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What is beneath Proptech | Proptech Industry Report

Having been at the forefront of real estate innovation for two decades, we are pleased to share all our knowledge in this handy Proptech Industry Report PDF.

Whether you are a real estate investor, occupier, property manager, software developer, or anybody interested in the massive opportunity beneath proptech, this ebook will introduce you to how proptech can help you do your job in a more intelligent and efficient way.

Download your free copy of the Proptech PDF to find out:

  • Why Real Estate Barriered Innovation for Decades
  • What is Proptech and How It Evolved Over the Years
  • What Areas of Real Estate Benefit from Proptech Most of All
  • What Proptech Trends Will Be Redefining Real Estate in the Next Years.

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Download Proptech Industry Report [PDF]

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In This Ultimate Proptech Report You Will Find Out:

Why real estate remained untouched by tech | proptech report

Undeniably, real estate is the world’s wealthiest industry that is more valuable than all global assets combined.

At the same time, it is the least technologically developed one as well, having barriered innovations for at least two decades.

We came up with four assumptions of why it remained untouched by technology for so long.

  • Profitability of the old commission-based model;
  • Constant demand;
  • High level of industry regulation;
  • Fear of change.
Proptech evolution over the years | proptech report pdf

Proptech did not start with the pandemic.

It took off long ago with the introduction of the very first personal computer and since then has witnessed four major waves of innovation:

  • Proptech 1.0 – closed form tech
  • Proptech 2.0 – online platforms
  • Proptech 3.0 – SaaS and mobile
  • Proptech 4.0 – frontier tech: VR, AI, etc.
Proptech evolution over the years | proptech report pdf
proptech market map | proptech report pdf

In the world’s biggest industry that has been sitting on the sidelines of innovation for at least two decades, the proptech opportunity is massive.

To draw a precise map of what can be automated with proptech, we looked through the prism of real estate processes angle and came up with four areas untapped for innovation:

  • Renting/Buying/Selling
  • Evaluation and Financing
  • Management and Utilization
  • Construction.
Proptech trends | proptech industry report

It is exciting to watch how real estate has evolved over the years. Today, its evolution, to a large extent, is defined by proptech.

To provide a clear, unbiased real estate forecast, we have asked multiple thought leaders to share their perspectives on the real estate market trends, technology- and business-wise.

The main proptech trends for the following years will be:

  • Real Estate Rental Marketplaces
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Cloud Tech
  • Smart City Tech
  • Property Management Tech.


Proptech trends | proptech industry report

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