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October 28, 2022
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Charleroi, 19 November 2019 – Ascendix team attended the press conference of our client where they announced the launch of Door2Gate, a shared shuttle-bus service to get to Airports.

Their customers can now book tickets for a private or shared shuttle minibus online or over the phone to get from their home or the nearest shuttle bus stop to any airport and vice versa.

Flibco presentation Ascendix clients


It's one of a kind experience to attend a client’s press conference as they roll out a new software platform delivered by our team. Most of what we do is usually behind the scenes, under NDA, or for our products. A few rare times, however, we get to show off just what a great team we’ve built at Ascendix Technologies.

Todd Terry, Ascendix CTO

The press conference went well and we are proud to be a part of the event.


custom app development for Flibco Ascendix

Alex Tregubov and Ascendix Team on a press-conference

About Flibco is a part of the Sales Lentz Group, one of the leading transportation companies in Luxembourg. provides private airport shuttle services in main Western European countries like Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, and Hungary.

With a help of shuttle transportation apps, their customers can book online a private or shared shuttle minibus from their home or the nearest shuttle bus stop to any airport and vice versa.

press conference launch Ascendix Clients

In 2018 they were preparing for a tender to become the main transportation partner for Charleroi airport. Full integration of the airport transport system was one of the key requirements and Flibco managed to win the tender by offering the most optimal solution.

“Really big companies like Keolis and Flixbus were applying but at the end in March 2019 Flibco won this tender. Now in Charleroi, we have a kind of monopole where we are setting up new infrastructure in front of the airport and a unique Flibco-branded mobility center that you will not find on any airport in Europe. The people go out of the terminals and reach directly in our mobility center to go to different cities.” Tobias Stueber

on Flibco presentation Ascendix clients

Tobias Stueber, the on a press conference

In early 2019 Tobias Stueber and Alex Tregubov from contacted Ascendix to help them improve their current systems and build a cross-platform app for their future service aimed to innovate the way people travel to and from airports.

“We were contacting companies, but they were all not right for us because they were arrogant. And then Alex had an idea to reach out to Ascendix Technologies and I met Wes and Todd. I explained them my ideas and what is my spirit. We made a test within a driver application and just optimized it for our bus drivers because there was a huge demand. And it worked amazing.” Tobias Stueber, CEO.

Ascendix and continue working together and currently develop new software solutions aimed to disrupt the transportation industry.

Read our in-depth interview with Tobias Stueber and Alex Tregubov to learn more about, their challenges as a transportation company during COVID 19, and how technology helps them innovate the transportation industry.


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