Ascendix Became a Silver Partner at the Kharkiv PM Day

October 28, 2022
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Kharkiv, March 2020  – Ascendix Technologies became a Silver Partner at the Kharkiv Project Management Day.

Ascendix Tatiana Vichkanova (Senior PM) and Ivan Nesterenko (PM) presented our approach to Agile software development and held a workshop to show how it works.

For us, it was a great time for collaboration, new knowledge, and connections.

Kharkiv PM Day Sponsorship Ascendix 2

Ascendix stand on Kharkiv PM Day

About Kharkiv PM Day

Kharkiv PM day is an annual event that gathers project managers, product managers, Scrum Masters, and Product owners to share the latest trends, tips, and tricks in project management techniques of software development projects.

It is a one-day conference with workshops for those who are looking to level up their project management skills.

Scrum Training by Ascendix Tatiana Vichkanova during Kharkiv PM Day

Tatiana Vichkanova on a Scrum workshop

About Ascendix Technologies

Ascendix Technologies is a software engineering company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with an offshore software development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Kharkiv is the second-largest tech city in Ukraine with over 31k tech experts and 5k tech graduates annually. That was one of the reasons for selecting this city for our office. Today, we have over 100 employees in the Kharkiv office and keep growing.

We heavily invest in knowledge sharing events, training of our team and are willing to share our approach, tips, and tricks and lessons we learned since our founding in 1996.

And no wonder events like Kharkiv PM day are very popular.

See you at the next events!


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