Leading Commercial Real Estate Software Companies List of 2021

September 2, 2021
17 min

The commercial real estate (CRE) tech market map spans emerging new and experienced market players.

According to the NAR’s July report, CRE acquisitions rose 34% during the first half of 2021 compared to one year ago, with investment acquisitions up in all property classes.

Being a fast-growing industry, CRE creates challenges in choosing the best commercial real estate software companies for agents and brokers.

Grand View Research stated that the global market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% in the next seven years. In other words, the market demand for advanced technology solutions is continually growing.

Staying up-to-date with a shifting commercial real estate property management software landscape is a complicated task. That’s why we created the list of best-in-class commercial real estate software companies in 2021.

Our list covers the following aspects:

  • List of the leading commercial real estate software companies
  • Key commercial real estate software functionality
  • World-class partners and pricing plans of the listed companies
  • Commercial real estate software market trends & stats.

We aim to present you with the top companies so that you can choose the most suitable partner for your business. Let’s get started!

1. Buildium


Buildium-commercial real estate property management software company

Buildium head image

Established: 2004

Founders: Michael Monteiro and Dimitris Georgakopoulos

Headquarters: Boston, MA


Buildium provides cloud-based commercial real estate property management software solutions.

They help companies and brokers simplify the process of managing residential and association properties.

Also, agents can easily access the required information about online rent and payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting in one click.

Specifically, Buildium provides a wide range of useful and advanced tools to automate and enhance your CRE business including:

  • Accounting: Property accounting, Company financials, Online payments, Retail Cash Payments, 1099 eFiling
  • Business Operations: Resident Site, Owner portal, Document storage, Maintenance request tracking, Property Inspections, Renters Insurance, Analytics & Insights, Open API
  • Leasing: Rental listings, Rental applications, Showings Coordinator, Tenant screening, Professional website, eLease
  • Community association management: Violations tracking, Board communications, Accounting and Budgeting, Online payments, Maintenance request tracking, Document management.


What Companies Trust Buildium?

Such leading companies as Bassett Properties, Coastal Property Management, Dickenson Condo Management, ALPS Group, New Leaf Enterprises cooperate with Buildium regularly.


Buildium-commercial real estate property management software company

What companies trust Buildium | Ascendix Tech


Why Building Property Management Software is a Great Idea in 2021?

According to the GrandViewResearch report, the global commercial real estate property management software market size gained USD 2.9 billion in 2020. The number is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028.

Сurrently, the global market is witnessing the increase in demand for Property Management Software (PMS) because it helps to manage daily operations including tenant and lease tracking, building maintenance, and accounting.

Effective property management services need to be automated, so the reasons for building commercial real estate property management software are obvious.


North America property management software market

Statistics by GrandViewResearch


How Much Does It Cost: Buildium Pricing

Buildium provides 3 pricing plans:

  • Essential (starting at $50/mo)
  • Growth (starting at $160/mo)
  • Premium (starting at $460/mo).


The pricing plans vary according to the included features. Check the detailed description below.


Buildium-commercial real estate property management software company pricing plans

Buildium pricing plans

Ascendix Featured CRM Consulting Projects

Download the featured Ascendix CRM consulting projects to know more about our expertise and the way we can help your business.



2. VTS


VTS-commercial real estate property management software company

VTS head image


Established: 2012

Founders: Nick Romito and Dean Hopkins

Headquarters: New York, NY


VTS is a prosperous commercial real estate software company that delivers a convenient and intuitive platform for CRE industry professionals.

VTS is the leading platform that provides commercial real estate leasing software and asset management services.

Landlords, agency brokers, tenant representatives use VTS to maximize portfolio management performance.

In other words, VTS allows users to revolutionize leasing and asset management processes, acquire the right tenants, and optimize the renewal process.

Here are some of the key solutions provided by VTS:

  • Online marketing & listings marketplace
  • Modern deal management and client reporting
  • Data exposure for portfolio risks & support recommendations
  • Collaborative software to move from leads to leases faster
  • Oversight into tenant relationships to retain strong tenants.


What Companies Trust VTS in 2021?

Regency Properties, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, Avison Young, Nova Capital are among the top VTS clients that require commercial real estate leasing software.


VTS- commercial real estate lease analysis software company

What companies trust VTS | Ascendix Tech


Is It Worth Building Leasing & Asset Management Software in 2021?

Shortly, yes. However, to be more specific, let’s look at some statistics.

According to MarketsandMarkets report, the commercial real estate lease analysis software market size is expected to grow from USD 4.4 billion in 2020 to USD 5.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period.

Such an increasing demand is driven by the popularity of the SaaS model for effective leasing and asset management. Industry workers look for smart building projects solutions to manage leases.

Leasing & asset management software helps to adapt emerging technologies such as AI, big data, IoT for improving business processes.


How Much Does It Cost?

VTS pricing starts at $20,000 per year. A product’s price can vary according to the features needed, support or training required, and customization requests. When you find a product that fits your needs, you should talk to the vendor to figure out what they offer.

3. SharpLaunch


SharpLaunch-commercial real estate property management software company

SharpLaunch head image


Established: 2015

Founders: Bob Samii

Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH/Barcelona, Spain


SharpLaunch is a commercial real estate software company that helps property owners, brokers, landlords, and asset managers to control the online presence and manage the property portfolio.

The company offers a suite of tools like secure document portal, property websites, best mapping software for real estate, document sharing, lead management systems, etc.

SharpLauch offers the following features for you to create and manage an effective digital presence for your properties:

  • Customized property websites with an advanced list of features: property description & specifications, amenities list, interactive photo gallery, etc
  • Commercial real estate analytics software
  • Property search engine accompanied with interactive maps
  • Document portal for effective document storage and management
  • Commercial real estate portfolio management software
  • Branded email marketing to increase the number of leads
  • Advanced marketing features: email marketing, marketing data analytics, lead management.


What Companies Recognize SharpLaunch?

In addition to the mentioned above giants (like Cushman & Wakefield and JLL), such companies as MadisonMarquette, Olshan Properties, CBRE, Childress Klein cooperate with SharpLaunch and integrate its solutions.


SharpLaunch-commercial real estate property management software company clients

What companies recognize SharpLaunch | Ascendix Tech


How Much Does It Cost: SharpLaunch Pricing

SharpLaunch provides several pricing plans that start from $199/mo. According to the information presented on their website, the price includes:

  • Unlimited admin accounts
  • Unlimited access to files & documents
  • Custom website integration
  • Syndication to CRE Portals
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Client success onboarding
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Data migration & setup.


4. CompStak


CompStak-commercial real estate management software company

CompStak’s head image


Established: 2012

Founders: Michael Mandel, Vadim Belobrovka

Headquarters: New York, NY


CompStak is an up-and-coming commercial real estate lease analysis software company providing a platform for exchanging commercial lease comps.

The solution is a perfect choice for CRE companies, brokers, landlords, and appraisers.

It allows your company to generate analyst-reviewed commercial lease comps, sales comps, and property details.

CompStak offers 5 different types of solutions including:

  • Accurate exchange technologies (useful for CRE specialists at brokerages and appraisal firms)
  • Robust enterprise solutions (suitable for professionals in CRE investment, banking, and other CRE firms)
  • Insightful analytics with dashboards and charts (access to the ongoing CRE market data)
  • Lead and prospect management software (data-driven business development)
  • Access to API with seamless CRE data integrations.


CompStack’s Loyal Clients

Having a good reputation, CompStak is trusted by a great number of famous companies like PWC, OXFORD, CIM, Silverstein Properties, Moody’s analytics, and others.


CompStak-commercial real estate management software company clients

CompStack’s loyal clients | Ascendix Tech

5. Buildout


Buildout- one of the leading commercial real estate software companies

Buildout’s head image


Established: 2010

Founders: Jason Tillery, Vishu Ramanathan, Adam Birnbaum, and Kris Krisco

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


Buildout is one of the most popular commercial real estate software companies featured by Inc. 5000.

The company provides an advanced web application to boost your commercial real estate business’s marketing and lead generation operations.

Buildout allows to produce and publish crucial marketing materials and update the property listing process.


One of the leading commercial real estate software companies offers the following products and services for your business:


#1 Customized Docs for creating branded marketing materials

Docs is a centralized hub that stores brokerage firms branding templates offering design preferences.


#2 Inventory plugin that helps to drive traffic to your company’s website and bring in leads

The plugin is mobile-responsive. It enhances real estate specialists to integrate active listings into their existing websites. Once implemented, it allows potential buyers and users to filter the listings by pre-set criteria.


#3 Property websites that have unique URLs and perform as landing pages to attract prospective clients

The process of building a website is intuitive, simple, and time-efficient. The websites come with forms that motivate visitors to enter a name, contact number, etc.


#4 Secure document management and sharing systems integrated with your property website

All the documents are securely stored and kept in one place.


#5 Branded marketing services to boost the lead generation process

Users can integrate marketing services with back-end processes for a holistic view of the entire deal cycle.


#6 Listing syndication for publishing property information

You can publish this information across partner websites and tp maximize its exposure.


What Companies Work With Buildout?

Buildout has become a long-term technology partner for multiple CRE companies like SVN, Avison Young, NAI Global, KW Commercial, Lee & Associates, etc.


Clients of Buildout- one of the leading commercial real estate software companies

What companies work with Buildout | Ascendix Tech


Is Creating a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Software a Good Idea in 2021?

In 2021, CRE brokerage software is no longer a “nice to have” but a must option for market payers. Using commercial real estate broker software, agents and brokers will stay competitive and continue to leverage technology to find a home that fits in today’s remote-first world.

Customers expect agents and brokers to be highly accessible to connect with them within seconds.

Here are the words of John Berkowitz, CEO of OJO Labs, #1 on the Inc. 5000 Regional Series: Texas 2021, from the interview to Housing Ware, on the importance of high-quality Commercial Real Estate brokerage software in 2021:

With the right tech stack, agents and brokers have access to rich market insights at their fingertips, the ability to provide virtual home tours…and a deeper understanding of what consumers want in a home.

- John Berkowitz, CEO of OJO Labs

Buildout CRE Pricing

Buildout offers three plans and 4 addons to their clients. Choose the plan that fits your brokerage needs.

Pricing of Buildout- one of the leading commercial real estate software companies

Buildout pricing plans


Besides, below you can see Buildout pricing plans for the addons they offer.

Addons of Buildout- one of the leading commercial real estate software companies

Buildout addons

6. REthink


REthink-commercial real estate management software company

REthink’s head image


Established: 2007

Founders: Vijay Mehra

Headquarters: Austin, TX


Rethink CRM is one of the leading Salesforce-based online dealmaking solutions producing advanced commercial real estate property management software for brokerage firms.

It improves such business operations as buying, selling, leasing, and properties management between brokers and agents.


Looking for a Rethink alternative? Check AscendixRE CRM for commercial real estate.


Since February 2021, REthink has been acquired by Buildout company.

Rethink isn’t just a simple CRM — it’s a combination of purpose-built CRM, CRE tools, integrations, and partnership. All the parts work seamlessly together to provide your commercial real estate company with the deal-making and competitive advantage.

Being in the list of the best commercial real estate software companies, REthink offers the following solutions:

  • Control of payment documentation: billing & invoicing
  • Plans stacking and management with the help of calendar/reminder systems
  • Commercial real estate property management software
  • Contact and deal management
  • Critical date alerts so you can quickly fix the problems
  • Сonvenient document storage
  • Email marketing services
  • Full-cycle financial management as well as late fee calculation
  • Internal chat
  • Lead management and qualification
  • GEO search of relevant real estate properties.


To know more about CRE technology evolution, read the real estate technology guide.


Top Companies Using REthink CRM

REthink CRM is popular among the leading industry players like Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Lee & Associates, and Stream that are regularly using REthink to boost their Commercial Real Estate business.


REthink-commercial real estate management software company clients

Top companies using REthink CRM | Ascendix Tech


Is It A Profitable Idea to Build Commercial Real Estate CRM Software in 2021?

As Adroit Market Research stated, the global real estate software market is expected to reach USD 12.89 billion by 2025.

The idea of building commercial real estate CRM software in 2021 is profitable for the next reasons:

  • Customers are changing their preferences in properties
  • The change in preferences entails the necessity for better and faster customer handling & support.

On the other hand, investors in real estate require to get accurate data, transparent and comprehensive reporting solutions expectations with the help of commercial real estate management software.


How Much Does It Cost?

REthink Real Estate CRM pricing starts at $159.00 as a flat rate per month. The company doesn’t have a free version and doesn’t offer a free trial.

7. Property Matrix



Property Matrix-commercial real estate property management software company

Property Matrix head image


Established: 2001

Founders: Josh Landzberg

Headquarters: Culver City, CA


Property Matrix is a cloud-based commercial real estate property management software platform for residential complexes and multi-family units. The solution is used for estate accounting, property maintenance and management, and lease tracking.

Additionally, Property Matrix includes powerful CRM software, document management solutions, tenant portal, credit card processing, and other functionality.

What’s more, the company allows you to fully customize their commercial real estate property management software to your specific business needs based on the pricing plan you choose.

Property Matrix provides a significant number of useful features, and ready-made products to choose from:

  • Online rental postings
  • Check scanning
  • Accounting package
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Enterprise class accounting system
  • Recurring payments
  • ACH, credit card, and payments tracking
  • Tenant portal
  • Auto-calculated management fees
  • Free building websites
  • Customizable reporting.


Key Market Players That Work With Property Matrix

One of the leading commercial real estate software companies is trusted by Winiger Construction, Tread Companies, Dynasty Property Management, 1st Choice Real Estate, Viamonte Realty, LLC, etc.


Property Matrix-commercial real estate property management software company clients

Market players that work with Property Matrix | Ascendix Tech


How Much Does It Cost?

PropertyMatrix has straightforward pricing for three main plans:

  • Standard ($400/mo)
  • Property Matrix Pro ($475/mo)
  • Enterprise ($1200/mo).


Additionally, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Property Matrix-commercial real estate property management software company pricing

Property Matrix pricing


8. ProspectNow


ProspectNow-commercial real estate CRM software company

ProspectNow head image


Established: 2008

Founders: Steve Wayne

Headquarters: Los Altos, CA


Being one of the progressive commercial real estate software companies, ProspectNow has a database of over 10 million commercial properties and more than 100 million residential properties in the US.

It allows your business to filter properties by location, size, type, building details, loan to value, and other criteria.

Additionally, you can get access to the owner’s mailing addresses and phone numbers.

Using ProspectNow, you can identify owners who sell and/or refinance their properties in the next 12 months. Then you hyper-target these owners by displaying digital ads directly to them at their homes on any connected device.

If you want to cut down marketing costs, increase ROI, and engage with your targets, the hyper-targeted approach to marketing from ProspectNow is a great deal.


Being an AI-powered commercial real estate prospecting software, PropectNow offers the next solutions:


#1. Extensive database of residential property data (100M properties in the list)

If you need to find detailed residential property data such as the age of the house, listing status, location, taxable value, zoning, sales history, foreclosure status, ProspectNow provides you with it.


#2. Advanced list of commercial properties with contact information of commercial property owners (42M)


#3. Predictive analytics for powerful property sell/refinance foresee during the next 12 months.

The machine learning models can predict which properties are most likely to sell, so you make profitable decisions.


#4. Sales Comps & MLS Data with accurate sales comparables and the fastest access to national listing data.

Moreover, the user experience makes it so accessible, making it easy-to-use for even the most non-technical users.


What Clients Trust ProspectNow?

ProspectNow is trusted by many companies dealing with different market niches including:

  • Real estate sales and brokerages
  • Banks, lending, & finance
  • Real estate investors
  • Property service providers
  • Roofing companies
  • Tax and insurance professionals.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is no information about the pricing plans of commercial real estate property management software companies. Instead, the company offers two types of free trials. To obtain current and detailed pricing, contact ProspectNow.


ProspectNow-commercial real estate CRM software company pricing

ProspectNow trial plans


9. AppFolio


AppFolio-commercial real estate property management software company

AppFolio’s head image


Established: 2006

Founders: Klaus Schauser

Headquarters: Goleta, CA


AppFolio is a commercial real estate property management software company that offers cloud-based solutions for accounting, marketing, leasing, and management purposes of your business.

If you want to maintain productivity, keep your monthly accounting process on track, and provide exceptional customer services, AppFolio is a great choice for your commercial real estate business.


Being a solid market player pretending to become the best commercial real estate property management software, AppFolio provides the users with a wide range of services:


#1. Maintenance & Efficiency

Effective for keeping your property values properly and your customers satisfied with utility management.

This type of service contains online maintenance workflows, streamlined payments processes, smart bill entry, online maintenance requests, work order management, utility management, in-house maintenance, mobile inspections.


#2. Communication & Service

It provides you with modern communication tools such as email and text templates plus, resident portal, owner portal, vendor portal, document management, surveys.


#3. Accounting & Reporting

Useful for optimization of your business and customer relationships.

It includes automated AP, a smart bill entry, performance insights, online payments, CAM tracking & reconciliation, automated AP, corporate accounting, flexible real-time reporting.


#4. Staffing & Training

Handy service for making effective and fast hires. It consists of configurable workflows, universal search, single universal UI, mobile app.


#5. Marketing & Leasing

This type offers you flexible showing options and a seamless lead-to-lease process.

It includes access to Lisa (AI leasing assistant), the ability to use virtual showing, online leases, vacancy dashboard, virtual showings, AI leasing assistant, professional websites.


#6. Management & Growth

Useful for expanding your portfolio and analysis of performance insights. This type of service includes workflow reporting, performance insights, leasing metrics dashboard, custom user roles, audit logs, customizable workflows.


AppFolio’s Business Partners and Clients

Such companies as Concept Property Management, Duckworth Morris Real Estate, Trilogy Real Estate Management, and 2B Living use the products of AppFolio regularly.


Clients of AppFolio-commercial real estate property management software company

AppFolio’s Business Partners and Clients | Ascendix Tech


AppFolio Pricing

The company offers 3 types of pricing plans according to the type of real estate:

  • For residential real estate companies
  • For community associations
  • For commercial real estate companies.


Here are the two pricing plans for commercial real estate companies offered by AppFolio.


AppFolio pricing-commercial real estate property management software

AppFolio pricing for commercial real estate


Next, you can see the pricing plans for residential real estate properties:


AppFolio pricing-commercial real estate property management software company

AppFolio pricing for residential real estate companies


Ultimately, right here is the only AppFolio’s pricing plan for community associations.


AppFolio pricing-commercial real estate property management software company

AppFolio pricing for community associations


10. Ascendix Technologies


Ascendix- one of the leadin commercial real estate software companies

Ascendix head image


Established: 1996

Founders: Wes Snow and Todd Terry

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas


Ascendix Technologies is one of the leading commercial real estate software companies established in 1996 in Dallas, Texas by Wes Snow and Todd Terry.

The company offers CRM consultancy and CRE Tech consulting services along with providing ready-made software products and customizations for your Commercial Real Estate business.

For 25 years, we have been helping multiple CRE market parties solve their need-specific tasks offering advanced technology solutions on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

This solid expertise allowed us to become certified Salesforce and Microsoft Partners along with providing custom CRM development services to help you build robust solutions tailored specifically to your business model and processes.



Moreover, we provide out-of-the-box Salesforce/Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that help you boost multiple business operations:

AscendixRE CRM

It is a commercial real estate CRM on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. AscendixRE CRM takes into account the needs of commercial real estate firms. Moreover, it provides a complete commercial real estate functionality along with world-class experience, security, and the up to date tools.

AscendixRE CRM features:

  • Secure & cloud-based CRM with 24/7 access from any device
  • Smart prospecting tools for arranging the calls and meetings as well as monitoring sales activity
  • Automated workflows for scheduling the follow-up meeting, tracking the approval processes, etc
  • Advanced data tracking and storage in one place
  • Integrated tools for CRE business operations
  • Reporting functionality for tracking your business operations
  • Concierge & CRM customization service.

Ascendix Search

It is a Salesforce app that helps Salesforce users run advanced complex searches and work with their data without IT help. Ascendix Search engages users to create advanced searches in a simplified interface without the help of Salesforce Admin.

You can customize the search and choose specific filters that cover your needs.

Ascendix Search features:

  • Robust data search
  • Quick access to related lists
  • Advanced map search of your Salesforce records
  • Ability to update bulks and edit Salesforce objects
  • Quick data export to Excel
  • Fast data search by charts and graphs.


It is a Report Writing tool that helps Salesforce users generate various reports using their Salesforce data.

Composer features:

    • Database of pre-set reports
    • All data & images are pulled from your CRM
    • Ability to send reports and brochures to multiple recipients right from your CRM or download them in various formats
    • Tracking the sent emails as activities in Salesforce
    • Access to prebuilt report templates for generating the reports or brochures.


MarketSpace App

It is an advanced property listing portal helping your business to boost promotion and sales activities empowering with collaboration and deal rooms for secured sensitive data sharing and signing.

MarketSpace App features:

  • Interactive creation of professionally-looking property listings
  • Advanced search of property listings by robust search engine to filter and select the best-matched properties
  • Access to secure deal & collaboration rooms to provide investors with an easy and convenient way to use deal information
  • Secure document management and storage.

Pricing Plans of Ascendix Software Products

Below you can see the pricing plans for Ascendix core software products for commercial real estate companies looking to automate their business operations, boost sales & marketing activities, and streamline the workflow.


Ascendix - one of the leading commercial real estate software companies pricing plans

Ascendix pricing plans


Industry Leaders That Trust Ascendix Technologies

Ascendix is a reliable commercial real estate property management software partner trusted by such world-class companies as JLL, Colliers International, Highwoods Properties, Henry S. Miller, NAI Excel, Granite, and Transwestern.


Clients of Ascendix - one of the leading commercial real estate software companies

Core market leaders that trust Ascendix | Ascendix Tech


For example, Ascendix has helped Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) customize its Dynamics 365 CRM business logic and perform multi-component cloud migration.

Below are the key features and results delivered:

  • Dynamics 365 CRM customization
  • Custom CRM app development on top of D365
  • On-premises to cloud hosting migration
  • Advanced opportunity management software development
  • Enhanced search experience embedding powerful filters
  • Intuitive report generation tool integration
  • Powerful analytics tools with charts and graphs
  • And others.


Keep reading the full case study below to know a wide range of details, challenges, solutions, and business results achieved.


Custom Dynamics 365 Development and Cloud Migration for JLL | Ascendix Tech

Want to build your own commercial real estate software?

At Ascendix, we have over 10 years of experience in delivering high-quality CRE technology solutions that help brokers and companies all over the world. Answer a few simple questions and get a ball-park estimate.


Final Words

Thanks to commercial real estate software companies and their advanced technology solutions, your company may:

  • Greatly decrease operational costs
  • Bring high automation to most business processes
  • Boost prospect and lead management
  • Ultimately increase sales and customer satisfaction.

First, analyze your current business needs and set goals you want to achieve through using a specific type. This will help you clearly realize what type of commercial real estate software you need to reach practical business results.

Second, check our list of the leading commercial real estate software companies and pay attention to their functionality, reviews, pricing plans, and clients we’ve published.

This way, your chances are high to make a well-considered decision, give some technology provider a try, and succeed with your choice through achieving the goals and results you’ve set.

If you are looking for an experienced commercial real estate property management software company, feel free to check our case studies and contact us.

We’ll be glad to help you transform your business and technical problems into advanced and result-oriented technology solutions that bring automation, cost reduction, and sales increase for your commercial real estate business.


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