Big Data Solutions

Make data work for your business. Develop your custom Big Data software with Ascendix.

Nowadays, both small businesses and large enterprises collect and process large volumes of data that is relevant to their business and niche. However, the amount of information tends to grow dramatically which leads to a more difficult data analysis and growing expenses. Here come powerful custom Big Data solutions that allow your business to generate valuable insights, and results, and greatly improve your decision-making process.

Our expert software developers create Big Data analytics tools and storage software. They enable your business to collect and accumulate large volumes of data, process and analyze them, wrap useful and valuable trends, find new opportunities, forecast and minimize potential risks, and generate new revenue sources. These benefits are made possible through statistical analysis and Big Data predictive analytics that is embedded in our custom software.

Besides, we can help you save data storage costs with the help of our Big Data Hadoop solutions that are based on an efficient big data architecture that transforms raw data into a structured and analyzed result.

At Ascendix, we can build custom Big Data solutions tailored to your business requirements and goals.

This way, your company can get such benefits as cost reduction, increased productivity, improved customer service, potential risk forecast, sales and loyalty boost, and new revenue sources.

Do you want to make better business decisions?

We will build a powerful custom Big Data analytics software for your business.

Big Data Technologies We Use

Why Ascendix as a Big Data Engineer?

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Onshore & Offshore Engagement Models

When you hire Ascendix as a Big Data consulting company, you get freedom of choice. So, if you want to closely cooperate with our Big Data engineers or supply your internal team, we can offer you a dedicated model within onshore and offshore teams. In case you want to get a turn-key solution without much personal involvement, then we can fully undertake your project and build powerful Big Data solutions for your business.

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Big Data Solutions that Generate Value

We have been building Big Data software for 10+ years which allows us to deliver high-quality and valuable products that can greatly help your business. For example, our Big Data Hadoop solutions can greatly reduce your data storage costs through an efficient infrastructure. Also, we embed statistical analysis and Big Data predictive analytics in our custom software which enables you to explore new opportunities, foresee potential risks and problems, minimize them, and generate valuable results from raw volume data.

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Latest Big Data Industry Standards

We closely track the newest Big Data trends, standards, and insights that emerge every day. It helps us build the most industry-ready and high-end Big Data analytics tools for your business. Besides, we use the newest technologies and frameworks to create scalable, maintainable, feature-rich, and high-performance Big Data software for your company.

Want to Boost Customer Service with Data-Driven Marketing?

Our Big Data engineers will build robust custom software tailored to your specific needs.


What is Big Data analytics?

Big Data is a large volume of structured and unstructured data with processing methods that allow to qualitatively analyze the collected information. With the help of statistical analysis and Big Data predictive analytics, you can generate valuable results and insights to improve your decision-making process, develop new in-demand products, and find new revenue sources.

Does my business need Big Data engineering and analytics?

If you want or need to collect, process, and analyze large volumes of data to wrap valuable insights, trends, and opportunities, then you are a good candidate for usage of Big Data analytics tools. For medium and enterprise companies, custom software development and implementation of Big Data software might translate into a significant cost reduction.

How could my business benefit from Big Data analytics?

The benefits you can get from Big Data Analytics include greater business performance, costs reduction, time efficiency, better sales and customer loyalty.