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Implement cross-platform enterprise search to enhance the user experience and provide precise search results to your users.

Both small businesses and large enterprises handle tons of files, documents, presentations, and other types of content daily. The data volume constantly grows and makes it difficult for your team members and clients to find valuable information. Thus, your employees become ineffective, spend ample time on daily tasks, and your clients may go to competitors. At Ascendix, we know how to help your business stay competitive and efficient with the help of enterprise search system development.

Enterprise search software is a powerful solution that provides your company with quick data access, high team productivity, enhanced customer service, and cost-effectiveness. First, your team members can process bulk information faster through advanced data indexation and a search-friendly approach.

Moreover, an effective and fast enterprise search gives your clients an advanced user experience as they no longer need to manually pass through multiple online pages to find some data. Valuable information is stored in an enterprise platform and can be easily accessed by your leads and customers. This way, you can greatly boost user satisfaction thus offering better customer service.

Finally, the benefits of enterprise search include high team productivity and collaboration. Properly trained staff and long-term expertise allow your internal teams to find, analyze, and handle data in a faster, quality, and efficient way. This way, an enterprise search software tailored for your specific needs and preferences will become a powerful feature for your company.

We’ve built some big data search and mobile desktop applications that help our customers experience fast natural language search. Some applications require this, where I need to find data, I don’t want to build some complex query, I just need to ask the system “help me search for this information. Narrow my results” and I can’t wait several seconds. I need it immediately. I might be on a tablet or I might be on a phone or I might be on a desktop device. We’ve built a set of technologies. One we call EDGE, we’ve taken some industry technology, such as Elasticsearch and Cosmos DB, and we use them together. We’ve added some of our own things like user management and configuration, some Schema tools that help us take something like this and build a back end. And then we have a front end with SmartClient mobile that allows to give a user interface into this back end. So, we’ve been able to take these products, combine them with the Dynamics or Salesforce back end, but we’ve also been able to use it by itself, build applications using these tools.

Todd Terry, Co-Founder & CTO at Ascendix Tech

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Our Enterprise Search Solutions

Ascendix Search Improved Customer Service Case Study | Ascendix
Ascendix Search

We have been providing enterprise search software services for many years and decided to build our own solution for Salesforce users. Ascendix Search is a powerful multi-criteria and multi-object search tool which allows you to process maps, charts, custom objects, and filter search results by multiple operators.

Moreover, you can instantly analyze your search results with charts and graphs and then select needed segments to narrow your data insights. Ascendix Search also allows your employees to share their search results within their team or department which greatly improves your internal productivity.

So, our fast enterprise search software can greatly empower your team productivity, skyrocket the lead generation process, and boost financial outcomes. If you want to know more about our enterprise search software product, you can take a look at the detailed case study.

Ascendix Search Improved Customer Service Case Study | Ascendix

Our enterprise search software development expertise allowed us to implement the best practices and latest industry standards to build an advanced property listing portal MarketSpace for brokers. It is a top-notch marketing and sales tool that allows commercial real estate companies and agents to enhance communication with clients, boost the lead-to-deal process, and finally, increase sales.

It became possible by implementing powerful search and filtering tools that allow brokers to search, analyze, store, and modify data in a fast and easy way.

For example, brokers can now use map view for filtered search results, draw custom shapes on a map to specify an exact location, and narrow down the area of interest, and leverage powerful search data analysis to improve the decision-making process.

So, if you want to learn more features and details about the MarketSpace enterprise search software development, feel free to read a full case study.

SmartClient for JLL

Our vast experience in CRM consulting and enterprise search system development allowed us to help Jones Lang LaSalle increase their CRM adoption by six times and supply them with powerful recruiting abilities. We made it possible by building a powerful web application SmartClient powered by advanced enterprise search tools.

Namely, we have implemented an advanced map search feature that allows brokers to view search results on a map and interact with each record in a fast and intuitive way accessing preview information.

Besides, our enterprise search system development expertise allowed us to boost data analysis with powerful dashboards. Brokers can now review activity statistics and build detailed charts and graphs to better analyze overall company performance and transform raw data into visualized data-driven insights.

So, if you want to learn more features and details about our custom enterprise search software development for JLL, please take a look at the full case study.


Why Ascendix as an Enterprise Search Software Development Partner?

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Vast Expertise in Building Search Enterprise Software

We have been building enterprise search solutions for 10+ years. This experience allows us to grow our expertise and create our own Ascendix Search solution. This way, we have a solid knowledge of solving different challenges and can help you build effective software based on your needs and preferences.


IT Support and Maintenance Services

Enterprise search solutions are a huge system that requires regular updates, improvements, and support. For these reasons, we provide maintenance services after the development process to ensure your software runs smoothly and without any errors. In case any bugs occur, our expert support engineers will quickly solve the existing issues and improve your software performance.

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Usage of Latest Technologies

At Ascendix, we constantly monitor the technology trends and get the aid of the latest tech stack to build reliable, scalable, and high-capacity solutions for your business. For example, we use Elastic Search, Microsoft, Algolia, and Apache tools when building efficient enterprise search software for our clients.

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Experience in Accelerating Search Functionality

Our solid and years-long expertise in enterprise search software development allowed us to help lots of companies speed up their search experience and functionality. It became possible by using ElasticSearch technology which provides high processing and indexing algorithms out-of-the-box.

This way, we can implement the latest industry standards and best practices, cater to your business needs, and build a powerful custom enterprise search software that will boost your search experience many times.

Industries We Focus On


What is enterprise search software?

An enterprise search system is a software that uses indexing algorithms and search engines to find, collect, and display data from multiple sources within your organization. This way, your business can retrieve bulk information and process that data in a fast, secure, and compliant way. Apart from indexing, enterprise search software allows you to collect and filter data by multiple criteria providing quick access to the search results.

Does my business need enterprise search software?

If you want to search for, collect, filter, and organize a large amount of business data and digital assets effectively, then search enterprise software is a perfect solution for your company. Moreover, you can reach a higher level of accuracy for your search results by AI predictive technologies. Best enterprise search engines include such intelligent features as key-phrase extraction, organization detection, and Optical Character Recognition that can greatly empower your search experience and boost business efficiency.

How could my business benefit from enterprise search software?

Boost your decision-making process

Enterprise search software allows your company to find, access, and process a vast amount of data instantly. This becomes possible by advanced AI predictive enterprise search engines that use high-end indexing algorithms and intelligent technologies. It means that your employees no longer need to manually search through and handle bulk data spending much time and decreasing your business efficiency. Instant access and quick processing of valuable data allow you to make decisions faster thus contacting more prospects and increasing your financial outcomes.

Improve your team productivity

Enterprise search software is about fast access and search for data that bring long-term benefits to your business. As your employees save much time and efforts they put in seeking for information, they can effectively contribute to your organization and endeavor to solve major challenges. Processing of documents and digital assets becomes properly organized without inefficient replication of work. Also, a fast enterprise search software requires your employees to be fully trained and know how to effectively use it to find data and process it. This way, we can build a powerful and fast enterprise search software and train your employees to boost team productivity.

Upgrade customer service

Your customers and clients often search for valuable information like guidelines and manuals on your website. It can become time-consuming as clients manually go through bulk data of online pages and need to put much effort to find relevant search results. Also, you can provide additional important information for your prospects and leads to minimizing the amount of clarifying questions. So, with the help of fast search enterprise software, you can greatly improve customer service and enhance user satisfaction with quick data access.

Why ElasticSearch for my business?

At Ascendix, we use ElasticSearch in enterprise search system development to provide your business with a wide range of benefits:

High performance

ElasticSearch provides your business with a high data processing speed due to distributed inverted indexes algorithm. It means that the tool will greatly boost search result generation speed as it quickly finds the core matches for your full-text search requests even within large data sets.

Cost saving

ElasticSearch can help your business reduce hardware maintenance costs as it successfully stores big amounts of data in the cloud. This way, you get faster access to the needed information and save much funds through cloud computing.

Improved data analysis

Want to transform raw data into comprehensive and visually appealing content for better analysis? ElasticSearch provides powerful data analysis tools out-of-the-box that allows you to build informative graphs and improve your decision-making process by using reasonable data-driven insights.

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