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Ascendix strives to deliver upscale legal tech solutions for law firms and lawyers so that every company can automate its intake and management processes. We also help top legal tech startups to build and improve their software.

AscendixTech a provider of Legal CRM software for lawyers

Ascendix is a law firm software development company with over 25 years of experience in the market. We help companies build top legal tech solutions for law firms of different types and sizes.

We have expertise in creating case management software for lawyers that transforms law firms into modern, high-performing businesses.

Our US and European dedicated teams will build, customize, and implement the newest and feature-rich legal tech software to serve your business needs and help reach goals within the industry.

Our comprehensive approach starts with a complete check-up of your business processes. Then, we prototype the most suitable legal tech software, customize it according to your needs, and create budgets.

Legal tech startups and companies hire Ascendix to help build advanced legal software solutions, new functionality, migrate to modern infrastructure and offer ongoing support.

AscendixTech a provider of Legal CRM software for lawyers

Get Through a Detailed Legal Tech Overview

Explore the core trends of legal software solutions and analyze the list of best legal tech companies to know how you can optimize the company's performance and what top legal tech companies can help you succeed.

What Legal Software Solutions Can We Build Together?

We clearly know the needs of legal tech companies and have solid expertise and vast experience that allows us to build bespoke legal software solutions to optimize and automate your operations. Ascendix also works with legal tech startups so that we can help you with new legal tech software feature development, migration from old infrastructure and technology to the new ones. Our deep expertise in building legal tech solutions allows us to share information and make recommendations regarding integration and process automation for legal purposes.
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Client Relationship Management Legal Software Solutions
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Case Management Software for Lawyers
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Personal Injury Intake Legal Tech Software
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Legal Project Management System
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Personal Injury Case Management Legal Tech Software
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Intake Management Software

Can Legal Software Solutions Increase Productivity for Your Law Firm?

Get a free consultation with practical answers from our experts. Feel free to reach out to us.

Legal Software Solutions We Offer

Ascendix Tech builds targeted legal tech solutions for law firms and top legal tech companies of all types and helps in legal workflow automation. Our services include custom software development, cross-platform app development, product development, customization of your existing legal software solutions, and integration of your systems.

Legal Tech Product Development

Create your product idea for legal services and deliver it to the market.

Customization of Existing Software

Upgrade your current software to deliver the best legaltech services.

LegalTech Document Automation

Get a secure and robust document management system.

Legal Tech Product Development

Create your product idea for legal services and deliver it to the market.

Customization of Existing Software

Upgrade your current software to deliver the best legaltech services.

LegalTech Document Automation

Get a secure and robust document management system.

Looking for a Development Partner to Build Law Firm Technology Solutions?

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How We Provide Legal Software Solutions You Need

Understanding of Legal Technology Needs  

We do thorough research for every project from the legal industry to provide you with unique solutions according to your business needs. 

Solid Expertise in Legal Software Development

We are a 25-year-old player in the digital tech services market that works with enterprises, small businesses, and startups.

Adaptable Engagement Models

There are on-demand, dedicated, blended, and offshore models for you to choose from.

Following the Latest IT standards

We offer engaging, user-friendly, adaptable, fast-loading, and secure solutions for our clients.

Bugs-Free and Clean Codebase

Our experienced software engineers write only clean, error-free, and secure code to deliver high products that scale as you grow.

24/7 Support of Your Product

We have a reliable IT support and concierge team to maintain your solution and fix errors so that the product will run smoothly.

Our Tech Stack

We use a wide range of technologies to help top legal tech companies build or improve existing legal software solutions that revolutionize the market.

Get the Ascendix Tech Stack Overview PDF

Download a detailed PDF on our technologies that help us build your products along with our tips on how to choose the tech stack for your project!

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Our Clients Say

Alex Tregubov
Product Owner at

In early 2019 we’re in need to outsource the development of a mobile application to an external company. We were blessed to find Ascendix! A number of other initiatives followed after the mobile app delivery, including a unique system to manage our Door2Gate product and a complete overall revival of our IT infrastructure. Our partners at Ascendix have been phenomenal all the way, showing an exceptional level of efficiency, transparency, expertise, and quality. It’s no doubt that all of our future initiatives are with Ascendix.

Hunter Kennedy
Vice President, Source Energy Partners

Ascendix ran nearly the entire project through the Microsoft Teams platform, which was incredibly easy for us to collaborate on files through, conduct meetings, and submit questions and comments with ease. We typically scheduled discussion calls at specific times following development sprints. There was never a meeting just for a meeting’s sake/regular scheduling. Everything had a specific purpose and it drove development effectively.

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What is Legal Tech Software?

Legal technology, the so-called legal tech, is the term designed to describe next-gen software solutions for the legal industry.

Legal tech solutions include multiple types and categories including:

  • Legal Project Management System
  • Personal Injury Case Management Legal Tech Software
  • Intake Management Software
  • Personal Injury Intake Legal Tech Software
  • AI/ML document review
  • Case Management Software for Lawyers
  • Document and contract management platforms
  • Workflow tools
  • Smart contracts
  • E-discovery tools
  • Legal chatbots
  • Online marketplaces
  • Cloud-based databases
  • Data security platforms.


What Are the Top Legal Tech Companies?

We prepared a detailed post on legal tech overview including the core legal technology trends and the list of top legal tech companies including:

  • Brightflag
  • Docket Alarm
  • Lexoo
  • Luminance
  • and others.


Feel free to read the full blog post Legal Tech Overview: Best Legal Tech Companies and Trends.

Do I Need Legal Software Solutions?

If you operate in the legal industry and want to automate most processes, empower your operations with predictive analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence algorithms – then legal software solutions are a must-have for your business to stay beyond the competition.

At Ascendix Tech, we will be glad to get hired and help you transform your business challenges into powerful legal tech solutions.