Best Software for Real Estate Investors: Top 13 Tools You Will Want to Use

May 22, 2024
15 min

In real estate investing leveraging the best software for real estate investors is crucial for achieving success and maximizing returns. Real estate investment software is designed to streamline property management, facilitate financial analysis, and offer valuable insights into investment opportunities. Discover the best software for real estate investors tailored to meet their specific needs and enabling them to thrive in a competitive market.

There is a great variety of property investment tools available in the market. Some examples are

  • Stessa
  • RealData
  • Valuate
  • ReiSift
  • PropStream

With an array of real estate investment software options available, it is crucial to understand the specifics of each one before making a decision. Our article describes the features, pricing, and gives our expert opinion on 13 examples of real estate investment software – your task is to decide on the most suitable for your needs.

StessaReal estate investment management platformfree or $20/month
Real DataReal estate analysis softwarefrom $85/month
ValuateInvestment analysis and valuationfree or from $19/month
REISiftMarketing and CRM platform for real estatefrom $49/month
PropStreamProperty data providerfrom $99/month
DocuSignElectronic signature service providerfrom $10/month
DealMachineInvestment analysis, modeling, and marketing platformfrom $79/month
PayYourRentOnline rent payment toolfrom $10/month
RentometerRent prices comparison toolfrom $29/month
RubikOff-market property wholesaling platform0.9% from property price
TheAnalyst PROReal estate investment management platformfrom $70/month
Property TrackerInvestment analysis and modeling platformfree or from $407/year
OpendoorOnline property marketplace5% from property price

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Stessa serves as a cloud-based property asset management software that simplifies rental property financial management.

Stessa may be used to optimize potential profits through automated tracking of income and expenses, customized reporting for individual properties and portfolios, and intelligent financial management tools.

This real estate investment software provides essential tools for asset management and workflow optimization for both businesses and individuals. Stessa is also an example of free real estate investing software which provides the essential features at no cost, so it might be worth trying for new investors, too.

Main features:

  • Unlimited tracking of properties
  • Automated financial reports (inc. Income & expense tracking)
  • Monthly reports
  • Automated accounting
  • Tax management tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Document storage and e-signing
  • Automated rent collection
  • Performance dashboards creation and management


  • Essentials: free
  • Pro: 20$ per month

Our Expert Opinion

When talking about the best software for real estate investors, Stessa is a go-to solution which offers all-in-one platform to efficiently manage rental properties.

Through Stessa, investors can track finances, generate reports, store documents, manage tenants, and deal with taxes and accounting. Stessa enables investors to stay organized, keep track of the cash flow and processes, and easily manage portfolios.

However, unlike some other property investment software, Stessa does not include marketing and communication tools, possibilities to find and buy new properties, and market trends analysis. To sum up, Stessa is best to stay organized with existing properties and manage finances, taxes, documents and tenants efficiently.


RealData is a provider of software solutions focusing on property valuation, investment analysis, and financial modeling.

This real estate investment software enables users to make informed decisions by evaluating rental properties, estimating potential appreciation, and analyzing key benchmarks crucial for successful real estate investments.

RealData may be the best software for real estate investors to assess a property’s worth and determine whether a property is a sound long-term investment. RealData allows easy assessment of rental properties and renovations by considering their current value, projected appreciation, rental benchmarks, and other factors.

Main features:

  • Portfolio and property comparison analysis
  • Assessment of short-term renovation projects
  • Lease renewal assumptions
  • Partnership analysis
  • Lease vs Buy analysis
  • Expenses management
  • Potential property deals finder
  • New financing options


  • REIA Professional:
    • 30-day license: $85
    • One-time fee: $595
  • REIA Express:
    • 30-day license: $85
    • One-time fee: $159
  • REIA Quick:
    • One-time fee: $50

Our Expert Opinion

Real Data is one of the best software for real estate investors to analyze the situation on the real estate market and decide on the best options for investment.

The major benefits of this real estate investment software are comprehensive properties and investment analysis, potential rental income assessment, cash flow projections, investment modeling, access to market trends, and possibility of long-term investment analysis based on multiple criteria.

However, Real Data may be complex to use without previous technical and/or financial experience, might require some training, and may be a significant investment if used rarely. Moreover, the company does not yet provide a 30-day license for Mac OS. Summing up, this real estate investment software is a good source of reliable information best for seasoned investors who want to make data-driven decisions.

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Valuate, developed by REFM, serves as the best software for real estate investors option for the ones involved in multifamily core and value-add real estate investment. Specializing in providing property investment tools for property valuation and financial modeling, Valuate empowers users to model properties starting from the rent roll all the way to unit renovations, refinancing, and eventual sales.

The software accommodates various income-producing multifamily properties, as well as short-term fix-and-flip ventures. Its analytical tools include a cap rate calculator, monthly and annual ROI assessment, cash flow and resale analysis, and cash on cash returns.

Main features:

  • Commercial real estate, multi-family, hotel, and self-storage analysis
  • Risks and opportunities analysis
  • Cash flow analysis for acquisition and disposition of existing properties
  • File storage and shared access to documents
  • Interactive comparison mode for documents
  • Long-term cash flow and taxes analysis for existing properties


  • Low-rise: free
  • Mid-rise: $19 per month or $199 per year
  • High-rise: $49 per month or $499 per year

Our Expert Opinion:

Valuate is the best real estate investment software for experienced investors who understand the importance of well-rounded real estate investment analysis.

The benefits of Valuate as your main real estate investment analysis software are analysis of various investment options, like multifamily or storage units, ROI assessment, cash flow analysis, cash-on-cash returns, and user-friendly interface.

The drawbacks include quite limited functionality – the platform does not include the communication and marketing tools and the search for possibly profitable investment opportunities. Therefore, Valuate can be used if the investors are interested in financial management and analysis, tax management, and keeping all the property information in one place.


REISift is a real estate investment software dedicated to empowering real estate investors with the tools to expand their deal-making capabilities.

REISift is one of the best real estate investment analysis software which enables users to leverage existing data effectively, incorporating sophisticated skip tracing, integrated direct mail services, advanced data tagging and monitoring, and a complete CRM system for efficient lead management, within a single platform.

REISift interface

REISift Interface

Designed by investors for investors, REISift’s all-in-one real estate asset management dashboard facilitates the growth and success of real estate businesses, providing a streamlined approach to maximizing investment opportunities and driving profitability.

Main Features:

  • Instant Skip Tracing
  • USPS Vacancy Check & Absentee Filtering
  • Fully integrated direct mail
  • Unlimited list management
  • Advanced filtering for targeted marketing
  • Advanced integrations & Zapier
  • Advanced data cleansing
  • Complete CRM


$49 per month, the company provides a 7-day free trial.

Our Expert Opinion

REISift is the best real estate software for investors that provides a comprehensive suite of tools, from marketing to investment analysis and CRM.

The benefits include skip tracing, integrated mail, data monitoring, and a CRM system, all within a user-friendly platform. REISift streamlines lead management and overall workflow efficiency.

However, users may encounter issues while learning more advanced platform’s features, or not all features of the platform may be highly relevant and used. Investors should evaluate these factors to determine whether REISift meets their desires and needs, especially if the investment into platform occupies a big part of the budget.

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PropStream is a provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. This real estate investment software empowers real estate entrepreneurs with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Propstream interface

PropStream Interface

PropStream is the best software for real estate investors who do not have full access to the required real estate data to analyze market, MLS history, mortgage records, evaluate and compare properties.

Moreover, PropStream provides comprehensive information about possible leads and tools to reach them and increase the number of closed deals, which makes the company best real estate investor software for targeted and well-organized marketing.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive nationwide data
  • Property search
  • Targeted leads search
  • Accurate comps based on MLS records and county recordings
  • Neighborhood trends analysis
  • Up-to-date property recordings
  • Marketing stats tracking
  • Rehab cost estimator
  • Mobile app


  • Basic access: $99 per month, with 7-day free trial
  • List Automator (add-on): $27 additional per month
  • Team Member (add-on): $20 additional per month

Our Expert Opinion

PropStream is a real estate software for investors which provides relevant data and helps make informed decisions.

This real estate investment software has unique access to a wide range of comprehensive and reliable real estate data sources nationwide. The company benefits are market insights in the target area, market trends analysis, opportunities identification, and marketing tools and automation.

However, the price is a drawback, as the basic PropStream subscription plan may be costly not only for individual investors, but even for companies. Moreover, the tool does not analyze existing properties, track investment data, manage finances and taxes, and project future investment. Therefore, there must be one more tool, dedicated specifically to these needs.


DocuSign provides software for secure electronic signatures. DocuSign is the best software for real estate investors who are tired of piles of paperwork and want to streamline their document workflows, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and enhancing overall efficiency.

Although not exclusively a property investment software, DocuSign has all the capabilities to simplify the process of signing, sending, and managing documents, providing a convenient solution for businesses of all kinds to handle important transactions securely and efficiently.

Main Features:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Document secure storage and management
  • Workflow automation
  • Predefined documents and forms templates
  • Integration capabilities with third-party apps and services
  • Security and compliance
  • Lawful & court admissible signature
  • Mobile app available


  • Starter: $10 per month
  • Standard: $25 per month per user
  • NAR Member Exclusive: $20 per month per user
  • Business Pro: $40 per month per user
  • Developer API: from $50 to $480 per month

Our Expert Opinion

DocuSign is not really a real estate investment software, but it may be really helpful for real estate investors, who need to deal with much paperwork every day, from tax reports to deal signing with landlords and tenants.

DocuSign provides easy deal signature, security in document management, and integration capabilities, meaning the system may be combined with any other real estate investment analysis software that investor is already using.

The drawback might be the price required for such an integration, and also limited capabilities as for the real estate investment software, so DocuSign must be combined with other tools in order to be efficient and suitable for real estate.


DealMachine is a real estate investment software that offers an efficient way to generate leads. It enables users to locate and reach out to property owners directly, streamlining the process of finding potential investment opportunities.

DealMachine interface

DealMachine Interface

By providing instant access to property information, as well as offering direct communication tools such as personalized postcards and in-app messaging, DealMachine empowers investors to close more deals and expand their portfolio.

Main Features:

  • Lead generation
  • Property information storage
  • Direct communication tools
  • Integration possibility
  • Customizable marketing options


  • Starter: $79 per month
  • Pro: $119 per month
  • Teams: $499 per month

Our Expert Opinion

DealMachine is a great marketing tool and one of the best software for real estate investors to conduct market analysis and reach out to their leads. With the help of the software, they can locate potential investment properties, connect with owners and generate leads, customize marketing and have access to required data.

On the other hand, the platform is focused on prospectives, so the investors will not have the tool for handling accounts, tenants, and taxes. Among other property investment tools, DealMachine is the most focused on marketing, and it is best used in collaboration or integration with other property management software to keep track of existing properties and deals.

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PayYourRent offers a platform for automatic rent collection convenient for both landlords and tenants.

PayYourRent is the best software for real estate investors who also manage their properties, as it simplifies the rent payment process, enabling tenants to make timely and secure payments while providing investors with a streamlined method for collecting rent remotely and automatically.

Like other property investment tools which offer all-in-one dashboard, the platform’s secure payment system, along with its customizable payment options and automated reminders, ensures a hassle-free experience for both parties, making PayYourRent a valuable tool to streamline rent collection process.

Main Features:

  • Online rent payment
  • Automated rent collection
  • Payment reminders
  • Customizable payment options
  • Tenant screening
  • Credit score and report
  • Criminal background and eviction history check
  • Payment tracking
  • Communication tools
  • Customizable integrations


  • Rental Plan: $9.95 per month
  • Landlord Plan: $19.95 per month

Our Expert Opinion

PayYourRent is a property asset management software which helps investors receive their income quickly and easily. With the platform’s regular reminders, payment tracking, and automated rent collection, the chance of not receiving the payment or the need to remind tenants about due date are close to zero.

Moreover, if the system is integrated with other real estate investment software, like CRM or accounting tools, the investor does not spend time solving ongoing problems and may focus on the possibilities of future investment. However, here comes the drawback – for a fully functioning independent investment system PayYourRent must be integrated with other tools.


Rentometer is a kind of real estate investment software that provides insights into rental pricing trends. The software enables users to compare rent in specific neighborhoods, cities, or areas. Rentometer gives better understanding of local rental markets, ensuring competitive pricing strategies.

rentometer interface

Rentometer Interface

Although not real estate forecasting software, Rentometer is a reliable tool for setting a fair rent and property price for investors seeking to navigate the complexities of the rental market and optimize their property investments.

Main Features:

  • Rental price comparison
  • Market trends analysis
  • Neighborhood insights
  • Customizable reports
  • Detailed analysis based on the property type and area


  • Basic: $49 for 1-year access
  • Pro: $99 for 1-year access
  • Monthly: $29 per month

Our Expert Opinion

Rentometer is a great tool for new investors, or for experienced ones who want to get insights into the local real estate market.

Rentometer is one of the best software for real estate investors to assess the rent prices in the neighborhood and offer the property to tenants at a fair price, which would ensure fast move-in, and higher returns due to this.

It must be mentioned, though, that Rentometer does not provide a warranty for the analysis results and reports it provides, even though the data is gathered from multiple sources, meaning that it should not be the only tool for the investors to rely on.


Rubik is known for its off-market property wholesaling platform, equipped with an integrated CRM system for real estate investors. With its significant database of off-market properties and CRM tools, Rubik helps users to identify and manage potential investment opportunities.

This real estate investment software provides property analysis, allowing investors to optimize property acquisition strategies. With Rubik investors can expand portfolios and capitalize on off-market property opportunities, while having a centralized platform to streamline property sale processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Off-market property wholesaling
  • Integrated CRM system
  • Lead management and communication tools
  • Property and investment analysis
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Finances management


Free for real estate investors, but the buyer’s real estate agent is charged a referral fee of 0.9% of the property’s sale price.

Our Expert Opinion

Rubik offers a whole range of property investment tools to enhance the experience of finding and buying a property.

With its enhanced access to off-market properties and tools for property analysis, this real estate investment software provides the possibility to find unique properties for investment, meaning higher returns further.

The platform’s integrated CRM system streamlines lead management and communication. However, Rubik may not be suitable for investors used to traditional real estate investment analysis software with reports, tax management, and accounting, as the platform lacks these functions. Therefore, those must be either integrated, or abandoned altogether.

TheAnalyst PRO

TheAnalyst PRO has been recognized by CRE Tech as the best real estate investment analysis software, encompassing lease analysis, demographics, and offering memorandums. Tailored for experienced real estate investors, the software enables users to conduct property and investment analysis calculations within minutes.

the analyst pro interface

TheAnalyst PRO Interface

With its great analytical capabilities and access to market insights, The Analyst Pro is the best software for real estate investors to make data-driven investment decisions and optimize their real estate portfolios.

Main features:

  • Investment modeling
  • Lease, location risk, and demographics analysis
  • Offering memorandums
  • Flyers and brochures creation
  • On-demand training for users
  • Investment calculators
  • Marketing reports
  • Maps and tools


  • Monthly License: $69.99 per month (plus extra $49.99 fee for account setup)
  • Annual License: $599.99 per year (without account setup fee)

Our Expert Opinion

The Analyst Pro is one of the best software for real estate investors that offers advanced tools for comprehensive investment analysis, marketing, market insights and trends for a more personalized and effective investment strategy.

With its set of marketing tools and finance management and analysis capabilities, The Analyst Pro is the best real estate investor software for long-term investment decisions, as this property investment software has a comprehensive set of tools, from projecting possibly good deals to analysis and marketing.

The company does not, however, offer accounting and tax services, as well as the possibility to find and engage with leads. Additionally, this real estate investment software focuses more on companies and agencies, which is why individual investors might find the service too pricey.

Property Tracker

Property Tracker provides two online property investment tools, namely Property Evaluator and Property Tracker, to facilitate efficient real estate investment management. Evaluator is used for assessing the critical factors professionals consider when comparing properties, aiding users in identifying the best investment options. Tracker enables real estate investors to oversee essential financial metrics, assess property performance, optimize profitability, and make data-based management choices.

Main Features:

  • Property valuation before purchase
  • Property tracker
  • Properties database
  • Investment projection for short- and long-term
  • Income and expenses management
  • Enhanced property tracking reporting


  • Baltic Ave. – free
  • Marvin Gardens – $497 per year
  • Boardwalk – $1,298 per year

Our Expert Opinion

Property Tracker is a great real estate investment software for property asset management and evaluation.

With the features like property investment evaluation and existing portfolio management and tracking, this real estate investment analysis software is most helpful for making informed decisions, monitoring market trends, and keeping track of existing assets in the portfolio.

The company does not provide marketing, accounting and tax management tools, though, so some additional software will be necessary. Property Tracker might fit all investors who want to keep track of data and make more informed decisions.


Opendoor is known for its innovative approach to buying and selling properties online, providing a streamlined and hassle-free experience. With convenient online property viewings, booking private property tours, and access to the latest listings on the MLS, Opendoor simplifies the property transaction process, enabling investors to swiftly purchase and sell properties without the complexities typically associated with traditional real estate transactions.

Main Features:

  • Online property viewings
  • Booking private property tours
  • Access to the latest listings on the MLS
  • Local agent to help you buy the property


5% service fee

Our Expert Opinion

Opendoor is a great option for investors who are seeking to increase their efficiency by delegating the task of buying or selling the property to someone else.

The company may play a vital role among other real estate investment software with its hassle-free process of handling the property, dealing with paperwork, streamlined process of sale assisted with AI, and transparent property valuation and pricing.

However, it must be noted that the company acts as an intermediary, buying the properties offered by landlords and then re-selling them, so the number of properties available might be lower than in the market. Therefore, the investors need to decide which one – efficiency or variety – is more valuable to them.

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