Document Abstraction: What Is It and How It Works

July 9, 2024
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Managing a large volume of documents can be overwhelming for any industry. AI document abstraction technology is an innovative solution to this, offering a modern way to simplify and automate document processing. By extracting and organizing critical information, document abstraction software helps businesses reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and optimize their operations.

In this article, we will define document abstraction, outline the major benefits of its use in different industries, and describe the typical workflow in an AI document summary tool based on practical experience we already have.

What Is a Document Abstract?

A document abstract is a concise summary of the key information contained in a document. Typically, a document abstract includes the main points of the document, key clauses or arguments presented, providing readers with a quick overview without needing to read the entire document.

Such document summary helps streamline information retrieval, facilitating decision-making, especially in document-heavy industries. An AI document summary tool generating an abstract document makes paperwork management more convenient by highlighting the essential content and making it easier to understand the document’s purpose and relevance.

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What Is Document Abstraction?

Document abstraction is the process of extracting data and summarizing essential information from documents. Document abstraction software uses AI and NLP technologies to identify and capture key data points from the text and generate document summaries. This helps simplify managing, analyzing, and utilizing large volumes of documents for various industries.

By utilizing document abstraction services, it is possible to enhance accuracy, reduce manual effort, and streamline business workflows, particularly in document-heavy industries such as finance, healthcare, and legal services.

document abstraction tool example

Document Abstraction AI Tool

Benefits of Document Abstraction

Document abstraction is an extremely convenient way of getting the essence of the document fast, quickly recalling important points from it, and therefore saving loads of time and energy.

Document abstraction services are especially helpful for document-heavy industries, such as:

  • Real estate. AI document summary tool streamlines the management of property documents, contracts, lease and purchase agreements, and valuation reports, providing timely access to critical information. Some of the real-world applications of document abstraction in real estate are:
    • Due Diligence. Review rental lease agreements faster and efficiently identify possible opportunities and risks.
    • Market Analysis. Gather data from available property reports and identify market trends.
    • Financial Modeling. Extract figures from financial documents to build precise and current models.
    • Contract Review. Speed up the review process by summarizing key terms, conditions, and dates from complex real estate contracts.
    • Client Reporting. Create concise summaries of property status, financials, and market conditions for easier client updates.
  • Finance. In the finance industry, document abstraction services make managing financial documents, such as statements, invoices, and reports, faster and easier by automating the extraction of critical data. This leads to improved financial analysis, faster decision-making, and increased accuracy.
  • Legal. Lawyers, attorneys, and other professionals in the legal sphere will highly benefit from document abstraction services, which can significantly reduce the time and effort required for manual document review and improve the management of case files, contracts, and other legal documents by automating the extraction of key information, such as dates, parties involved, and critical clauses.
  • Insurance. Similarly to the legal sphere, insurance services can be greatly improved with document abstraction software which streamlines the processing of claims, policies, and underwriting documents by automatically extracting vital information. This reduces the need for manual work, minimizes errors, and accelerates the handling of claims and policy management.
  • Healthcare. In healthcare, a document summary tool can revolutionize patient record management through automated extraction of the data from medical records, reports, and forms, and generating a comprehensive summary for faster access to medical information and more efficient healthcare operations.

Want to Use AI in Your Real Estate Document Workflows?

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Document Abstraction Workflow

Step 1: Document Upload

Users register, authorize, and upload documents from local storage or cloud-based platforms into the AI document abstraction tool.

Step 2: Data Extraction with Document OCR

  1. The AI tool uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to analyze images of text and convert them into machine-readable text.
  2. Uploaded documents are pre-processed to enhance quality, involving tasks like image cropping, noise reduction, and contrast adjustment.
  3. OCR algorithms detect and locate text areas, identifying lines, words, and individual characters.
  4. Characters are recognized using pattern recognition techniques, where the document abstraction software compares the characters from the document against an existing database of known characters.
  5. Recognized characters are organized into words, sentences, and paragraphs, often utilizing Natural Language Processing for context and accuracy.
  6. The final output undergoes post-processing to correct errors, improve accuracy, and format the extracted text according to the original layout.
Document Abstraction OCR Process

How OCR Works in Document Abstraction

Step 3: Review of Document Abstraction Results

The document summary tool creates a notification for the human to review any questionable or unclear fields to ensure the highest accuracy. This combination of automated processing and human oversight ensures high reliability of data extraction even in high-risk spheres like finance or legal.

Step 4: Generation of a Document Abstract

Once the OCR data extraction process is complete, the document abstraction software processes the data using NLP algorithms.

  1. The text of the document is split into small chunks of up to 8 thousand words.
  2. The chunks of text are then stored in vector databases, which allows for their fast retrieval and storage efficiency.
  3. By using pre-set prompts, the AI system summarizes the uploaded document with the help of NLP technology. NLP helps the AI document summary tool to understand and extract crucial information from the text, like names, dates, key clauses, and other details.
  4. AI document summary tool then provides the user with a concise and convenient summary, which will then be used for further management and analysis.
Document Abstraction Stages

How AI Document Abstraction Software Works

Step 5: Automated AI Data Entry

After generating an AI document abstract, the software can integrate the data into the business’s CRM systems, databases, or other applications.

AI Document Abstraction: Ascendix’s Framework for Your Business

Ascendix has been a pioneer in the business automation market since 1996, boasting extensive real estate experience of more than two decades. Throughout our journey, we’ve kept a keen eye on AI technology progression, mastering its implementation in proptech software.

We’ve built a bespoke document abstraction framework, specifically designed for the real estate market. This ensures you will get a tailored document abstraction tool fast and avoid using off-shelf generic tools that might not fully suit the requirements of real estate documentation.

Why Choose Ascendix for Building Your Document Abstraction Tool?

  • Expertise in Real Estate AI and Software Development: Our team brings over twenty years of experience to the table, focusing on crafting customized AI software solutions for various industries, with a particular emphasis on real estate.
  • Collaborative Success with Industry Giants: We pride ourselves on our partnerships with key figures in the real estate realm, such as JLL and Colliers, along with over 300 of our clients worldwide. Together, we create specialized in-house software solutions that precisely address your business’s unique needs.
  • Worldwide Influence and Expertise: With operations across five international offices, Ascendix unites exclusive talents from all around the globe. Our US office, coupled with European outsourcing, allows us to add a worldly perspective on trends and demands to our solutions, ensuring excellence, reliability, and exceeded client expectations.

Ascendix AI Document Abstraction Services:

  • Custom AI Tool Development: We deliver custom AI solutions tailored for the real estate industry, including specialized AI tools for document abstraction, all designed to align with your specific business objectives.
  • AI Integration Services: Whether it’s integrating new AI tools or optimizing existing ones, we ensure a smooth incorporation into your business processes, eliminating the need to juggle multiple screens and keeping your data in perfect harmony.
  • Consultancy: Our experienced AI team is at your disposal to guide you in choosing the AI solution that best fits your business, guaranteeing a perfect match for your needs.
  • Technical Audit: Ascendix can conduct a thorough audit of your current software and offer enhancements and the addition of new AI functionalities as needed.

Schedule a free consultation today to discover how Ascendix can revolutionize your document abstraction with AI.

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What is an abstract document?

An abstract document is a concise summary that highlights the main points and key information contained within a larger document. A document abstract provides a brief overview of the document, allowing readers to quickly understand the essential content without reading the entire paper. Abstracts are a valuable tool to quickly assess the relevance and sense of the full text without reading the latter one.

What is the process of abstraction?

Document abstraction process involves extracting essential information from a document to create a concise summary that highlights key points and important details. This typically includes identifying critical data such as names, dates, clauses, and main themes while omitting extraneous information. In automated systems, this process uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to scan, recognize, and interpret text. The resulting abstract provides a clear overview of the information from the original document.


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