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Improve your client interaction and team productivity with custom portal software for your business.

Ascendix Technologies knows that the modern world is actively transforming into a digital core where instant real-time access to certain data is extremely valuable. This process is important for your internal teams and partners as they can access the needed information 24/7 without performing extra engagement with some staff. It saves much time for them and your company departments can focus on other crucial tasks.

Portal software is a huge boost for your customer service as clients can find useful information immediately in a real-time format. This way, client portal software saves much time for both customer service personnel and your clients who want to get instant responses from your company. It means you reduce staff costs, decrease overheads, greatly improve your customer experience and user satisfaction.

Our expert software developers can build all types of portal solutions for your business. If you want to increase the internal teams’ productivity, we will deliver high-quality and enterprise-wide corporate intranet software according to your business needs. In case you want to supply your employees with a training platform and improve your corporate know-how, our engineers will build a powerful and feature-rich knowledge management system.

Moreover, if you need software for storing, operating, editing, and sharing business documents, we will build a tailor-made document management system software for your enterprise.

What We Can Build Together

Corporate-Intranet-Solutions Ascendix

Corporate Intranet Solutions

Portal development solutions like corporate Intranet can greatly benefit your business and boost your organizational culture.

First, it improves and streamlines internal team communication as your employees can share knowledge, provide feedback, and always be on the same page within a project.

Second, corporate Intranet solutions help your team members get real-time access to important guidelines and manuals. This helps your employees to constantly visualize the company’s mission and get work done.

Third, high-quality Intranet software simplifies the onboarding process as new hires can find all relevant data instantly in one place.

So, if you want to enhance your team productivity and move your business to a new level, contact us and we will help you build useful corporate Intranet software.

Corporate-Intranet-Solutions Ascendix
Document-Management-Systems Ascendix

Document Management Systems

Every business processes and handles tons of information daily which may become a time-consuming and tough routine work when your company scales.

Moreover, you may face a situation when there is not enough space for all the materials you want to store. This transforms into purchasing an additional hard drive or cloud storage that is a costly affair for any company.

However, our expert software developers can build the best document management software for your business. It completely solves the mentioned issues and provides your enterprise with decreased storage space, enhanced security, better internal collaboration, and easier data retrieval.

The main benefits of enterprise document management system software are flexibility within data operations, improved client satisfaction by faster document retrieval, and your company response, and competitiveness you achieve through high automation.

So, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you build a custom document management software according to your business needs.

Knowledge-Management-Systems Ascendix

Knowledge Management Systems

Your company employees gain priceless experience and expertise every day and you can greatly benefit from it. Apart from successfully completed tasks and professional growth, we offer you to build a knowledge management system that will boost your decision-making process, accelerate problem solving, and improve your company agility.

First, it allows your team members to perform knowledge sharing by creating guidelines and manuals for newcomers, your users, and clients. It significantly boosts team productivity, ensures expertise growth, and improves customer experience.

Second, knowledge management solutions allow you to properly organize the information structure to advance your decision-making process. Your team members reuse previous experience of dealing with similar tasks and learn practical lessons to make better decisions in the future.

Third, these benefits transform into improved customer service as your employees contact leads, deliver proposals, and close deals much faster.

So, feel free to contact us and we will help you increase win rates and generate new clients through a tailor-made knowledge management system development.

Knowledge-Management-Systems Ascendix

Why Ascendix As a Portal Software Developer?

Ascendix has 25 years of experience of continuous improvement. We take a lot of experience from our past projects to our current projects. We’re also a product and services company. These things go hand in glove. We can take the experience, and the rigor, and the type of process that you need to develop a product that we release to thousands of users worldwide, but we can apply those same processes and experience to a custom development project, a portal software implementation. This is unique. But also, the ability to share our team.

Todd Terry, Co-founder and CTO at Ascendix

Solid Expertise in Portal Software Development
Fast Time-to-Market When Using Ascendix Solutions
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Cost Saving with Our Engagement Models
Portal Software Maintenance
Latest IT Industry Standards

Thinking to create a client portal software?

We will help you develop portal and document management software.

Why Ascendix as a Portal Software Development Company?


Solid Expertise in Portal Software Development

At Ascendix, we have been offering portal software development services for many years. It allowed us to gain vast experience and build top portal platforms for our clients within multiple industries. Our expertise of solving most diverse challenges enables us to find the best software solutions for your business needs and requirements.


Cost Saving with Our Engagement Models

We cater to your business needs and help you save development costs with our flexible engagement models. Having started our IT outsourcing services in 2005, it allowed us to provide you with several collaboration options. So, you can delegate the portal software development process to us, and we will fully undertake your project. In return, you can personally cooperate with our expert dedicated teams within onshore, blended, or offshore models. Ascendix is about flexibility and budget optimization for your business.


Portal Software Maintenance

Ascendix takes care of portal solutions even after the development process. Our IT support and software engineers will maintain your software to make it run smoothly and solve any issues that may occur.

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Latest IT Industry Standards

We embed the latest IT industry standards and use top-notch technologies to reach high performance, rich functionality, and tailor-made architecture specifically for your business.

Domains We Focus On

Our Clients Say

Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

We wanted to make better use of our data and present it in a format that our professionals and clients would find attractive and easy to access. This required a new digital solution, hence the engagement with Ascendix on this latest project. The idea of presenting data in an easily accessible and pleasing way to the consumer was not new. We just wanted to have our ability to execute it within our space, with our own data, for our professionals and clients.

Saimir Qalliu, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director
Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers International Indiana

Tobias Stueber Custom Development for

Tobias Stueber Custom Development for

We did some audits about how good the Ascendix service was and got very good feedback. But the main part why I was going with Ascendix was not technical or about our requirements. It was the spirit of you, Ukrainians, and the passion for your work. That was for me important. In digitalization, the smallest part of success is really the IT skills. It sounds weird, but I think the biggest part is passion and structure. And in the end, it was the reason why I decided to work with Ascendix Technologies.

Tobias Stueber, CEO,
Tobias Stueber Custom Development for

Want to improve your decision-making process?

We will investigate your business needs and build a tailor-made portal software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portal software?

Portal software is a web-based platform which collects data from multiple sources and stores it in a single user interface. This way, your team members and clients can access relevant information 24/7 on a real-time basis, find answers to their queries, and always stay up to date.

Does my business need portal software services?

If you want to increase team productivity, improve your decision-making process, enhance customer service and user satisfaction, then customer portal software will greatly benefit your business.

How could my business benefit from open portal software?

Improve your decision-making process

Portal development solutions enable you to correctly arrange the data structure to improve your decision-making process. It becomes possible as your team members can reuse past experiences of dealing with similar challenges and investigate previous mistakes to grow their expertise. This way, your business can benefit from building open portal solutions by real-time and instant access to valuable data, deep analysis of previous experience, and faster decision-making.

Enhance team productivity and collaboration

Customer portal software allows you to improve and streamline internal team communication and productivity. Portal solutions enable your employees to perform knowledge sharing, feedback provision, and always be on the same page within a project. Also, you get an improved dataflow between different departments which improves internal communication to work done successfully and faster. Finally, high-quality client portal software helps you accelerate the onboarding process as team members have real-time access to important guidelines and manuals to get started instantly.

Reach high data transfer security

Your business operates and processes tons of documents daily which may become time-consuming and unreliable. Portal software can help you accelerate document management and process large amount of data within a secure online environment. There is no need to use hard drives and cloud storage solutions for data exchange in our modern world. Portal software allows you to complete data transfer within your online platform and benefit from SSL encryption to make exchange as secure as possible.

Advance your customer service

Portal software is a valuable source for your clients to find valuable data and responds to their questions. This way, you can implement marketing features and offer exclusive deals to your clients embedding high personalization. For example, tailor-made news feed and blog posts are great content sections to engage with your leads and reflect their interests. So, customer portal solutions are perfect to personalize your interaction with clients and boost user satisfaction.

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