Ascendix Search App Development for Salesforce Users

Advanced search tool that provides multi-criteria & multi-object search functionality to revolutionize the way Salesforce users work with data.

Since 1996, Ascendix has been working with multiple CRM systems, including ACT!, SalesLogix, Telegamic, Maximizer, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and many others.

Such a vast experience allowed us to discover all the pain points and challenges our clients face while using their customer relationship management systems.

This way, we manifested the problem that thousands of companies find it difficult to search for and work with their Salesforce CRM data efficiently.

For this reason, Ascendix decided to build an effective and one-stop solution that will help users to empower their Salesforce experience with advanced and easy-to-use search functionality and make data work for them.

Learn how we built Ascendix Search for Salesforce users and find out the key challenges we faced, the core technical solutions we developed, and how your business can benefit through connecting your Salesforce experience with an advanced Ascendix search tool.



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Build effective search and filtering systems

to let commercial real estate brokers have a complete overview of their business in one place and minimize customizations needed. Brokers should be able to use Sales, Lease, Properties, Listings, Availabilities, Preferences Objects to track industry-specific data with pre-built fields and workflows.

Develop an advanced geo mapping feature

which will help brokers create call and email lists within different criteria, monitor lease expiry and move-in dates of clients, mass edit and mass update records, add notes, events, and calls simultaneously. This way, brokers will be able to improve their communications with clients, increase customer satisfaction rate, and boost deal close rates.

Implement a powerful dashboard with charts and graphs

Implement the feature which will allow users to convert the search results into detailed graphs and charts to get better data insights. Moreover, users should have the possibility to customize and prebuild charts for each object, find mistakes and missed data, and correct them. Also, users should be able to filter generated search results by picking certain segments of graphs and charts. In such a way, this functionality will help users to convert raw data into a visualized, meaningful, and valuable graph and chart content to better analyze data, spot trends, and improve multiple strategies.

Build the Salesforce related list generation tool

Develop an algorithm which allows end-users to generate related lists that include data from multiple Salesforce objects simultaneously. This way, users can build, save, and share custom related lists, append columns from all related objects to the result view in a few minutes. This way, the functionality allows end-users to have a full-blast overview of all accounts and their contacts accompanied with related objects in one place.

Create an easy-to-use Salesforce data export/import tool

Add ability to export Salesforce data to Excel (xls) or Comma-separated values (CSV) formats. It means that end-users will need to perform only two simple actions to automatically download the needed results in the required file type. So, users will be able to select the desired records and click the Export button to download a file with the chosen search results. Moreover, admins should be able to set the maximum amount limit for records that a specific user can export at one go. Finally, admins should have an opportunity to block Salesforce data export for a certain user or group of users if needed.

Develop a mass edit, email, follow, and unfollow feature

Create the functionality which will allow users to mass email, mass follow, and mass unfollow leads, contacts, and any other objects in Salesforce in a simple way. First, end-users should be able to create accurate lists with multiple criteria. For example, ‘email is not blank’ should be an available field in contrast to the basic Salesforce functionality which does not allow users to select this query. Second, brokers should get the chance to send mass emails to the cached system views and saved search results,. images, attachments from local machine or shared documents.

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For years, we have supported our customers who use Salesforce by knowing their business so that we can help to optimize their orgs. We do this by continuously monitoring their critical business workflows and keeping them in line with ever-changing events that require changes. Though this process does resolve our customer's needs, the time from the case opening to the time that the case is resolved, on average, is about a day and half. Our customers understand this and simply wait for the report then use it once to handle their need and then the report, most of the time, doesn't get used again.

Through Ascendix Search testing, we have discovered that we are capable now of offering this tool to our customers to provide a user-friendly solution to capture a view of their data without writing reports. Users can now search many objects, select specific fields, filter, and export the view.

- Mike McGibbony, Executive at White Rock Technologies

Technologies We Used


Ascendix Search Filtering Tools Case Study| Ascendix
Ascendix Search Filtering Tools Case Study| Ascendix
Powerful and Intuitive Search and Filtering Tools

We built an easy-to-use and feature-rich search and filtering system that allows end-users to speed up and enhance their work experience with Salesforce data. The built functionality enables users to set search filters, add required values or select them from a drop-down list, and add related objects. Besides, users now have an opportunity to append AND, OR, and NOT IN operators that greatly narrow down the search results. Also, Ascendix Search allows utilizing cross-objects which means that users can now perform various complex multi-object searches in a simple manner. Apart from these features, end-users can save and reuse search results for analysis and visualization in the future.

Ascendix Search Geo Mapping Tool Case Study | Ascendix
Advanced Geo Mapping Tool

We created a fully-fledged geo-mapping feature to improve the search experience on Salesforce. Ascendix Search users can now draw geometric shapes on a map to select the desired area with records they want to get. It means that users are able to generate a detailed map overview with properties and availabilities. This way, users get access to a preview format of records with an opportunity to retrieve general information about each desired record. Moreover, Ascendix Search provides users with the functionality to transform Salesforce lists into a map visualization with pushpins for better data analysis, meeting planning, and effective campaign management.

Ascendix Search Geo Mapping Tool Case Study | Ascendix
Ascendix Search Charts and Graphs Functionality Case Study | Ascendix
Ascendix Search Charts and Graphs Functionality Case Study | Ascendix
Insightful Charts and Graphs for Salesforce Data

We implemented the functionality which allows end-users to transform received search results into meaningful and detailed charts and graphs to analyze and get the most out of data insights. Besides, users can now customize and prebuild graphs for each object, detect pitfalls and missing data, and improve them. What’s more, Ascendix Search allows users to filter the received search data by selecting specific segments of charts and graphs. It means that users can transform initial data into insightful, meaningful, and visualized graphs and charts to improve data analysis, trend discovery, and achieve better planning.

Ascendix Search Related List Generation Tool Case Study | Ascendix
Simple and Fast Related List Generation Tool

We developed an algorithm that enables users to build related lists that can contain information from different Salesforce objects at the same time. It means that end-users can create, save, and share custom related lists, add columns from each related object to the final list in a matter of seconds. In such a way, Ascendix Search empowers Salesforce users to get an all-inclusive overview of existing accounts and their contacts together with the added related objects in one place.

Ascendix Search Related List Generation Tool Case Study | Ascendix
Ascendix Search Salesforce Data Export Case Study | Ascendix
Ascendix Search Salesforce Data Export Case Study | Ascendix
Easy Salesforce Data Export

Salesforce doesn’t provide a quick way to export selected data to Excel. With Ascendix Search, users can easily export Salesforce data to Excel and CSV. Ascendix Search allows end-users to complete only two easy steps to download the needed records in a preferred format. So, users just need to select the desired records and then click the Export button to download a file with the selected data. Besides, admins have an opportunity to limit the maximum amount of records a certain user can export at once. In case admins want to forbid data export for a certain user, they can easily do it with the help of Ascendix Search.

Ascendix Search Mass Email Tool Case Study | Ascendix
Effective Mass Email Tool

We built the functionality which enables end-users to mass email, follow, and unfollow leads, contacts, and other custom objects in Salesforce easily and efficiently. Ascendix Search allows users to create precise lists using multiple attributes like ‘email is not blank’ which is not available in basic Salesforce functionality. Also, end-users now can send mass emails to the saved system view and cached search results adding images and attachments from your local machine or shared documents.

Ascendix Search Mass Email Tool Case Study | Ascendix


Out of the box flexibility Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

High Flexibility Out-Of-The-Box

We have completed a great scope of work dedicated to customizing the CRM platform used by JLL and integrating it with our AscendixRE product to provide the company with powerful commercial real estate functionality. This way, we fully solved the issue of poor CRM adoption for Jones Lang LaSalle and helped them integrate their real estate information that now allows their brokers to track properties, leases, sales, and other opportunities. So, our CRM consulting services helped the company increase its Dynamics 365 CRM adoption by six times.

Out of the box flexibility Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix
Improved custom service Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

Improved Customer Service

AscendixRE provides a wide range of valuable and helpful features for brokers that operate in the real estate industry. A 360-degree property overview with an ability to store and track leases and availabilities, display multiple properties on a map, generate PDF stacking plans, and keep all needed information in one place increases the productivity of brokers when contacting prospects and clients. Besides, AscendixRE allows to store all relationships data in one bucket and perform more meaningful and precise conversation sessions with leads in a question-and-answer format which greatly boosts customer satisfaction and the service you provide.

Improved custom service Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix
White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

White Glove Concierge and Support

Our CRM consultants, implementation engineers, and IT support teams will help you successfully and effortlessly perform the onboarding process to adopt AscendixRE and get down the road with your daily activities. We will answer your questions, help with any customizations, train your internal team to use the platform efficiently and easily, and generally support your business during the trial period and afterward. Moreover, our concierge and IT support teams will help you with data import and cleansing, system integration, and AscendixRE customization.

White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

Watch Ascendix Search Demo

In this video, see overview of the Ascendix Search functionality:

We migrated over to Salesforce from Microsoft Dynamics with an overwhelmed amount of data and no easy, straightforward way to sift through it all. Ascendix Search has given us the ability to create customizable views for prospecting and targeted marketing. It is extremely user-friendly and great for those who were overwhelmed with reports. The page split view means you never have to toggle between records and your results and has been helpful when we need to visualize the data on a map. Ascendix Search has revolutionized the way our brokers cold-call. It has also given us valuable insight into where our data may be lacking and how to improve on that.

- Hal Penchan, Altschuler and Company