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May 26, 2023
4 min

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new website dedicated to custom software development. After several months of commitment and hard work, we will finally release our new sister website on January 14, 2021. Today, we want to share our story of how we generated the idea of developing a new website and provide you with some valuable insights and details.

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Ascendix: How It All Started

The company Ascendix Technologies was founded in 1996 by two friends Wes Snow and Todd Terry in Dallas, Texas. They had a dream, vision, and wild desire to help salespeople all around the world and their first focus was dedicated to CRM consulting, development, training, and support for a wide range of verticals from Commercial Real Estate to hospitality and healthcare.

We had no typical client – they were small, medium, and large, financial, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and heavy equipment, but they were all trying to solve the same pains.

Todd Terry, CTO & Managing Partner

So, we serviced the problems of our clients and helped them make better-informed decisions and improve their sales pipeline through high-quality CRM solutions.

This way, in 1999, we became a certified partner of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics due to our high technical contribution to companies through these customer relationship management platforms. What’s more, we have been identified as a top CRM consulting company by Clutch many times throughout the years of our technical expertise.

Our industry recognition by Salesforce, Microsoft, and Clutch

Since then, we have started actively helping companies implement, configure, and develop custom CRM functionality and solutions. We have worked with Commercial Real Estate corporations such as Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Colliers International Indiana, Highwoods Properties, Granite, Calson, Stiles, Transwestern, and more. Our CRM products help thousands of commercial real estate, land, mortgage brokers, and others automate lead follow-up, prospecting, pipelining, and deal management.

Moreover, in 2007 we started our product development directory with the release of AscendixRE (Real Estate Advantage v1 back then) – a powerful CRM for Commercial Real Estate brokers and reps. This became possible by combining our 11-year expertise in CRM consulting along with the technical experience of our specialists.

We put ourselves in our users’ shoes and mapped end-to-end process flow with the system, and then built plug-ins to plug the holes in those end-to-end flows.

Todd Terry, Managing Partner and CTO

The more contribution and efforts we put into product development, the more we realized the importance of bootstrapping this directory along with the reinvestment of profits.

We looked for ways to stretch the dollar, which inevitably means outsourcing.

Todd Terry, Managing Partner and CTO

Build Custom Software with Ascendix

We help companies automate their workflow by developing bespoke software solutions. Leverage our experience in real estate, legal, financial, and transportation industries.

That was the moment our outsourcing story and a new era of Ascendix began.

Custom Software Development Begins

We started searching for vendors in Asia, choosing to go with China and India development teams. However, the time zone and cultural differences forced us to change the software development vendors and we decided to try a near-shore approach in Mexico and Argentina.

Ultimately, we decided to partner with an Eastern European technology company to work on a special pilot project, which ended up being a success.

In a couple of prosperous years, we decided to establish our own location and office in Eastern Europe and start growing a team of software developers, QA specialists, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, and others. Through this, we have grown our staff from 8 to 30 talented experts and now this number tends to grow up to 200 members.

Additionally, we combined our 20-year expertise in user-centric CRM advocacy with the technical teams’ deep knowledge in .NET, Java, JavaScript, Xamarin, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, and other top technologies.

Software Development Tech Stack We Use | Ascendix

Software development tech stack we use

It allowed us to successfully architect custom Salesforce, Dynamics 365, mobile, desktop, cross-platform, marketing, and other types of software and applications that bring value to thousands of users.

What’s more, we have started providing clients with flexible engagement models based on their budget expectations and project requirements.

We’ve evolved a great practice where we can run a project in the US, blend a team from Europe, or run it entirely out of Europe with personnel who have very capable language and communication skills.

Todd Terry, Managing Partner and CTO

Ascendix experts at work

Ascendix specialists attending an IT educational event

Many years of successful custom software development services for multiple verticals like Commercial Real Estate, insurance, financial services, travel & transportation, construction, and others resulted in an idea of building a prominent and parallel division.

However, since 1996, all the activities have been carried out only on our first website which covers our case studies, achievements, announcements, and trending blog posts.

For this reason, we decided to develop a new website AscendixTech and make a point of the services we provide.

Before we step forward, let’s take a look at Ascendix by the numbers:

  • 25 years in CRM Consulting & Custom Software Development
  • 17 CRM Products and Apps
  • 15 years in CRE Tech
  • 14 years in IT Outsourcing
  • 10+ CRM Platforms
  • 2 Countries.

What is AscendixTech about?

Our new website will help companies and clients learn more about our custom software development services, our internal processes, and get the latest insights, tips, and news from the AscendixTech family monthly. Our goal was to make AscendixTech an easy-to-use, visually-appealing, and user-friendly website accessible from any device you may use.

This new website will provide clarity and proper content for the two distinct audiences we attract to our custom software development services and CRM offerings.

Wes Snow, CEO & Managing Partner

Our prospects and clients can find valuable information about our services, solutions, tech stack, domain expertise, certificates, and partners on the homepage of our website. The case studies will help you evaluate our technical expertise, see the solutions we have already built, and outline the business results we have delivered through our custom software to multiple companies within a wide range of industries.

Our blog will get you excited about the development and design insights, the latest trends, our interviews with partners and influencers, announcements, and company news. Besides, soon you will find valuable e-books, checklists, guides, and other useful materials on our Resources page.

Considering the new features, we have implemented the site-through search feature which empowers you to find the required information in a matter of seconds. What’s more, we offer to use the search filters on Clients, Blog, and Resources pages to find matches of your direct interest.

Finally, we have always appreciated any kind of feedback you provide on our contribution, so we have added a comment section for blog posts. We will be pleased to get your reactions about our articles and your user experience navigating our new website AscendixTech. In case you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas – please feel free to contact us via the comments section below or email.

We hope you enjoy the new website experience!

Thank You!

Proptech Software Development Portfolio by Ascendix

Check out the overview of the proptech consulting and software development projects we delivered to our clients.


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