System Integration of Any Complexity

Have multiple systems to integrate? Our team provides turnkey system integration services including data cleansing, deduplication, custom software development, and cloud migration.

Every business wants to scale and may require tools and technologies to handle that growth. Ascendix provides three efficient options: ready-made solutions; custom software; or connection and integration of existing software into a single infrastructure. System integration is more cost effective compared to the purchase of off-the-shelf software or bespoke solution. IT system integration is a complex process that can result in data loss during each implementation phase.

Ascendix software system integration engineers know how to connect all the tools you use and integrate them into a single system in a safe and accurate way. We will build an efficient environment with enhanced real-time visibility, increased sales, accurate data collection, and management. The main benefit of IT system integration is cost-efficiency which becomes possible as you can make more accurate decisions.

Our broad experience in enterprise system integration services allows us to provide you with a one-stop infrastructure with improved real-time data accessibility, enhanced productivity, better analysis, and advanced security system.

Our System Integration Life Cycle


Research & Discovery

At the very beginning, our expert system integration engineers collect your project requirements to efficiently integrate and align the systems you need in an easy and seamless way. This step allows us to embed scalability and flexibility from the start.


Feasibility Analysis

This system integration life cycle phase helps us to process the collected project requirements and your business needs to analyze the overall feasibility. This way, our IT business analysts conduct a deep analytical research to provide you with the best solution that fully caters to your needs and expectations.


Architecture and Development

Once the feasibility analysis is done, our experienced system integrators start building the project architecture aiming at absolute data connectivity within all your subsystems. This way, we establish high productivity and enhanced workflow for your entire system and make sure that all components will work integrally.


System Integration Design

This stage helps our system integrators perform connection of multiple systems into a single infrastructure following the detailed logic of the previous step. This phase is the most time-consuming as it requires great precision to provide you with an accurate solution that will automate many business processes for your enterprise



When the software system integration design is completed, our software engineers perform system integration testing to verify your solution and make sure it is errorless and smooth.


Maintenance and support

The last step is to maintain and support your solution. A huge benefit of a software system integration consultant like Ascendix over purchasing ready-made solutions or custom software is the ability to get 24/7 support and DevOps services for your entire system. It is extremely important as your system scales when the business evolves, and system upgrade will be more time- and cost-efficient than acquiring a new product.

Want to connect many systems in a single infrastructure?

Our system integration engineers will help you transform your business.

Why Ascendix As a System Integration Company?

Ascendix has 25 years of experience of continuous improvement. So, we take a lot of experience from our past projects to our current projects. We’re also a product and services company so these things go hand in glove. We can take the experience, and the rigor, and the type of process that you need to develop a product that takes a certain quality element, but we can apply those same processes and experience to a custom development project.

Todd Terry, Managing Partner and CTO

Reduce Costs with System Integration Expertise
Have a Complete Overview of Your Business
Boost Your Company’s Productivity
Boost Sales with Real-Time Accuracy

Why Ascendix As a System Integration service company?

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Reduce Costs with System Integration Expertise

At Ascendix, we provide software system integration services that help your business connect different systems and maintain them as a single infrastructure. This approach is more time- and cost-effective as upgrading and support several systems are much more expensive and timelier. So, you reduce maintenance expenses and avoid frequent downtime issues.

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Have a Complete Overview of Your Business

When you have several independent systems with some data you want to analyze, it takes much time and steps to download it and compare in a separate tool. Our system integration engineers provide your business with rapid real-time access to your business data and digital assets. All the insights, stats, and trends will be stored in a single place which allows you to manage data in a few steps, improve and accelerate your decision-making process.


Architecture and Development

Once the feasibility analysis is done, our experienced system integrators start building the project architecture aiming at absolute data connectivity within all your subsystems. This way, we establish high productivity and enhanced workflow for your entire system and make sure that all components will work integrally.


Boost Your Company’s Productivity

When you utilize dozens of tools to collect, manage, and leverage valuable data, the chances of making a small mistake in one of the programs significantly increase. System integration allows your employees to focus on a single infrastructure and avoid multiple manual actions as all needed projects will be at hand. This way, our software engineers help you boost business productivity by automating repetitive actions and building a single system for your business.

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Boost Sales with Real-Time Accuracy

System integration allows your business to improve marketing strategies and increase sales overtimes. It becomes possible through high data connectivity which enhances the workload for your employees and customer experience for your clients. So, your team members get immediate access to all required data in one place and can manage it much faster that boosts customer service level. On the other hand, enterprise system integration improves the purchase experience for customers as the buying process becomes smooth and easy.


What is System Integration?

System integration is a process of interconnecting different programs into a single system to provide smooth and easy user experience. This way, you do not need to use multiple separate tools and perform similar manual actions within each subsystem. Enterprise system integration brings high automation and accurate results to your business that leads to an improved and faster decision-making process.

Does my business need System Integration?

If you use dozens of additional tools and applications for handling your business operations, performing an analysis, and gathering statistics, then IT system integration is a sound solution for your company. While the number of programs keeps growing, custom software solutions are less effective, more time- and cost-consuming for your business than enterprise system integration services.

How could my business benefit from System Integration?

Lower maintenance costs

IT system integration provides your company with high automation, stable uptime, more accurate data, and a one-stop solution for business operations. It means that you no longer need to maintain and support different programs and subsystems as all components are connected within a single infrastructure. This way, you manage, maintain, and upgrade a single system instead of dozens of additional tools that take much time and funds.

Improved sales

Software system integration brings benefits to both your employees and customers. First, your team members get a single infrastructure with a better workload and high data connectivity that allows them to process customers’ requests and orders faster. In return, clients get a better customer experience as their inquiries are handled in a rapid way. So, IT system integration services help your business increase sales and boost financial outcomes.

Enhanced productivity

You can get a significant boost in the productivity of your employees with the help of our IT system integration solutions. It becomes possible as your team members focus on a single system for handling all business operations instead of using multiple additional programs. Employees get high automation of many manual actions and save much time that improves the efficiency of your business.

Want to reduce maintenance costs and boost sales?

Talk to our software system integration engineers and they will help you.