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Since 2001, we help companies with Salesforce app development. Work with our AppExchange developers to develop Salesforce apps from the scratch. Hire our team to help you optimize your code and customize Salesforce.

Ascendix is a Salesforce app development company. We develop apps for ourselves and help other companies build or improve their apps too.

Today, our apps are used by thousands of users and we know firsthand the challenges you might face when launching and supporting your software products for Salesforce users.

While it seems almost every app has its integration with Salesforce, quite often you might want to integrate your custom software. It might be a bit tricky, but our team is here to help you!

Need Salesforce consulting help? Our Salesforce Consultants will help you with product selection, implementation, and getting onboarded onto this platform, wrapping it to your business practice.

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Let us help you develop custom functionality for your Salesforce org, integrate your systems, or build AppExchange app to target Salesforce users.

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Our Salesforce App Development Services

Multi-Cloud-Software Ascendix

Custom Salesforce App Development

Whether you need to create custom functionality for your Salesforce Org or need help with the improvement of your existing code base, we’ll help! Our Salesforce app developers will create feature-rich and easy-to-use applications that cover your business needs and empower default platform functionality.

Custom Salesforce app development is a perfect choice for your company to create a solution that will solve specific tasks that cannot be addressed by regular Salesforce functionality. For example, our Salesforce developers can help you create powerful search and filtering, brochure generation, document management tools, etc.

Multi-Cloud-Software Ascendix

AppExchange App Development

We can build complex and industry-ready applications to be listed on AppExchange, the Salesforce marketplace. AppExchange app development will become beneficial for your business if you want to create an independent revenue source and access 150,000 Salesforce customers. Also, our software developers can help you develop AppExchange apps for integrating your products with Salesforce.

AppExchange App Listing Launch and Optimization

Being a Salesforce AppExchange certified partner, we will help you publish and optimize your AppExchange app listing and rank better. We know efficient tricks and tips that will help successfully launch your listing and generate a steady revenue source for your company.

Private-Cloud-Software Ascendix

Salesforce Integration Services

Nowadays, Salesforce is one of the top CRM systems that provide countless product integrations. However, if you may still need help with Salesforce integration, our implementation engineers will be happy to help.

Our Salesforce integration services include consolidation of multiple customer relationship management systems and integration of your own products with Salesforce to ensure they provide a seamless workflow.

Private-Cloud-Software Ascendix
CRM-Implementation-and-Customization Ascendix
CRM-Implementation-and-Customization Ascendix

Salesforce Consulting Services

As a certified Salesforce implementation partner, platform developer, app builder, and an AppExchange app developer partner, we provide a wide range of Salesforce consulting services.

Our technical teams will help you with implementation, customization, migration to Salesforce, app selection, system audit, daily administration, data cleansing and migration, and user training. If you are looking for an all-in-one technology partner for Salesforce, then Ascendix is at your service!

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Consulting on Becoming an ISV/OEM Partner for Salesforce

Being a Salesforce AppExchange partner for a long time, we know how to become an ISV or OEM partner time- and cost-efficiently. Our AppExchange consultants will help you pass the process of becoming a partner smoothly and in the shortest time possible.

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Salesforce Products and Technologies We Work With

Ascendix Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot Consultants, Salesforce developers, and administrators can join your project to customize and optimize your Salesforce. Outsource Salesforce administration and development to our team and stay focused on closing your deals.

Benefits of Salesforce App Development

Make Salesforce Work for Your Business

Salesforce provides multiple customization options that cater to your business needs and follow your workflows. However, it is important to implement custom functionality properly and efficiently which is difficult without an experienced technical team. Here come our Salesforce developers that will help you improve out-of-the-box features and reach high team productivity. This way, our Salesforce app development services will help you customize the platform look and feel, create custom objects and fields, automate and streamline your business processes, and finally integrate your app with other tools.

150,000 Salesforce Users Ready to Get Your App

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform which includes 150 thousands of customers that are ready to get your product on a subscription basis. This way, Salesforce app development and AppExchange listing launch may become a steady revenue source for your business. If you want to get the game in your hands, hire Salesforce developers and consultants at Ascendix to successfully build and publish your AppExchange app.

Faster Time-To-Market for Enterprise Apps

Salesforce provides your business with a powerful Lightning Experience which is a component-based framework for Salesforce app development. The tool was designed to simplify processes for business users and let them create new functionality and apps without having any programming experience. It becomes possible with a wide range of ready-made solutions that you can customize and simply drag & drop to your software application. This way, Salesforce app development becomes even faster which means that you can get a reduced time-to-market period and release your product faster.

High Security

When you handle crucial customer relationship data in the cloud, security issues become of utmost importance for your business operations. Salesforce provides its users with the top-notch security protocols of cloud computing that allow keeping your digital assets and other sensitive data in safe. That’s why Salesforce app development is a great choice for your business if you want to build a sustainable, secure, and maintainable application that your end-users will love.

Why Ascendix as a Salesforce App Development Company?

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Why Ascendix?

Deep Expertise in Salesforce App Development

Having launched several own apps and become a certified Salesforce partner, we know all the ins and outs of AppExchange app development. Our expertise allows us to build complex, feature-rich, secure, and scalable Salesforce apps that will expand default platform functionality and solve your specific business challenges.

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Two Revenue Generating AppExchange Apps Currently Listed

Apart from providing Salesforce app development services, we have also launched our own products Ascendix Search and AscendixRE CRM that steadily generate revenue. It means that we have successfully passed the process of compliance and security reviews.

Our software developers and Salesforce consultants will help you build, launch, and support your AppExchange applications and leverage a wide range of opportunities being a certified partner.

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Pilot Project Development

At Ascendix, we know that it is important to validate your business idea and gather users’ feedback before scaling and investing much time and funds. For this reason, we provide Salesforce app development services to both large and pilot projects that want to verify their concept. Feel free to contact us and we will help you transform your idea into a successful pilot project.

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Flexible US-based and Offshore Engagement Models

Salesforce app development budget is one of the key factors when choosing a reliable software development company. Being a customer-focused provider, we decided to outsource product development to offshore locations and reduce final costs for your company many years ago.

This way, you can now strengthen your internal technical team and hire Salesforce developers within a dedicated model.

Otherwise, you can create a full-fledged technical team specifically for your project and our software developers will deliver a great Salesforce app without your active involvement.

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Regular Salesforce Support and Maintenance

Salesforce regularly releases new updates for their products that may often generate multiple bugs and errors in your application. For this reason, our Salesforce developers can help maintain your software product, adapt the environment before upcoming updates, add new features, and instantly fix bugs and errors on a regular basis.

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With our extensive expertise in CRM consulting and development, we have been building Salesforce apps that meet the demands of our clients in commercial real estate, insurance, financial services, transportation, and other domains. Our Salesforce app development services will help you create an all-in-one solution and streamline your business operations.

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Our Clients Say

Roel Waals
Founder and Head of Product, M |ployee

We needed immediate help with developing a major functionality for our core Salesforce solution. It was necessary to deliver a well-tested solution in the short term. Ascendix developed a custom application within Salesforce managed package using Apex, Flows, and metadata configuration. Despite the urgency and multiple challenges, the team was able to understand the current solution and adjust it in time and within the planned budget. As a project supervisor, I was very satisfied by communication with the team, they were replying rapidly, stand-ups, and other meetings were well-structured and effective.

David Noble
Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

When searching for a replacement to our existing CRM system, our situation presented several challenges, the most significant of which was the fact that our individual offices were all using different systems. Different systems meant different processes and different workflows for the users. It also meant that the data migration process would be multiplied by the number of systems that we used. After our initial discussion with the Ascendix team, we quickly realized that we were speaking with a partner in this process, someone as invested in our success as we were.

Zachary F. Weiss
Managing Partner, SAB Capital

We hired Ascendix to help us design a proprietary CRM system built on top of Salesforce. We interviewed many Salesforce/CRM developers and decided to work with Ascendix based on their track record and specific experience working with commercial real estate platforms. They have a fantastic turnkey product for commercial real estate companies, but given our unique needs, we decided to engage them to design a proprietary system that incorporated some of their signature systems such as their mapping app. Everything the team did was impressive. From top-notch communication to product development.

Jordan Christensen
Principal at Calson Properties

Calson Properties hired Ascendix to automate our property management, email campaigns, and contact management. Ascendix configured Salesforce to provide us with the tool we needed. Ascendix has been a fantastic partner through this process. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and always works to find the best solution. They are creative in finding solutions to the unique problems we present. Problems of the past, such as contact management and mass emails no longer plague us.


What is Salesforce & AppExchange?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform which helps organizations boost their marketing, IT, sales, commerce, and other departments’ efficiency. In turn, AppExchange is a Salesforce store or marketplace which provides 5,000+ out-of-the-box solutions that empower and expand default Salesforce functionality and help business solve specific tasks.

Does my business need Salesforce App Development?

In case you use Salesforce CRM within your company, then our Salesforce app development services will be beneficial for your business. You may have already faced the situation when default platform functionality limits your employees in handling business operations, analyzing data, managing your leads and opportunities, etc. Here come our Salesforce developers who will build task-specific solutions to meet all possible needs of your organization and solve business challenges.

Besides, if you have an idea to create a top-notch custom software that will greatly help many users improve their Salesforce experience, then our AppExchange app development services will be beneficial for your company. We will help you build, launch, and support your AppExchange app listing successfully passing all security and compliance review procedures. This way, Ascendix will help you generate a steady revenue source in the time- and cost-efficient manner!

Can I hire several Salesforce developers?

Sure! At Ascendix, we provide flexible engagement models so that you can hire one or several Salesforce developers for your project. What’s more, you can form a separate technical team tailored to your specific project and avoid active engagement. So, we always cater to your business needs and try to meet your budget expectations.

What are your Salesforce developer contract rates?

Salesforce app development costs greatly depend on the functionality, UI/UX design, and scale of your application. Our sales managers will gladly provide you with our Salesforce developer contract rates when you answer several simple questions.

Have you built own AppExchange products?

Yes! Apart from providing Salesforce app development services, we have successfully developed two products Ascendix Search and AscendixRE CRM that help thousands of users improve their Salesforce experience. Such AppExchange app development expertise will be beneficial for your company as we will help you pass all compliance and security review procedures smoothly and cost-efficiently.

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