15 Top Tech Companies in Dallas Leading in 2024

June 19, 2024
12 min

The count of tech companies in Dallas is soaring annually.

Over 6,000 IT companies and nearly 230,000 high-tech talents make Dallas stand out nationally as one of the most up-and-coming tech spots in the US.

Here is our tailor-made list of 15 top tech companies Dallas Texas that dominate in 2024, including the best IT companies to work for in Dallas:

  1. Ascendix
  2. StackPath
  3. CrowdStrike
  4. Five Pack Creative
  5. Unique Software Development
  6. Opendoor
  7. Sparkfish
  8. Revantage
  9. Bestow
  10. vFairs
  11. Rest 
  12. Timely.MD
  13. Slync.Io
  14. Cysiv
  15. Vaultedge


Also, we will discuss:

  • Is Dallas becoming a new Silicon Valley?
  • Why Ascendix among the top Dallas software companies.

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Why is Dallas the Next Silicon Valley?

Often labeled as “the next Silicon Valley” by Forbes and others, Dallas software companies do indeed have many things in common with the renowned California technology mecca.

When narrowing down the candidates for the honor to be called the next Silicon Valley, Forbes relied on a number of characteristics.

Those features are pretty much the same traits Silicon Valley had evolving into the global tech hub it is today.

Below are some of the key characteristics that make software development Dallas stand out among other tech cities.

  • A high number of unengaged developers Dallas TX accounting for 43%
  • A median software of an architect salary Dallas is lower than the nationwide average
  • A sizable number of large or top tech companies are in Dallas
  • Lots of available funding programs for startup companies in Dallas who are getting started
  • The low cost of living index is 21.7 % below the large US Metro Average (relative to the income level).


Top Tech Companies in Dallas - the Next Silicon Valley

Top Tech Companies in Dallas – the Next Silicon Valley


Pair these benefits with the vast pool of tech talents, including skillful developers and software engineers, and you’re all set for establishing/relocating your business or starting a partnership with existing Dallas software companies.

15 Top Startups and Tech Companies in Dallas

When narrowing down the list of the well-established & startup technology companies in Dallas, Texas, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Annual revenue 
  2. Significance of the problem company’s products solve 
  3. Number of employees 
  4. Total funding value 
  5. Year of the establishment (startups should not be over 10 years old). 

Need Technology Help?

As a technology advisor, we partner with small firms and global enterprises helping them bring automation to their operational processes.

1. Ascendix



Annual revenue: $19M

Number of employees: 101-250 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Proptech, SaaS

Founded: 1996

Ascendix Technologies is a trusted proptech software development partner and adviser uniquely focused on commercial real estate for almost 2 decades. The company works with industry leaders like JLL and Colliers and serves the technology needs of property management companies, real estate brokers, and institutional investors who are determined to lead in digital.

Ascendix has solid expertise in:


A top-tier implementer, integrator, and simply one of the best software companies in Dallas, Ascendix is trusted by hundreds of global organizations, including Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Flibco, Stiles, Calson, and Hanna CRE.

The Ascendix team understands that every business requires a custom approach to reach the goals and build the brand name. Hence, we a delighted to present tailored and ready-made solutions for your specific needs:

AscendixRE CRM for Commercial Real Estate is a platform for brokers and real estate companies that offers instant access to workflow automation, advanced prospecting tools, property listing portals, and more.

Ascendix Search is a set of features that help you navigate and organize data in CRM. With Ascendix search you can collect and organize data, identify the latest real estate trends, organize business contacts using ad-hoc lists, and more.

Additionally, there are custom AI tools that can make your organization more progressive and adaptive:

  • AI Property Valuation is an advanced solution for appraisers to analyze large amounts of data and automate the valuation process. This framework has a solid foundation of AI, machine learning (ML), and automated valuation models (AVM). It lets you recognize trends, predict market changes, evaluate risks, ensure compliance, and adjust property values, going beyond just using fixed data points.
  • AI Property Management Chatbot helps to build rapport with customers and clients. Such a cutting-edge assistant can manage tenant queries by generating tickets in the system, provide updates about certain properties, schedule appointments, and more.
  • Intelligent Document Processing is an AI framework to automate data entry, capture, and summary. Using IDP helps accurately insert data into your CRM or database, reducing document processing time. This way you minimize human error and free up valuable time for strategic tasks. Additionally, IDP aids with lease abstraction. The AI technology extracts key information from commercial lease agreements, such as parties’ responsibilities, lease terms, and financial obligations, and summarizes it into a concise document. AI lease abstraction tool saves up to 25% of a broker’s time.
Image showing how Ascendix lease abstraction contract summary AI software looks like

Interface of Contract Summary AI by Ascendix

Want to check your AI Readiness? Talk to Ascendix.

Integrate AI into Your Business Workflows with Ascendix

2. StackPath

Annual revenue: $58.1M

Number of employees: 251-500 employees

Total Funding: $396M

Industry: Tech Services, Cyber Security, SaaS

Founded: 2015

When you look up technology companies in Dallas,Texas, you’ll definitely come across StackPath.

It’s a key player among leading software companies in Dallas where the most talented web application developers and app developers in Dallas reside.

One of the biggest companies in Dallas, StackPath provides a number of tech solutions to boost enterprise cyber security:

  • Smart IaaS platform with the best security applications and web services
  • Industry-specific services for Gaming, Media & Entertainment
  • APIs and system integration
  • Containers and virtual machines (VMs), and more.

Trusted by Steam, Sectigo, BuySellAds, and others, StackPath is the ultimate choice if you are looking for IT companies in Dallas to boost your cyber security.


3. CrowdStrike

Annual revenue: $3 billion

Number of employees: 10,000 employees

Total Funding: $480 million

Industry: Cyber Security

Founded: 2011

CrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity technology company that provides cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services.



Founded in 2011, the company has become known for its innovative approach to cybersecurity. CrowdStrike’s product, Falcon, offers real-time protection and visibility across the enterprise, preventing attacks on endpoints and workloads on or off the network.

4. Five Pack Creative

Annual revenue: $6M

Number of employees: 50 – 249 employees

Total Funding: $350K

Industry: Tech Services, Cyber Security, SaaS

Founded: 2008


Five Pack Creative is one of the well-established Dallas tech companies specializing in tailor-made mobile development.

Key services they provide:

  • Custom App Development (turnkey cross-platform app solutions)
  • Staff Augmentation with highly-skilled resources
  • Mobile Training (Design, UI/UX, Development, QA, and more).


It is trusted by American Airlines, ScoreSense, Entertainment Partners, HidrateSpark, Ag Connections, Match.com, and others.


5. Unique Software Development

Annual revenue: $4M

Number of employees: 101-250 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Tech Services, SaaS

Founded: 2012


Founded back in 2012, Unique Software Development is a software development company Dallas may be proud of.

The brand has offices and labs in Athens, Greece, and Karachi, Pakistan.

This means you can choose different outsourcing locations to optimize costs upon your budget.


Unique Software Development offers custom solutions tailored to your needs with skillful strategists, technologists, designers, and developers aboard.

Here is the broad list of services the company provides:

  • Mobile app development Dallas
  • Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning
  • 3D Model & Printing
  • Web development
  • Data Architecture and more.

This software development company Dallas has built solutions for 5Miles, Hayward Baker, Felt, Legal Eye Witness Protection, The Glenvilet, and others.


6. Opendoor

Annual revenue: N/A

Number of employees: 1,900 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Real estate services

Founded: 2014

Opendoor Technologies Inc. is a digital platform for residential real estate transactions in the United States. The company provides a range of services, including buying and selling homes, offering cash offers to homeowners, and connecting home sellers with institutional and retail buyers.

Opendoor’s platform uses software, data science, and operations to provide a digital, on-demand experience for buyers and sellers.


7. Sparkfish

Annual revenue: $1.1M

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Tech Services, SaaS

Founded: 2002




Launched back in 2002, Sparkfish is among the dominating technology companies in Dallas, TX.

They employ only US-based developers and teams and have been offering innovative and efficient software for almost 2 decades now.

The company’s hourly rates range from $50 up to $99 depending on the project.

Their services include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Consulting.

The software development company Dallas mainly focuses on project rescue, data analytics, healthcare technology, and MVP starter package solutions.


8. Revantage

Annual revenue: N/A

Number of employees: 570 employees worldwide

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Real estate

Founded: 2017

Revantage is a global corporate services leader that serves Blackstone Real Estate portfolio companies and investments. The company provides a range of services, including:

  • Financial services
  • Transaction execution support
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Treasury
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Strategic initiatives

Revantage operates in multiple locations across the globe, including Chicago, New York, Dallas, London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Singapore, Gurgaon, and Sydney. Surely the heart of the company is in the United Nations.

Dallas offers a dynamic talent market for our expanding North American presence, and we’re thrilled to plant roots in the city’s vibrant Uptown neighborhood. We look forward to growing in Dallas and becoming an active member in the community.

Matt DeMonte, Revantage’s global head and CEO

9. Bestow

Annual revenue: $32.6M

Number of employees: 101-250 employees

Total Funding: $137.5M

Industry: Tech Insurance

Founded: 2016

Bestow is an insurtech and one of the best startup tech companies in Dallas.

It disrupts the health & life insurance landscape nationally and worldwide.

Bestow focuses on providing users with affordable coverage through the mobile-first platform.

Here is what it offers:

  • A convenient platform that works well on computer and mobile devices
  • Affordable prices – monthly plans start at $10
  • Direct-to-consumer approach
  • A number of APIs for insurers to deliver their best coverage options.


10. vFairs

Annual revenue: $28.7M

Number of employees: 150-200 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Tech Services

Founded: 2016

vFairs is one of the best startups in Dallas and the world’s leading virtual experiences platform.

It helps businesses host their events online.

The company offers a broad range of 3D virtual solutions like:

  • School, college & university virtual events
  • Fully functional webinars & virtual exhibit booths
  • Robust event tracking with the real-time metrics dashboard
  • Chat, networking, content sharing features, and more.

Although vFairs is among the new companies in Dallas, it has already made its way into the hearts of renowned giants,

Unilever, T-Mobile, Ford, ReSound, and CPA.com have already tried the virtual experiences platform by vFairs.


11. Rest

Annual revenue: $4.9 million

Number of employees: 35 employees

Total Funding: N/A

Industry: Privacy-Safe Property Monitoring

Founded: 2015

Rest (formerly known as NoiseAware) is a privacy-focused property monitoring platform designed to help short-term rental property managers and hotel operators save time and reduce costs. The company pioneered noise monitoring technology that tracks both indoor and outdoor noise levels, protecting properties from fines, damage, and potential loss of rental income.



Beyond noise monitoring, Rest has expanded its services to include smoking detection technology for hotels. This technology alerts staff to smoking incidents, enabling timely responses, interventions, or guest charges.


12. Timely.MD

Annual revenue: $25.7M

Number of employees: 50-100 employees

Total Funding: $65.7 M

Industry: Hospital/Healthcare

Founded: 2017

Timely MD is a tech startup and one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Dallas, Texas.

The brand introduced a full-service telehealth solution solely focused on students, schools, and providers.

Since 2017, the company expanded its services to over 50 states showing exponential growth in 2020.

Loved by Duke University, Middlebury College, and others, Timely MD has reduced the hassle of traditional insurance by providing free or discounted-price programs in:

  • In-person health care
  • Food assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Transit support
  • Childcare
  • Legal services.


13. Slync.Io

Annual revenue: $14.2M

Number of employees: 50-100 employees

Total Funding: $75.98 M

Industry: Tech Services

Founded: 2017

Slync.io is among the brightest Dallas startups providing high-end software solutions to facilitate global logistics.

The team has gathered the best Dallas app developers under one hood and developed “Logistics Orchestration” that helps users:

  • Book, monitor, and track ocean logistics processes in one platform
  • Quickly match vendor demand to carrier supply
  • Accelerate, streamline, and automate logistics processes
  • Eliminate inconvenient emails and spreadsheets and structure all data into a single database.

The platform might come in especially handy for those who suffered from the recent global disruptions in ocean logistics. So, the Dallas IT company can help you improve supply chain management and accelerate inventory turnover.

Apart from the platform, Slync.io offers the next solutions:

  • Booking & Allocation Management
  • Document Management
  • Order-to-Invoice Management
  • LCL Network Collaboration
  • Multi-Party Process Management.


14. Cysiv

Annual revenue: $14.8M

Number of employees: 50-100 employees

Total Funding: $26M

Industry: Tech Services

Founded: 2018

Cysiv is a booming startup and one of the fastest-growing companies in DFW offering a Security Operations Center (SOC).

It provides advanced, proactive threat detection and incident response within an organization.

A major player among the Dallas IT companies, Cysiv provides an extensive range of services:

  • Detection & Response
  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Security
  • Security & Risk
  • Cyber Skills Shortage
  • Cybersecurity Resilience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Compliance
  • SOC Maturity
  • Growth


15. Vaultedge

Annual revenue: $5 million

Number of employees: 1-25 emplyees

Total Funding: $270,000

Industry: Technology, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, Finance

Founded: 2020

Vaultedge is a leading Document AI platform that leverages Large Language Model (LLM) architecture to extract information and insights from structured and unstructured documents.



The company’s platform is designed to automate the entire document processing lifecycle, enabling mortgage companies, insurers, and banks to arrive at accurate decisioning faster. Vaultedge’s technology uses machine learning, generative AI, and LLM models to understand complex documents, extract data, and generate decisioning insights. The platform is customizable, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with record management systems.

Why Ascendix Among Top IT Companies in Dallas 

Established back in 1996, Ascendix was one of the few tech companies in Dallas to disrupt the IT landscape of the Lone Star State.

We’ve been providing CRM development, implementation & optimization, custom software development, cloud migration, custom AI tools for real estate, and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for streamlined data entry.

Since then, we have tried to succeed with outsourcing to 5 different locations around the world and finally found a great IT hub in Europe.

In 2021, we’ve also established a new offshoring office in Portugal and in Luxembourg in 2022.

200+ dedicated professionals are currently ready to help you build next-gen technology solutions.

It means that you can now optimize the final development costs working with our US-based, European teams, or within a blended engagement model.

The latter allows you to hire our American project managers and business analysts. Also, you can cut down development costs by outsourcing to Eastern Europe.


So, Ascendix is a great choice among the top tech companies in Dallas when you want to:

  • Reduce final development costs and access a wide pool of tech talents able to build your custom software solution
  • Work closely with US-based project managers and business analysts along with still optimizing your development costs with our European tech teams
  • Hire a CRM development company with solid expertise in the niche which has already helped dozens of companies build successful solutions used by thousands of users around the globe and has built their own software products
  • Build an advanced solution for Commercial Real Estate, transportation/logistics, customer relationship management, fintech, and many others.
  • Solve narrow technical challenges like integrating your system with other solutions, automating the deployment process, and migrating solutions to a cloud environment.

Build Custom Software with Ascendix

We help companies automate their workflow by developing bespoke software solutions. Leverage our experience in real estate, legal, financial, and transportation industries.

Ascendix — Software Development Company Dallas: Success Stories


How We Built a Powerful Bus Ticket Reservation Software for Fibco.com

According to hundreds of our clients & partners, Ascendix has been among the best tech companies in Dallas to deliver quality software solutions at an affordable price. Years of expertise and numerous success stories from our clients speak for themselves.

First, we have built intelligent bus fleet management software for Flibco.com — a major private shuttle service provider in Europe with a passenger turnover of 1.9 million/year. The key challenges we’ve overcome together:

  • Migration From an Old System to a New Modern One
  • Advanced Route Generation Tool Development
  • Performance Analytics Tools Development
  • Enhanced Security Management Implementation, and more.


Want to find out more about challenges, solutions, and business results? You can find these and many other answers in the comprehensive case study on our cooperation with Flibco.

How We Helped JLL Increase CRM Adoption 6X Times

Another global player that puts trust in Ascendix as a software development company Dallas for 10+ years already is Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) — a top commercial real estate services company with 300 corporate offices worldwide and a global workforce of 91,000 employees.

JLL challenged us for custom CRM development and cloud migration. Here is what we did for them:

  • Dynamics 365 CRM Customization & Optimization of Data Search Logic
  • Opportunity management & Advanced Analytics Implementation
  • Automation of Custom Report and PDF Generation.



Custom Dynamics 365 Development and Cloud Migration for JLL | Ascendix Tech

Bottom Line

The above-listed well-established and up-and-coming tech companies in Dallas have shaken the IT landscape nationally and worldwide, offering hundreds of modern solutions & services at an affordable price.

Use our extensive ranking of the top software companies in Dallas to find the most relievable and competitive software developer Dallas TX to make your tech ideas come true.

If you want to reduce the search hassle, simply contact Ascendix, and we’ll provide you with our profound expertise and talented pool of resources, including the top app developers in Dallas & Europe, at the best quote.


What is the highest paying tech company in Dallas?

The tech company that pays the highest for Software Engineers in the Greater Dallas Area is Amazon, with an average total compensation of $220,000.

Is Dallas a tech hub?

Yes, Dallas is a thriving tech hub with a vibrant ecosystem of startups and established tech companies. The city’s favorable business environment, skilled workforce, and presence of major tech firms make it an attractive destination for technology innovation and growth.

What are the top 5 technology companies?

The top 5 technology companies, often referred to as Big Tech or the Tech Giants, are the largest players in the IT industry worldwide. These companies dominate the sector like how leading companies in other industries group together. The Big Five tech companies in the United States, which are typically considered the top players, include Alphabet (known for Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Microsoft.

What famous companies are in Dallas?

Some famous companies headquartered in Dallas include ExxonMobil, a major oil and gas corporation, and Ascendix Technologies, focusing on proptech software development and catering to clients such as JLL and Colliers. These companies collectively contribute to Dallas’s reputation as a diverse and dynamic business hub, encompassing various industries beyond just technology.


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