website with powerful search and filtering tools that will allow interaction with available properties. Also, the client wanted to have map search functionality that will allow drawing a user-defined figure on a map to narrow down the search results.

Automatically Generate PDFs

Provide users with the functionality to build visually appealing and branded brochures that can be sent via email and generated within a few clicks. Also, implement the opportunity to create PDF templates and reuse them to create new reports.

Integrate the Property Listing Platform with Dynamics 365 CRM

Integrate a newly created property listings portal with Colliers CRM to synchronize contacts, properties, availabilities, leases, sales, and geographies, publish and update listings automatically. Besides, allow brokers to manually sync chosen records for contacts and properties. Add an opportunity to deactivate records that were previously synced to the software.

Enhance Communication of Brokers with Investors

Let brokers create Deal and Collaboration rooms to move all deal discussions to secure, online space available only after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Besides, there should be a document management functionality, preference tracking, and the ability to get feedback without leaving Deal rooms.

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We wanted to make better use of our data and present it in a format that our professionals and clients would find attractive and easy to access. This required a new digital solution, hence the engagement with Ascendix on this latest project. The idea of presenting data in an easily accessible and pleasing way to the consumer was not new. We just wanted to have our ability to execute it within our space, with our own data, for our professionals and clients.

- Saimir Qalliu, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director

Technologies We Used


Multi-Channel Real Estate Listing Platform 

We developed an easy-to-use and feature-rich property listing portal which allows the company to publish, market, and discuss available listings with clients. This way, the platform allows Colliers International Indiana to track deals, communications, and knowledge customized to the real estate domain. The real estate listing platform greatly boosts recruiting abilities as it is specifically tailored to the company workflow and streamlines their business processes.

Advanced search and filtering tools

We built a powerful search and filtering system that allows brokers to search and sort contact records and available properties. Besides, created an efficient map search functionality which allows to narrow down the search result by drawing a user-specific figure (triangle, rectangle, etc.) on a map.

Automatic and regular synchronization with CRM

Implemented the functionality of regular and automatic synchronization of Microsoft 365 CRM with the real estate listing platform. Also, we built a powerful filtering system that allows brokers to set rules that should be met by records for successful creation and update during the sync. Users can also deactivate previously synced records with the help of the post synchronization cleaning feature that removes items that no longer match filter criteria.

Powerful report generation tool

Ascendix created an easy-to-use and high-performance report generation tool which allows brokers to create visually appealing and informative brochures and PDFs within a few clicks. Users can modify logos, brand colors, select up to 2 brokers, and choose from 11 built-in templates for fast and relevant report generation. Once the brochure is created, brokers can either download the result or send reports to prospects’ emails.

Robust and safe deal rooms

We implemented the functionality to create deal rooms that enable brokers to collect and provide detailed information about one specific property and its availabilities. This way, clients can review the property description, exchange secure materials, documents, and reports with brokers, send clarifying messages in real time, and manage transaction details. As the company wanted to make this functionality high-security, we added confidentiality agreement and NDA acceptance by invitees as the key two parameters required to create a deal room.

Conversion-boosting collaboration rooms

We developed an opportunity to create collaboration rooms where brokers can gather and store preference information of prospective clients and provide them with multiple properties and availabilities based on their needs. Also, prospects can view and compare available properties on a map to match their location and choose the most relevant real estate asset. Brokers can invite clients to view the listings, share sensitive content, and exchange messages in the room chat in real time.

Personalized map search & map view 

We integrated maps that allow clients to visualize proprietary research data, create custom maps and virtual property tours. This functionality allows prospects to select a certain area on a map by drawing the field borders. This way, clients can browse the previews of certain properties and their availabilities right on the map within the highlighted spot. If prospects need more details, they can click on them for further detailed information. Also, clients can set needed filters combined with map figure highlights to narrow down the search.

Effective image management

Ascendix implemented the opportunity to upload property photos to listings from both the real estate listing software and a CRM. It allows brokers to hold all the listing items fulfilled, up-to-date, and choose a specific primary picture that will be shown in the search results.



Real-time accuracy

A powerful in-house research tracking system was implemented. It allows clients and brokers to monitor thousands of properties, inventory, availabilities, lease, and sale comps in real-time. We created a feature-rich filtering tool that enables clients to set multiple search criteria by different property types to narrow down and generate more accurate results. Besides, Colliers now has integrated maps to locate available properties on a map and to get their exact location. This way, Colliers International Indiana can now provide real-time accuracy of search results so that clients get a one-stop solution round-the-clock.

Streamlined lead-to-deal process

We accelerated and streamlined lead-to-deal process for brokers by building the functionality of collaboration rooms. They allow brokers to collect and store clients’ needs and demands in one place and offer multiple property options depending on prospects’ requirements and preferences. Now clients have an opportunity to view the listings, share sensitive content, and exchange messages in the room chat in real time. This feature allows Colliers International Indiana to provide their clients with personalized customer service in a secure, fast, and interactive way.

Advanced recruiting abilities

Colliers equipped their team with the easy-to-use and access tool to market their listings and collaborate with potential clients. Now their team spends less time on presenting availabilities and getting feedback. They got rid of multiple email chains and have a better way to present listings for sale and lease. Also, Colliers team can see the usage statistics and monitor interests of their clients.  This way, Colliers International Indiana gets robust and powerful recruiting abilities to put their brokers without a rival.


ColliersView is an efficient product that obviously increased the capability of the core AscendixRE CRM solution. So, instead of spending 10 hours to provide a report or service to a client, our brokers can do it in a half the time and be as efficient and probably more effective than they would otherwise have been a year ago.

- Saimir Qalliu, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director

ColliersView Demo

Watch the video below to see ColliersView in action:

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