Java Development Services

For 20+ years, we have been providing Java development services. This experience allowed us to grow our expertise and create software solutions that cater to your project requirements and business needs.

Java Development Services We Offer


Custom Java Development

If you hire Java developer at Ascendix, we will help you build the server side of your custom software product to solve all users’ pain points and meet your needs. With our solid technical expertise, our Java developers will use the latest frameworks to make your project cost-efficient and high-capacity.

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Dedicated Java Development Team

At Ascendix, we provide flexible outsourcing of offshore and onshore dedicated teams of Java developers according to your project requirements and business needs.
You can choose whether to expand your internal team with several professionals and manage them directly or delegate Java development to our team.


Enterprise Java Application Development

Ascendix Java developers can build an enterprise-scale web application that fully caters to high performance, security, and regulation requirements. Besides, our Java developers will support and scale your software product to avoid downtime rates, maintain high performance and stability.

Hire dedicated Java developers for your project!

Benefits of Java for Business


Java is a perfect choice to build cross-platform products as the code can be executed on all machines that have JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed. It means that if you hire Java developers - you can avoid building a separate code base for each platform and create a single cost-efficient solution for browsers, mobile, desktop, and other devices.


Java-based applications can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without decreasing the general performance of the product. Our Java developers find the multithreaded feature useful for building complex products with heavy-load animations, real-time updates, and other features without a significant performance loss.

Short Time to Market

With the help of a well-designed Java ecosystem and multiple ready-to-use APIs, our Java developers write code faster and perform fewer QA tests. So, if you decide to hire Java developers at Ascendix, we will need a short period of time to roll out your software product to market.

High Security

Java-powered products boast of high security due to an embedded security manager that defines class access. So, if you hire Java developers at Ascendix, our professionals will build top-notch applications protected from cyberattacks and malicious software.

Java Technologies We Use

Spring Boot
Apache Kafka

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Why Ascendix as a Java Software Development Company?


Solid Expertise in Java Software Development Services

For 20+ years, we have been helping our clients outsource Java development and build top desktop and web applications that follow industry standards and cater to clients’ business needs. Moreover, we use Java internally to develop our own software products that serve thousands of customers around the world. When you hire dedicated Java developers at Ascendix, we work diligently to create scalable, secure, and cross-platform applications for your business.

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Latest Java Technologies

We carefully track the releases of new frameworks, platforms, and tools to deliver competitive, up-to-date, and highly efficient Java applications for your business. When you hire Java developers at Ascendix, you get a team of professionals who regularly visit conferences, webinars, workshops, and take part in other educational activities to provide your business with the top Java applications.


Flexible Engagement Models

Based on your business and project needs, you can outsource Java development in the most convenient way. So, if you want to expand your internal technical team, we can offer you onshore or offshore dedicated models so you can both hire dedicated Java developers in Europe or form a US-based team of professionals.

Want to build a powerful app for multiple devices?

Hire Java developers at Ascendix and we will help transform your project into reality!


What is Java?

Java is a high-level programming language that allows developers to build desktop and web-based applications

Does my business need to outsource Java development?

If you want to build a scalable, secure, and cross-platform application within time and budget, then our Java development services is a great choice for your business. If you hire dedicated Java developers at Ascendix, we can build industry-ready and best-in-class custom software, improve and expand your existing solution, and support your Java-powered products.

Can I hire several Java developers?

Sure. Ascendix is about flexibility which means you can outsource Java development to expand your internal team or you can hire dedicated Java developers specifically for your project. Besides, you can choose offshore, onshore, or blended models to optimize your budget and define your engagement in the project development.

What are your Java developer rates?

At Ascendix, we always cater to your business needs and project requirements to provide the most cost-efficient Java development services. If you want to hire dedicated Java developers at Ascendix, our sales managers will gladly contact you and provide with detailed rates when you complete our Get Pricing quiz.