Hard Money Lending Software: Features and Top 7 Private Money Lending Software Tools

May 24, 2024
15 min

Efficiency has become the watchword in the lending industry, and at the forefront of this transformative shift is loan origination software (LOS), or hard money lending software as it’s called in the private mortgage industry.

Hard money lending software streamlines and optimizes the entire private money loan service cycle, from application submission to fund disbursement, ensuring faster approvals and a more seamless experience for both borrowers and lenders.

In our article, we investigate the possibilities of hard money lending software for loan origination process optimization. Furthermore, we overview different types of loan origination software, spotlighting the best tools and why they work for hard money lenders.

What is Hard Money Lending?

Hard money lending is a form of lending that involves securing the loan with a high-value collateral, usually the property of a borrower. Hard money loans are short-term and are typically used in real estate transactions by investors or house flippers, as they provide a substantial amount of money fast and without credit checks since the property is used as collateral.

This kind of loan is issued by individuals or private organizations rather than banks, therefore, they are also called ‘private money loans.’

Hard money loans are especially popular in the sphere of real estate for a number of reasons:

  • Real estate investors get a big sum of money fast;
  • They can pay it back in short term;
  • The process of credit history check is significantly shorter, as the property is used as collateral.

Therefore, private property loans are more beneficial than a typical mortgage or bank loan.

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What is Hard Money Lending Software?

Hard money lending software (aka private money lending software) is a type of loan origination software (LOS) designed to automate and streamline the entire process of originating loans in the private money industry, including document verification, portfolio management, financial statement analysis, loan processing, credit approval, loan sanctioning, and automated underwriting.

Additionally, it can be customized to cater to different types of private money loans, including Fix & Flips, Rental Loans, New Constructions, Multi-family Properties, and Commercial Properties.

Here are the examples of how private money lending software addresses different stages of the loan cycle:

scheme showing how hard money lending software works in stages

Stages in Hard Money Lending

  • Application Submission. Hard money lending software facilitates the submission of loan applications online, usually by integrating webforms into the platform. Automation can include data submission, validation, document uploads, and preliminary assessments to streamline the initial application stage.
  • Pre-Qualification. Some examples of private money lending software include tools to assess the borrower’s eligibility based on predefined criteria by the lender. This provides instant feedback to borrowers and helps filter out ineligible applications early.
  • Underwriting. Algorithms and underwriting rules may be implemented to automate the analysis of the borrower’s financial situation, credit score and background, and other risk factors. This ensures consistent, data-driven, and objective decision-making.
  • Loan Approval. The hard money loan software can automate the workflow for loan approval, ensuring that each step of the approval process is systematically managed by a professional. This includes routing applications for review and final decision-making.
  • Document Generation and Management. Most types of private mortgage software can generate required loan documents, including agreements, statements, and notes. Additionally, the documents can be stored, managed, and signed securely and safely.
  • E-signatures. Support for electronic signatures, integrated in hard money lending platforms, allows borrowers and lenders to sign documents digitally, reducing the reliance on physical paperwork.
  • Closing. Closing software, integrated into hard money lending software, can facilitate the closing phase by automating the formalization of the loan agreement. This includes the generation of necessary documents, signatures, and any required upfront payments.
  • Funds Disbursement. Once the closing is complete, the disbursement of funds is conducted. This may involve a lump sum payment or installment disbursements based on the loan terms.
  • Compliance Checks. Integrated security and compliance tools help ensure that the loan origination process adheres to regulatory requirements. This includes maintaining audit trails and generating compliance reports.
  • Loan Servicing. Automated tools handle the collection of borrower payments, interest calculations, and escrow management if applicable. This ensures accurate and timely processing of payments.
  • Reporting and Analytics. The hard money loan software provides tools for generating reports and analytics to track loan performance, approval rates, and other key metrics. This supports data-driven decision-making.

By automating these processes, hard money lending software optimizes the loan origination cycle, leaving out a lot of manual work and giving more valuable time for agents to deal with the ongoing tasks.

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Main Features of Hard Money Lending Software

  • Borrower Portal. Convenient hard money lending software usually features a specific portal for borrowers or brokers, enabling easy online loan applications. The portal may be custom made, or built on other software, like Salesforce Experience Cloud. The portal lets the borrower apply for the loan, track the loan lifecycle and the payments, automate loan-related notifications, and request account statements and loan closure documents.
  • Loan Management Tools for Lenders. Just like loan origination software, hard money lending software includes the tools to effectively manage the loan origination process. A lender’s portal or dashboard allows the lender to track and manage online application process with customizable forms and templates to capture borrower’s data, loan specifications, and details about the collateral property, automate the credit checks and disbursement of funds.
interface of lender's portal in hard money lending software

Lender’s Portal Interface | Source: AutoCloud

  • Automated Underwriting. Hard money loan software often features a set of tools for fast underwriting to assess the eligibility, risk, and determine appropriate loan terms based on predefined criteria. This is achieved by integrations with key credit risk analyzers, bureaus, watchlist, financial statement providers, and other credible institutions that provide information on the borrower’s solvency.
  • Collateral Valuation. Integration with property valuation services or specific platform tools are used to assess the value of the real estate collateral required for securing the loan. Automation of these means the borrower gets the estimated property value fast and the lender can provide well-researched and data-driven terms and conditions for issuing the loan.
  • CRM for client relationship management. CRM functionalities in hard money lending software include the possibility to gather all borrower’s applications and information in one system, track the progress on each loan, and interact with the borrowers as necessary without leaving the system. Using the CRM helps to manage and track interactions with borrowers, facilitating ongoing communication and relationship management.
crm hard money lending software

CRM Interface | Source: Ataccama

  • Document Management. Document management systems are integrated in private money lending software for generating, storing, organizing, and managing loan-related documents. Automation of document generation for loan agreements, promissory notes, and other paperwork optimizes the workflow and makes the loan origination faster and more transparent.
  • E-signature. Integrated into the document management system, e-signature services like DocuSign facilitate the digital signing of statements, loan agreements, valuations, and other documents, speeding up the loan origination process.

scheme showing Document Management System in Hard Money Lending Software

  • Communication and Notifications. Except for the CRM, an effective private money lending software has the communication tools to send notifications and updates to borrowers, lenders, and other stakeholders at various stages of the loan process, communicate with all parties via emails or text messages, and make formal document requests with the templates for every stage of the loan process.
  • Payment Processing. The hard money loan software may feature tools for automated payment processing, including interest and repayment calculations, amortization calculation, late fee assessments, and handling of repayments. The payment processing feature also includes fast fund disbursement, which can be completed via automated NACHA/ACH or payment gateways.
example of payment processing form integrated in private money lending software

Payment Processing in Hard Money Lending Software

  • Portfolio Management. Comprehensive portfolio management tools let the lender track and monitor multiple loans, including their status, payment history, interest, planned repayments, amortization, and custom key metrics required for business processes optimization and future planning.
  • Reporting and Analytics. Most hard money lending software has the capabilities to generate customizable reports, providing insights into loan portfolio performance and general trends. The lender can get current assets report, generate a projected repayments report, or analyze the performance in the past. This way, the parties can get account statements, loan closure documents, reports about payment schedule, loan performance, and other key metrics.
broker dashboard for viewing the reports in hard money lending software

Dashboard | Source: Wemlo

  • Workflow Automation. Workflow automation streamlines and automates various stages of the lending process, from application submission to loan disbursement. This may also include configurable approval cycle, customized workflow for lead management, or customizable workflows if extra credit checks or valuations are required.
Analytics in lending software

Analytics tools | Source: LexTree

  • Integrations and APIs. Integration with external services, such as CRMs, marketing tools, credit scoring agencies and property valuation services are an integral part of any modern software. They enhance the overall functionality of the private money lending software.
  • Partners portal. Appraiser and Contractor Portal for ecosystem partnerships and affiliates acts as a centralized digital space for collaboration between lenders and property valuation or construction professionals. It provides a centralized hub, optimizing the exchange of information critical to the property-related lending process.
  • User Permissions and Security. Role-based user permissions control access to sensitive information and ensure data security. This ensures all the data entered by the borrower or lender is secure and cannot be stolen or used by third parties.

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Types of Hard Money Lending Software and Their Applications

Hard money lending software is not limited to a single kind of software for lenders and/or borrowers. In reality, there are multiple types of software for these purposes. Most common types are Loan Origination Software and Loan Servicing Software: they facilitate a full cycle of lending, from loan application to payback. Other types of software, mentioned below, like document management or underwriting tools, are often integrated into LOS or servicing software.

  • Loan Origination Software (LOS). This type of software focuses on automating the loan origination process, from application submission to approval. It typically includes features for online application processing, pre-qualification assessments, underwriting, document generation, and e-signatures. LOS helps lenders efficiently manage all stages of lending. Some examples are The Mortgage Office, LendFoundry, LoanPro, LendFusion, etc.
  • Loan Servicing Software. Loan servicing software is designed to automate the ongoing management of loans after they have been originated. It includes features for payment processing, interest calculations, and communication tools for borrower interactions. This software ensures that loans are serviced efficiently throughout their lifecycle, facilitating smooth communication and timely and convenient payments. Companies providing loan servicing software are Turnkey Lender, Loan Assistant, and MoneyLender Professional.
Loan Origination and Servicing Software Features and Pocesses

Loan Origination and Servicing Software | Features and Services

  • Portfolio Management Software. It is perfect for lenders and investors with a portfolio of loans. With tools for tracking and monitoring the loan performance, generating reports, and analyzing key metrics, it lets lenders manage their loan portfolio, assess risk, and optimize strategy.
  • CRM for Lenders. Customer Relationship Management systems, tailored for hard money lending software, include features for lead management, communication tracking, and customer interaction.
  • Underwriting Software. Underwriting software specializes in automating assessing the risk associated with a loan. It may include tools for credit scoring, collateral valuation, and risk analysis. Some examples of companies are RiskView, Calyx, and Byte Software.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Software. This software helps lenders stay compliant with relevant regulations and mitigate legal risks associated with lending activities. It includes tools for ensuring documentation compliance and maintaining audit trails.
  • Document Management Software. It is focused on organizing, storing, and managing loan-related documents and makes them easily accessible in digital form. LendingWise and The Mortgage Office include document management software in their systems. This type of software may also include integrations with e-signature providers like DocuSign, to streamline the document signing process.
  • Investor Management Software. Investor management software is designed for lenders who work with multiple investors to fund their loans. It includes features for investor communication, reporting, and tracking investment performance.

Best Hard Money Lending Software

We have collected the list of hard money lending software providers that may help you in different stages of hard money lending.


LendingWise is a cloud-based loan origination system providing LOS, servicing, and CRM solutions. It is designed to streamline the lending process for various types of loans, including hard money lending. This hard money lending software has been helping lenders and brokers since 2017 in their efficient loan management, gaining over 2,000 users over the years.

LendingWise specializes in various loan types, including rentals, bridge, flip and fix loans, multi-family loans, and other CRE and SBA loans. The platform offers an all-encompassing solution for individual lenders, organizations, and brokers, integrating a comprehensive loan origination system, CRM, and marketplace platform with private money lending software features like draw management, asset management, and loan application setup. This integration empowers users to oversee the entire loan cycle effectively.

Type: Loan origination & Servicing software, CRM


  • All-in-one loan management platform
  • User dashboard for lenders
  • Loan pipeline and tracking
  • Document storage and management
  • Loan intake webforms
  • Communication and real-time collaboration tools
  • Complete CRM for contact and lead management
  • Integrated marketing automation tools
  • Underwriting, tax, background, and credit checks by third-party integrations
  • Automated payments and integrated payment software

MoneyLender Professional

Moneylender Professional is a hard money loan software offering a user-friendly loan management system. Its flexibility extends to accommodating various loan structures, including interest, principal, fees, and repayment, making it suitable for any loan type. The software allows users to modify terms at any point, with automatic adjustments to calculations. Whether dealing with traditional amortized loans or more complex, unstructured loans, Moneylender handles them seamlessly.

The hard money lending software acts as a central hub to monitor the performance of all hard money loans, offering a main window to track and run detailed reports on individual loans or the entire portfolio. Users can customize statements and reports, tailoring Moneylender to match their preferred style. MoneyLender Professional is a private money lending software that is perfect for managing loan origination, servicing, and conducting required calculations.

Type: Loan Servicing Software


  • Loan and transactions tracker
  • Configurable and customized reports
  • Flexible calculation system for any type of loans
  • Bulk email and mail statements
  • Payment management tools
  • Configurable letters and statements templates
  • Portfolio management and analysis
  • Third-party loan software integrations
  • Loan application creation
  • Escrow balance tracking and management
  • Automatic payment service integration


LendFoundry is a kind of hard money lending software for loan origination process optimization, ensuring swift loan closings via an adaptable and automated cloud based hard money lending platform. The software best suits the dynamic needs of hard money lenders, borrowers, appraisers, contractors, and investors. This cloud based loan origination system is tailored for a wide range of loan types, including Fix & Flips, Rental Loans, New Constructions, and Commercial Properties.

LendFoundry facilitates seamless loan approvals, property document verification, application tracking, property reports, underwriting, and final term sheets, all automated to enhance efficiency. LendFoundry’s deployable building blocks can be customized to fit specific workflows, branding, and preferences, with a state-of-the-art micro-services design ensuring high performance and seamless scalability. This hard money loan software facilitates an efficient and tailored solution for different business needs.

Type: Loan Origination and Servicing Software


  • Automated lending platform
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Loan tracking and management
  • Agile architecture, allowing users to choose the features they need
  • Possibility to outsource required aspects of lending operations
  • Loan application submission and tracking
  • Automatic notifications and loan repayment reminders
  • Account statements and loan closure documents generation
  • Disbursement or payment gateway integrations
  • Third-party integrations with credit risk analyzers and financial statement providers
  • Communication tools
  • Custom and automated loan origination workflows

Mortgage Automator

Mortgage Automator is an end-to-end loan origination provider offering private mortgage software along with a hard money lending platform. Ideal for various lending scenarios, including residential, commercial, and construction lending such as rehab and fix & flips, the platform’s competitive features are auto-generating personalized documents, compliance reports, ACH/PAD payments, and more. The solutions include loan origination and servicing, giving the lender and the borrower flexibility and operations optimization.

Mortgage Automator is a great variant of hard money lending software, with its quick document generation, compliance capabilities, advanced payment functionalities, and efficient workflow management. The inclusion of borrower and investor portals along with communication channels makes this hard money loan servicing software a great choice for private lenders and also for hard money lending management.

Type: Loan Origination, Investing, and Private Mortgage Servicing Software


  • Customization and automatic document generation
  • Statements and reports generation
  • Communication tools
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Streamlined loan application submission
  • Automated loan calculations and loan servicing
  • Lender portfolio management
  • Lenders’ marketplace and search for the most suitable loan


LendFusion stands at the forefront of hard money lending software, providing a streamlined solution for lenders in real estate financing. This cloud based loan origination system uses innovation to automate and optimize the lending process, offering a wide range of tools to match the needs of hard money lenders. LendFusion simplifies the complexities associated with hard money lending, from borrower onboarding to loan origination and management.

This lenders software includes real-time tracking of loans, customizable workflows, and automated underwriting processes. LendFusion also prioritizes security by incorporating encryption and compliance measures to ensure the confidentiality of financial data, involved in the lending process. In essence, LendFusion is a good choice of hard money lending software for both lenders and borrowers, offering an advanced platform that streamlines operations and helps both parties benefit from private money lending.


  • Loan Origination Software, including:
  • Consumer Lending Software
  • Commercial Loan Software
  • Bridge Loan Software
  • Microfinance Software
  • Auto Finance Software


  • Loan origination automation
  • Integrated CRM for communication with borrowers
  • Multiple loan portfolios management
  • Automated decisions engine
  • Pre-integrated API and third-party integrations available
  • Integrated loan repayment system
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Reports analysis via Tableau or Microsoft Power BI
  • Automated calculations
  • Fully customizable and cloud-based software

The Mortgage Office

The Mortgage Office is hard money lending software designed to streamline and automate the complex processes associated with private and hard money lending. The software is targeted on lenders in the real estate financing industry. From borrower management to loan origination, servicing, and beyond, The Mortgage Office provides a centralized platform for efficiently handling the complete loan origination lifecycle.

A competitive feature of this private money lending software is its versatility, as the platform combines various loan types and structures within the hard money lending space. The software integrates with accounting systems, automates payment processing, and facilitates borrower communication. Additionally, it includes tools for risk management, compliance tracking, and reporting. The Mortgage Office stands as a reliable and comprehensive hard money loan software for individuals and companies to automate and scale lending business.

Type: Loan Origination and Servicing Software


  • Online loan application
  • Loan servicing
  • Customizable workflow
  • Loan progress tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Customized reporting possibility
  • Financial calculator
  • Automated underwriting software
  • Communication tools and conversation tracking
  • Document imaging and storage
  • Automatic attachment of documents to emails and messages


LenderLink, a cloud-based loan origination system, is one of the major players in the sphere of private money loans, offering specialized hard money lending software for connecting together borrowers and lenders. LenderLink provides a comprehensive platform that streamlines the lending process, from application to final funding. LenderLink facilitates efficient borrower onboarding, loan origination, and management.

One of the distinguishing features of LenderLink’s hard money lending services is its focus on matching the needs and requirements of lenders and borrowers, helping them find the optimal deal in a short time. This private money lending software incorporates advanced analytics and data-driven insights to aid lenders in making informed choices on loan approvals, optimizing underwriting processes, and managing risks. LenderLink’s focus on using technology to aid lenders in loan origination, approval, and risk assessment positions it as a strategic solution for those seeking a reliable and modern solution in the real estate financing sphere.

Type: Lender Search Platform


  • Private lender profile search
  • Loan requests creation
  • Communication tools and connecting with lenders
  • Risk assessment
  • Loan approval management
  • Additional consultation and support available at request

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  • Consultancy: We assist you in choosing the best software and CRM for your hard money lending needs, aligning it with your specific business requirements.
  • Technical audit: The Ascendix team can conduct an audit of your existing real estate software and CRM, enhancing it with any desired or necessary features, including incorporating artificial intelligence.
  • Integration of existing or custom solutions: If you have a specific solution in mind for integration into your software, we can develop and optimize features while customizing the solution according to your requirements.

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Private Money Lending FAQs

What is private lending?

Private money lending is the process of lending money from an individual or a private organization. It is a common practice in real estate investment, where private money lenders finance investors who buy and frequently renovate properties for resale or rental.

What is real estate private lending?

Private money lending in real estate occurs when individuals or private entities provide financing to real estate investors. A private money loan is backed by a property mortgage. Private lending is a common practice in real estate investing, as it provides money faster, making it an alternative to traditional lending from banks.


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