Big Data Architecture and Analytics Services

We engineer, analyze, implement, and support Big Data solutions for your business.

As your business grows at an increasingly fast pace, you need to be proactive to attract new clients and stay competitive. We provide Big Data architecture and analytics services to help your company process large amounts of data, find new opportunities, get insights, and make decisions efficiently for your business.

Our expert software developers build Big Data analytics tools and storage solutions that bring statistical analysis and Big Data predictive analytics to your enterprise. This way, you can improve your business operations and customer acquisition strategies, forecast potential risks, and generate better financial outcomes.

If you want to reduce data storage costs, our Big Data Hadoop engineers can create an efficient big data architecture to make your volume data structured and analyzed.

Hiring Ascendix as a Big Data service provider, you can choose from a wide range of flexible engagement models. If you prefer to drive the development, we offer highly skilled on-shore or offshore resources to supplement your team. You can also delegate the entire process to us.

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Want to make better business decisions?

Our Big Data Analytics tools will help you process and visualize volume data.

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Our Big Data Engineering and Analytics Life Cycle


Data Acquisition and Storage

At this stage, we collect structured and unstructured data sets from various sources, from data warehouses and marts to system logs, pictures, and videos. Once the data is collected, we store it in storage units to prepare for further processing and management.


Data Processing and Interpretation

This Big Data phase allows us to transform the collected data from a raw form into a readable format. Next, we interpret the processed data according to your requirements. So, we can convert the content into graphs, text, video, or other content types.

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Data Analysis and Big Data Visualization

At this stage, our expert software engineers use powerful Big Data analytics tools to analyze the collected, processed, and interpreted data to provide value to your business.


Data Consumption and Monetization

The final Big Data stage is all about transforming the visualized data into information ready for consumption by your enterprise, its clients, and external users.

Big Data Technologies We Use

Want to analyze and get value from large data sets?

Why Ascendix As a Big Data Consulting Company?


Choose a Flexible Engagement Model

When you hire expert Big Data engineers at Ascendix, you can choose from onshore or dedicated team models that allow you to closely interact with our specialists as your team members. Another flexible option is to delegate the full project development process to us and get a powerful solution with your minimal involvement.


Get Big Data Solutions That Bring Value

Our software developers and solution architects create Big Data solutions that generate value for your business. We visualize the collected and structured volume data to improve your decision-making process and bring new insights to your company.


Leading Expertise and Solid Experience

We have been providing Big Data analytics services for 10+ years. Our certified and experienced Big Data analysts and consultants will apply their knowledge to create a robust solution that best fits your business.

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Latest Big Data Industry Standards

Our extensive experience in Big Data analytics allows us to provide high-quality solutions, embedding the latest industry standards that will help you boost sales and find new opportunities.


What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data analytics is the use of advanced processing methods to qualitatively analyze a large volume of structured and unstructured data.

Does My Business Need Big Data Engineering and Analytics?

If you want or need to collect, process, and analyze large volumes of data, then our Big Data analytics services will help you.

How Can My Business Benefit from Big Data Analytics?

The benefits you can get from Big Data Analytics include greater business performance, costs reduction, time efficiency, better sales and customer loyalty. 


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